She Saw me First Part 3

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The next day was Saturday, so Marj didn’t have work, and it was perfect weather for completing some outside projects like mowing the yard and taking care of the pool. After lunch, Marj and I took some drinks out by the pool to get some sun and relax. Marj dropped the top of her swimsuit letting her wonderful tits see the light of day. Marj’s titties have always been my weakness. Their big brown areolas surround large always erect nipples. Seeing them out always gets me hard, too. My shorts were getting uncomfortable, and I needed to rearrange my cock. Finally I just dropped my shorts and moved next to Marj to give those boobs some attention.

“You never could resist the girls, could you Jim!” Marj smiled as I started to roll first one nipple then the other between my thumb and forefinger.

“Nope!” I said. I started kneading her breasts, and the day seemed to become hotter. Marj grabbed my swollen dick and stroked down it’s length and held it firmly. She licked the head and stuck her tongue in the hole in the end. We were both starting to really get our juices flowing when my phone chimed. “Don’t answer it,” Marj purred. I picked it up, but didn’t recognize the number. I answered it tentatively, “Hello?”

“Jim? This is Zoe!” Oh. My. God. My dick gave an involuntary twitch in Marj’s hand. “I got your number from my mom,” she said. Oh. My. God.

“I was wondering if I might come by for a visit this afternoon? Your pool deck would be great for dealing with these tan lines, you know?” All I could do was stutter as my cock gave another twitch. “Sure, Zoe, that would be great.” I was able to struggle through.

“Cool! I’ll be right over. Maybe we can take up where we left off yesterday.”

“Zoe?” Marj said. “Yeah, she’s coming over to pick up where we left off.” I answered. “Oooh! That’s hot!” said Marj. “She wants you to make her cum!”

We straightened out our clothes, and got read to greet our guest. Marj didn’t know if Zoe’s plans included her, so she headed upstairs to our bedroom where she could watch. I nervously surveyed the deck area seeing if anything needed tidying up. I was nervous as a whore in church, as they say.

The doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, lovely thick Zoe was standing there. “I walked over so my car wouldn’t be in your driveway in case my mom drives by,” she said. “Good idea.” I said. I still worried what Jackie would say if she found out Zoe and I were fooling around.

Zoe wore a bikini top that was struggling to contain the orbs of her boobs. After the door closed behind her, the voluptuous beauty reached behind her and untied the top, releasing them from the constraint. “Remember these, Jim?” I thought I heard a gasp from the top of the stairwell.

“Oh, yeah” I whispered. Two curvy women had commented on my love of their mammaries in the space of an hour. I took Zoe by the elbow, managing to brush her lovely nipple in the process. It sprang to immediate tautness. “Let’s head out to the deck,”I said.

Zoe was wearing tight shorts that showed off her plump ass cheeks. She was the perfect example of a 21 year old PAWG. I felt my cock rising to the occasion again.

When we got to the deck, Zoe found one of the deck chairs and stretched out in the sun. Then she proceeded to pull her booty shorts off. Once again she wasn’t wearing any underwear. This time I was able to see her beautiful mons perfectly. Her pussy was smooth and a gorgeous peach just waiting to be sampled. “Don’t just stand there, Jim. This pussy isn’t going to lick itself.” I gulped. This was really happening. I dropped my shorts and got naked too. I looked quickly towards our bedroom window and thought I saw something moving rhythmically behind the screen.

Zoe had placed a leg on either side of the deck lounge chair, spreading her wonderfully thick thighs and exposing her pussy to my eyes and soon my tongue. I knelt in front of the young beauty and began to worship her sex.

I started by running my tongue up and down her slit lightly, getting the feel for what she liked. Zoe slowly inhaled as I gently licked the outside of her pussy. She was already wet and her juices were on her pussy lips and I lapped at them more greedily.

She reached up with one hand and pinched an already hard nipple and gave a low moan. “You owe me, Jim, and you’re starting out great so far,” she purred.

I circled her sweet opening, and then found the beauty’s clit. It was hardening, too, and when I swirled my tongue around it, Zoe’s body stiffened and she moaned loudly. “Right there, Jim! Right there!” Her other hand found the back of my head and pulled my face tight into her love hole. “Suck my clitty, Jim, suck it! I’m so close!” I was stroking my cock in one hand, and reached up with the other to enter her pussy with first one and then two fingers. I glanced up briefly and saw my now naked wife come onto the deck. Her ivory boobs, belly and ass contrasted with Zoe’s all over tan. Marj quietly approached the deck chair, and Zoe didn’t hear her. My wife knelt beside the younger woman and promptly sucked Zoe’s nipple into her mouth. Zoe’s eyes sprung wide open. Marj was hungrily slurping on Zoe’s nipple, I was finger fucking her wet pussy and sucking her clit like a mini dick, and her orgasm was approaching like a speeding locomotive. Zoe’s body stiffened, her hips came up off the deck chair and her legs clamped tight around my head.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Zoe screamed. Her juices were flowing and squirting, and I drank them greedily. Her thick thighs and belly jiggled as she convulsed over and over. Marj still clung to one nipple and sucked more of the girl’s breast into her mouth. Each time Zoe started to relax slightly, I flicked her love bud again with my tongue and she stiffened again. Finally she was sated, and said “that’s enough, Jim, consider your debt paid!”

I rocked back on my knees and said, “Zoe have you met my wife Marj?” Marj had also sat back on her ass and was fingering her fat pussy. “Nice to meet you, sweetie!” Marj said, then licked her pussy wet fingers. “The pleasure was all mine,” Zoe said with a shy smile. “Don’t be so sure of that!” Marj said and winked. She offered her juicy fingers to Zoe, who sucked them clean.

“What say we go inside and continue this party there? ” I suggested while my rock hard boner started to lead the way.

“Sounds good,” said Marj, as she wrapped an arm around Zoe and guided her towards the house. “Let’s see if we can get Jim to show us what he can do with that cock”