Smoke Break, My House

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Kaylie texted Ashley “SBMH” which meant “smoke break, my house” and that they would meet on Kaylie’s dad’s patio, smoking cigarettes and hang out. Their two houses backed up to each other in the neighborhood separated by a small greenspace and they’d been living there since birth. They were inseparable since the age of five and now both being 16, very well versed in the ways of adult pleasure.

Ashley smoked her first cigarette at age 13 and Kaylie quickly picked up her friend’s habit as well. They were nearly identical both physically and psychologically. Many people seeing them together often mistook them for sisters and sometimes twins. Both had better than average physical builds, blonde, similar aptitudes in schools, the same tastes in music, boys, girls, clothes and about everything else.

Kaylie’s dad was the Director of Chemical Sciences in one of best biotech research centers in the US even though he was only 41. Ashley’s dad of 43 was a Senior Operations Manager at one of the area’s largest petroleum refineries. Ashley’s dad was divorced but both were very well to do and their daughters, both only children as another similarity, took full advantage of it. Private schools, new cars for their 16th birthdays, vacation trips together in Europe and Asia, Caribbean cruises, etc. Wealth had its privileges.

It was a very warm morning in late May along the Gulf Coast. No surprises there as it forebode a long sultry summer. Kaylie lit her second VS 120 Ultra-Light Menthol of the morning as she watched Ashley open their back gate and come around the pool that was surrounded by lush landscaping. Seeing Ashley always gave her a thrill “down there” not matter her familiarity. She was dressed in high riding white shorts with a black thong that was visible underneath and a nearly see-through Auburn University cutoff tee shirt with no bra on. This gave her some boob bounce as she walked along a marble path and it was something that was not lost on Kaylie who was keenly watching her walk.

“Hey bitch,” was Ashley’s opening but teasing greeting. “starting without me?”

Kaylie licked her lips after a long French inhale and exhaled in Ashley’s direction as she drew near.

“Slut” Ashley laughingly said.

“Shut up whore and have yourself a Mimosa” was Kaylie’s quite smiling reply.

A full pitcher was on the small table in front of her along with two crystal flutes and Ashley poured two of them each a full glass. She also lit her own cigarette which were the same brand as Kaylie’s. Both girls sat in silence for a few moments smoking, drinking, looking at their phones and taking in the beauty of the morning.

The sun shone through the honeysuckle vines lining the veranda making the girl’s exhales look like long thin cones of smoke which hung lazily in the air. Ashley always got off watching Kaylie’s smoking style which she tried to emulate.

“Watching me again?” said Kaylie.

Ashley blushing deeply said in her sexy voice “Yeah, you know what that does to me.”

As they continued with their girl to girl talk, little did they know that because of their morning drinks, their lives were about to change a bit.

Earlier in the week, Kaylie’s dad had come home in an almost giddy mood.

“Wow, what’s up with my super smiling dad today”? Kaylie asked her dad as he gave her a tighter and longer than usual hug including a kiss on the lips.

He said that he was on to something big at the research center. He’d even brought home a couple of bottles of left over champagne from a small celebration they’d had at the lab. He’d packed them in a bag that he’d tucked under his arm as he carried them in from the car.

What was not known to them was that those bottles of champagne were contaminated with part of what Bryan was working on; a medical grade biological formula that would help cure IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This sample however was one of the earlier prototypes that had side effects which caused the unpleasant side effect of tripling or more of intestinal stool. Seven vials were used in a lab comparison to the latest version. To no one’s knowledge, not even the janitor who bumped a vial rack on a cabinet as she was cleaning. Some of the contents sloshed out and dried on the cabinet. It was the same cabinet later where the champagne bottles Bryan brought home were set during the celebration.

Kaylie then had unwittingly turned up one of those bottles of champagne in a carafe she’d put on the counter while getting the Mimosa’s ready. The condensation from the bottle with the biomedical formula on the bottom of bottom made it into the carafe as the champagne was being poured. While only being a trace of formula in the Mimosas, it rapidly grew in the sugar laced orange juice and that’s where the trouble began.

Since it was late June, school was out and the girls not having almost anything else to do downed the first carafe of Mimosas and began a second with the remaining bottle of champagne. The process was repeated by Kaylie who returned to the patio to an empty glassed Ashley who was by now a bit tipsy.

“I’ll have another one please” Ashley said in a slightly slurred southern drawl.

“Here you go and one for me” Kaylie said “and let’s move over to the pool couch and get some sun too”.

They brought over the pitcher, glasses and cigarettes. Since their back yard was very private and with Kaylie’s father gone to New York for a week, Ashley suggested that they shed some clothes to sunbathe. It took both less than 15 seconds to get topless. As they were used to seeing each other nude, Ashley still let out a little whistle.

“Wow girlfriend, you have a magnificent body and I never get tired of looking at it”.

Kaylie lit a cigarette, took a deep drag, and took step towards Ashley and French kissed her friend while exhaling. Ashley nearly went weak in the knees as she inhaled and grabbed two hands full of Kaylie’s tits. Kaylie drew in a sharp breath as Ashley tweaked her nipples.

Then something happened that both of them heard and Kaylie felt first. Her stomach rumbled again and both girls looked at each other.

“Kaylie, look at your tummy.” Ashley said in awe.

Instead of being flat as it was a half hour ago, it was looking like she was six months pregnant and her tits had grown by two cups sizes. Kaylie felt a little weak kneed and told Ashley she wanted to sit down which she did on the faux leather pool couch behind them. Ashley ran in the house, got a glass of water and ran back out to Kaylie grabbing a beach towel along the way.

When she arrived, Kaylie was still sitting calmly on the couch finishing her cigarette. She drank the water and Ashley asked if she was ok. Kaylie said she was but wanted Ashley to watch something which was to look at her tummy when she took a drag on her cigarette. As she did so, Ashley eyes grew huge when as Kaylie was exhaling. Her tummy bulged out and noticeably so.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Ashley still looking at Kaylie’s bulging belly and tits.

She also noticed that Kaylie’s face had changed to a strange calm and half smile. Her eyes were nearly glazed over as she took another deep drag on her cigarette. As she held the smoke in, a bulge began to stretch out her bikini bottoms as a creamy warm semi-wet tan brown poo began to ooze around them and began to form a considerable paddy between her spread legs.

She spread her legs even further to allow a better flow of poo just as a massive orgasm rocked her body. She threw her head back against the couch cushions and almost screamed “I’m cumming”. Her nearly violent orgasm lasted nearly a full two minutes. Also during this time, she expelled nearly the entire contents of bowels which brought her swollen belly nearly back to its normal size.

After taking the final drag on her cigarette, her anus dilated one more time causing her vagina to spasm and about another cup full of poo pushed past her bikini bottom. Coming down from her best ever orgasm and looking down, she wasn’t quite prepared for what she saw.

Beginning at her pierced naval to the top of her thighs and down to her knees were totally covered in warm wet shit which had also run down her calves and puddled at her feet which were on the pool mats below the couch. Ashley was nearly in shock also as she’d been watching the whole time just two feet away.

When Kaylie had begun pooing and going into the full throws of her orgasm, Ashley went completely wet and dropped her fingers inside of her throng and began rubbing her clit and thought it was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. Her orgasm hit her hard and fast as well but it didn’t last as long as Kaylie’s though it finished at nearly the same time. She thought she’d awoken from some kind of kinky dream.

Both girls looked at each other and at the same time said “OMG!” Ashley snapped to first and immediately asked Kaylie how she felt and if she was ok and her answer took her by surprise.

“That was the crazy best cum of my life! I feel like I might float away. My body is all tingly like when we smoked weed at Raquel’s party that night. My God that felt good. I don’t know what’s going on and hell yeah I made a mess but fucking damn that was hot. I so hot right now, I could fuck a chair.”

Ashley told Kaylie that it was the hottest thing she ever seen also and how she’d had orgasm too just watching her.

“Really?” said Kaylie.

“Yes,” replied Ashley “but your eyes were closed and you didn’t see me. I couldn’t close my eyes for watching you. It was just too hot. Fuck I need a cigarette bad just thinking about it.”

“Oh no”, said Kaylie. “Remember what just happened to me. I think the two are somehow related.”

“That’s right but I feel fine.” Ashley said, “My tummy not rumbling like yours was. I’m going to have one anyway.”

She refilled her Mimosa glass and lit her cigarette walked to the pool’s edge.

“What are we going to do about this mess?” Ashley asked.

Kaylie already had a plan which was to hose herself off first, the couch next and then the mats last with a water hose which was near by. While she did that, Ashley looked on while smoking her cigarette and drinking her Mimosa. After a couple of minutes Kaylie was all done and the hose was put away.

“Shit.” Kaylie said as she’d turned and looked at Ashley.

“What?” Ashley asked not understanding what Kaylie’s concern was.

“Your tummy and tits are swelling like mine did. Holy fuck. You’d better get ready.” she said holding back a laugh.

“Fuck is right!” Ashley said.

“Get onto the grass now!” Kaylie almost yelled.

Since Ashley’s legs suddenly went weak, she could only make it as far as a very large muddy patch Kaylie’s father had been working to put plants in just off the pool apron. Still holding her cigarette, Ashley stepped into the warm wet soil and sat down heavily in the mud that came up to cover half her ass. Kaylie grabbed her cigarettes, lit one and walked over to Ashley and sat in the mud with her.

“How’re you doing babe? Want to do this together?” Kaylie asked.

Ashley replied with, “Well yeah but I’m feeling a little scared but at the same time, all tingly like you did. Feels weird like I’ve got to shit and orgasm at the same time.”

“Look at your tits! They’re huge! Kaylie said looking at Ashley’s huge breasts that were now about to break her bikini top.

“Now I know what you’ll look like when your way pregnant. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine I promise.”

She was doing her best to calm her best friend as she treated Ashley with a long French inhale and perfectly upturned chin exhale.

Ashley smiling said thanks and exhaled her long drag into Kaylie’s pouty little month as she French kissed her. She then began to moan only as she did when her orgasm was about to be really strong.

Kaylie knowing what was coming had Ashley lay back in the warm mud and pulled off their bikini tops and bottoms. She pulled Ashley’s knees up, spread her legs and laid down tits first in the mud with her mouth at Ashley’s pussy. She took a long drag off her cigarette and buried her chin in Ashley’s cunt and then began licking her clit with her talented tongue.

An orgasmic spasm electric traced itself from Ashley’s anal sphincter to her tits and back to her cunt. She took a drag on her cigarette and felt her asshole dilating while a flow of poo started flowing in earnest between her thighs and against Kaylie’s highly aroused tits.

The one secret that Kaylie ever kept from Ashley was that she’d fantasized about licking poo out of Ashley’s ass but never acted upon it. Now was her chance and she wasn’t about to miss it. She dragged hard on her cigarette as Ashley’s poo began to dam up in the triangle of her legs, cunt and Kaylie’s tits. Kaylie in turn dunked her mouth down through the pudding-like poo to Ashley’s pussy, pushed out her tongue and restarted her cuningulus on her friend’s clit.

As Ashley’s poo flooded her mouth, she noted that it wasn’t as bad as she’d thought. It had a tangy and musky taste like body odor but all she cared about right now was bringing her friend to another orgasm and beyond. Her non-cigarette holding hand meanwhile was doing a number on her own clit. Ashley was now shaking through her orgasm as though she was being electrocuted. White hot lights were going through her brain while it felt like she had 35 degree Jell-O in her vagina and a warm river of cum flowing out of her ass all at the same time.

The only thing that was really working were her hands. Her right hand kept bringing her cigarette to her mouth for her to smoke while her muddy left hand was messaging her tits and pulling hard on her nipples. Ashley’s orgasm proceeded unabated for almost four minutes.

Finally exhausted, she could take no more, exhaled her last drag and dropped her butt in the mud. Kaylie came three separate times on her own while she was licking her friends shit covered pussy. She was also rewarded with a hot stream of piss from Ashley when she finished which she happily drank down.

They lay there in the mud, poo, girl cum and piss silent for a few minutes winding down and catching their breath. Kaylie got to her knees and then laid on top of Ashley who opened her eyes to see Kaylie’s poo covered smiling face. It was like she had a dark tan mask on that started on the bridge of nose, to her ears and then downward.

“Kiss me.” Ashley said and with that the two girls made out for a full two minutes and each had another orgasm.

After breaking the kiss, Ashley looked lovingly into Kaylie’s eyes and said. “No more secrets, promise me.”

“I promise.” Kaylie said.

Then she helped Ashley to her feet as the mud and poo plopped to the ground below them. They both broke out in laughter and held hands walking to the garden hose. After washing down, they held hands again and jumped into the pool.

Being that the biochemical reaction from the experimental medicine in humans lasted only an hour which they found out when Kaylie called her father, the girls froze the remaining half full pitcher of Mimosa for another day.

The End.

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