The First Time We Shared Her With a Friend

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The first time I shared the woman who would become my wife, we were quite young. We were lying on my bed, making out when she looked at me with her big blue eyes and asked if she was hot.

“Of course.” I assured her. But then I continued. I don’t know why I said the words. “You are so hot that all my friends want to fuck you.”

She was taken aback. She’s never really thought that she was all that attractive and, until that moment, I don’t think she’d thought of any of my friends that way. She doubted me. I doubled down.

“No, honestly. Call up any of them and ask if they would come over right now and fuck you.”

She was shocked but then turned playful, asking if I would really allow it. She was teasing, but noticed how hard I was getting as we talked. She picked up the phone, dialed and called one of my good friends. At each stage she paused, waiting for me to stop her. I never did.

My friend was shocked at the call and what my girlfriend said. He was convinced that she was joking. But he took the opportunity. He hurried over like a man possessed.

When we let him in he had a broad grin.

“I’m here for the promised fucking,” He was still mostly convinced that this was an elaborate joke.

My girlfriend immediately took of her clothes and lay on the floor, spreading her legs.

Until the very second he entered her I’m sure that we all thought it was a joke. That one of us, any of us, would put a stop to the insanity. No one did.

I want to say that the sex was amazing, that she had a series of orgasms and told us the most dirty things imaginable. It wasn’t. It was fast. He fucked her without finesse and came very quickly. He filled her pussy before we thought to stop him. She wasn’t on birth control. We’d just been pulling out.

When he came he lay on her for a minute. Then got up and pulled up his pants. He whispered thank you and left.

I fell on her and took my turn, adding my cum to his.

The sex hadn’t been amazing, but it set us on fire. It was the first time we shared, but nowhere near the last.