Shared my Wife with you ur older friend who just so happens to be my Wife’s cousin Uncle

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First off i got with my wife Gabby when she was 18 turning 19 and I was around 24. Everything was good …we moved in together and had sex all the time …she never really had sex like we did her being a very avid church goer and enlisting in the military…so her being Mexican with nice tits and nice hips and ass on top of working out in the military made her even sexier…she love to suck my Dick once she got the hang of it…and always wanted to eat my cum.So after about a year we moved to a new place and we partied a lot and her cousin and her man would come over and party with us sometimes on the Weekends and my wife cousin would bring her Uncle Mico, he is no relation to my wife but has been around kinda like her Uncle as well her whole life…So Mico was at the time 40 yrs old short tattooed well fit gangster convict type mexican.Who really didn’t have anything goin for him …Only cared about getting high,drinking,and women.So anyways he is chilling a lot with us and hanging around I think nothing of it cause my wife been knowing him forever…But He came over when I was at work and ate go swimming and chill out with my wife and her cousin…So I start seeing her being more friendly and flirtatious.She had these yoga pants that you could see right through and she would wear them while he was there and I could see him staring hard and her bending over for every little thing.Then we go swimming and she wears her bathing suit and keeps coming out the water tits first in front of him and he just stares and then I read the messages from him to her and he is talking sexy kind of to her flirting through the messages seeing if she bites. If you ask me I still think they may have fucked before but no proof. So I start thinking of the possibility of my wife Gabby getting fucked by Mico or sucking Micos cock, and I start getting really turned on just the thought of it..
But I didn’t know how she would react if I asked her.But she is old school and believes in being submissive to her husband..It’s how I got her to eat my I asked her if she would be interested in doing something different and she was like what is it…so I told her about having a threesome and she kinda of was taken back…She thought I wanted another women but I explained to her I wanted to get fucked by another man…and she got quiet and was thinking and she was cool with it but she said with who…cause it has to be someone trustworthy and I told her what about Mico? She got quiet and was like idk but I explained how he would be perfect and we both trust him and he is are friend.
So she agreed and was excited..So after discussing it I told Gabby to suck my dick and pretend it’s Micos cock. She closed her eyes and got super nasty.She was really turned on…So now that my wife Gabby is down with A threesome with me and our Friend Mico …I knew she would even though she acted surprised cause I really think they been fucking which I don’t mind …I just wanna see it …and I want Gabby to be her nastiest for Mico everytime she sucks his cock and fucks him…
Well now it’s just finding the right time …so not to long after we go out and end up at Gabbys cousins house were her BF and Mico live for a little after party and before we get out the car I’m already telling my Wife is she really down and if she scared it’s okay but she is like I’m not scared so I told her I dare her to tell him and see what he says…She got serious and said okay ! Mico is in kitchen drinking I see My wife Gabby walk up to him and start chit chatting I didn’t think nothing of it so I start talking and chillen then she comes up to me a short time after and tells me she told him I want to have a threesome if he will be the other man and if I can also record Mico Fucking her …and she said he was all for it and he rather it be him cause he really cares about her Well Duh your like her uncle but I even told Gabby if you give Mico A chance he would fuck her with the quickness…anyways it’s getting damn near morning time and me and Gabby go in a room and she lays down and I ask her if she wants me to call him in here …she hesitated and said yeah so I step out the door way can see Mico in the living room and I call him to come here and he comes quick and I toldem to go in that room and Fuck her he looks at me and walks in quick and shuts the door on me …and locks it so I’m like wtf but Mico made himself the bull and Cucked me I stood outside the door cause I really didn’t think anything was gonna happen I laid down in front of the door then I get and walk to the living room and lay on the couch and I can here their bed squeaking harder and harder and Gabby is Moaning kinda loud especially with a house full of I get up and walk by their door and you can really hear Mico Laying his Fat dark Cock into Gabbys pussy hard cause she is really taking deep breath’s and he is pounding my Wife Pussy,..I didn’t know who to feel but it made me horny and they fucked for a while until Gabby cousins Mom came over and woke everyone up and Mico and Gabby still in the room Fucking .So I knock and tell Gabby to come Out but they are still goin at it so I pushed the door open and I see Gabby Riding Micos cock while he is squeezing on my wife Big Tits she jumps up and gets dressed and we leave…so we chat about it …She said his Cock was so HARD and FAT AND THICK…she loved the position he was fucking her in …he held both her arms behind her head while he laid between her legs stroking and pumping Gabbys pussy hard and long…and that he loved her tits he just kept sucking on them and holding them..She he used a condom but didn’t know if it stayed on…he cummed 2 times and she said she doesn’t know how many times Mico made her cum but it was a lot..right after we left and got home I wanted to Fk her too so I stuck my dick in and I didn’t know if Mico left cum in her or not I still put my cock in her and she was making kinda loose Mico really beat my wife pussy up…I cummed in Gabby pussy too…she was so turned on by the whole thing…Mico Fucked Gabby my phase