Toilet Slave for my Maid

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Hi. This is Raju. I am back with new ISS story after long time. This Story happened when I was 22 years old.

About Myself, I am now 26 years old working in one of the reputed software company in Bangalore. Below story is my life changing event happened to my life.

About my Maid, she was around 43 years of age. Average looking, Big boobs, long Hair and round ass lady. some times looks sexy in saree. I masturbated many time imagining her ass.

Coming to my story, this happened when I was in final year degree. I was staying in my aunt’s home in Bangalore while I was in degree. One day in final year my aunt and her family went to native for emergency work in her home town for almost 10 to 15 days. That time I was alone in home and maid use to come to home and clean every morning around 10am. At that time one day I was watching sex movies of Mistress and slave in my laptop. At that time maid came to home for cleaning and washing. I forgot to close all those videos and went to open the door for maid. After that maid asked for some help for moving heavy thing to other place. I went there to help her, I totally forgot about my laptop videos which was playing in my laptop. After that I went to bathroom and my maid went to clean the room. At that time maid saw those videos of domination in my laptop as the videos were playing in didn’t closed that. After I came back from bathroom I was shocked to see that mistress was angry and looking seriously towards me. Then I realized that videos were not closed and maid has seen all those thing in my laptop.

For that I felt ashamed and kept my head down and asked my maid sorry for that and requested her to don’t tell this to aunty. she was still angry only, I begged her not to tell with any one about this. She was not listening to me at that time and told me that she will inform this incident to my aunty and uncle. I begged her for not to tell by holding her feet. Finally she agreed for that and asked me to do all the things what she say and told me that If I am not obeying her she is going to tell my aunty. for that I agreed to do all the things what she say.

Maid: “now dog, listen, call me as ‘madam’ all the time.”

I agreed for that and told ok. She came to me and slapped and asked what ok?

For that I replied. ‘ok Madam”.

Maid: Good, now listen, I will be watching all videos in your laptop, you go and clean house and cloths, it will be your duty from now onwards till your aunty comes back.

I liked the tone of my maid and started treating as my mistress and said “ok Madam”

For that maid asked, “ you are looking for this kind of domination only right dog.” For that I just nodded my head. Then she continued and told “I like to dominate men, but my husband is drunker and he will be dominating me always which I was not liking, and he is not interested in sex also and I am not satisfied by him. He will not come to home daily, he will come 2 to 3 days once and I am not happy with him. I like to dominate you very badly and I will offer you to do sex if you do all the things what I say”

I accepted to be her slave and told her “ I like to be your slave and obey your all the commands madam”

Maid: “good, now go and clean the house “

I said ”ok madam” and went to clean the house and cloths. It took one hour to clean and then I returned back to her, she was watching those videos in my laptop. I went there. She asked me to kiss her feet.

I bent down to her feet and kissed both the feet and thanked maid for giving this opportunity.

Maid: “Good dog, now massage my feet”

I started massaging her feet and licked and cleaned them. After that she told she didn’t had sex for long time she want to cum now, she asked me to lick her pussy and make her cum without removing her saree. For that I obeyed my madam order and went inside her petticoat, she was not wearing panty, it was nice sexy smell inside. By seeing that pussy inside her petticoat, my cock started to grow. After that I licked her for 30mins, she was moaning like ”ummmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes doggie, do it, insert your tongue deeper in my pussy, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum you bitch”

I started going deeper into her pussy with my tongue and made her cum after 30mins, cum was thicker and huge as she didn’t cum for a long time, I drank all her cum, I loved it, it was salty in taste.

After that she asked me to remove her cloths. I removed her saree, petticoat, blouse and bra. Now she is naked. She asked me to take her to bath room for bath. I carried her in my arms and took her to bathroom, there she told me that she wanted to piss and want to do scat, and told she loves to piss in my mount and she want she see me swallowing her piss. I scared and told I don’t like that, for that she slapped and told “this is my order you should drink my piss”, I didn’t had option as she may tell my aunty, so I accepted and laid on my back in bath room, she came on my face and told me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth, she first spitted in my mouth and asked me to swallow. I did that with difficulty. And after that she started to piss and told me that I should swallow full her piss without wasting single drop otherwise she will punish. I started swallowing her load of piss, asked her to slow down, she started releasing bit by bit, I started swallowing everything, it was sour and salty. I liked it and started enjoying her piss, I swallowed her full piss and licked her pussy clean. For that she told this is the first time someone drinking her piss and she started feeling proud and told that she wanted me as her permanent slave. So that she can piss daily in my mouth. I liked to drink her piss and told her that I will be her toilet slave till my aunty comes back she also accepted. She wanted to do potty and she started doing it on my body after completing she asked me to clean her asshole with my tongue. I didn’t liked that first, but I don’t have option. I cleaned her scat filled asshole with my tongue. She told she was happy for that and asked how was her scat. I told it was good. For that she replied me “get used to it, she is going to do scat in my mouth from next day, and that will be my breakfast”

I wondered how it will be, but I started liking all those things. I cleaned her scat on my body and she asked me to bath her. I started bathing her by licking. I bathed her long hairs and full body and then came out carrying her, and dried her body with towel, and dressed her again with saree.

I cooked for her and gave her food. She became full proud and told that this is the day most memorable in her life. And said that she liked me so much and she will be using me has her toilet and full slave all the time. I agreed and she left to her house. I kissed her feet and slippers and sent her. After one hour she called and told she will be coming to my home with luggage for 10days till my aunty comes as her husband is not in home. I accepted and she came to my home and stayed there till my aunty comes.

For 10 days she don’t wanted to waste her piss and scat. She fed me with her piss and scat all 10 days. I liked it very much and then we had sex too as she promised to have sex with me if I serve her better. In those day she used me like all the way she wanted. She made me sissy for 4 to 5 days. Where I was wearing her dress and was serving her. We both swapped the roles as I become lady and she become boy and we were enjoying all the dreams for 10 days.

After that my aunty came and she left to her home and all became normal for some days. After that one day she told me that she was missing all those fun and badly want me as her slave. For that she told she will call me to her home whenever her husband was not there.

Whenever her husband was not there she used to call me to her house and I used to go there to serve her. I used to do all the house hold work in my maid house. I used to wash her cloths I used to clean her house. I used to drink her piss and eat her scat. Some times she called her fried too to her house. I served both of them.

Now I moved to different place I don’t have her contact now. I am missing her very much.

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