Sex with my SIL

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This happened almost ten years ago but I still masterbate to this memory very fondly.

So back in my early twenties I was newly married, and we had our first kid on the way.
Me and my wife were crazy in love and would fuck 5+ times a day, even after she has gotten pregnant.

At some point during the pregnancy my wife had to stay in the hospital for some observations, this was the night I had pre organised going to a work party which I was going to take wife to.

Towards the evening as I am getting ready to head to the party her sister came round the house to check if I needed anything, food, chores etc. She ironed me some clothes and helped clean the house as I got dressed. It’s worth mentioning there was never any sexual tension between us, I would walk around in my underwear and it was a non-issue.

Anyway as I’m dressed and finishing off I politely invite her to join me for the work party, thinking she would politely decline she surprised me and yelped “Yes!!!” without hesitation. I was taken aback by this but thought it would be fun having a +1.
I told her she could wear my wife’s clothes and to go choose something.

She came out in my wife’s mini skirt and tight vest top showing her huge tits as I’ve never seen them before. Then she puts her own leather jacket on top to complete the very sexy outfit she had on. This was the first time my cock twitched and got hard for her, I was very surprised at her and myself.

So we drive to the party and on our way there she recommends to me to not introduce her as my SIL as that may come across strange I have bought her to my works party, and to instead introduce her as my wife. My wife and my SIL look so crazily alike that many people confuse them very regularly.

We head in and have a great fun time, drinks are flowing and we don’t stop laughing the entire night. Again no sexual tension at all, just me thinking she looked hot.

It’s 4am now and me and her are heading back to mine to sleep off the booze, in the taxi home the conversation gets sexual as we talk about her bf and her complaints she has about his lack of sexual interest in her. She then brings up how jealous she is me and her sister have sex 5+ times a day every day and she wishes she had that.

Here’s where I start thinking how I would actually love to fuck her, she looked super hot and was actually wearing my wife’s clothes. Her huge tits were almost falling out, her round ass looked amazing in her min skirt and I was doing everything I could to stare up her skirt.

Taxi arrives at my house, she jumps on my back and we walk in through the doors, I put her down and she just stares at me, deeply into my eyes, and then gives me a tender kiss. This immediately led to us acting like animals trying to kiss and pull each other’s clothes off at the same time.

We get to my sofa, she shoves me down and gets on her knees in front of me, she licks my balls and licks from the bottom of my cock all the way up my hard shaft to the tip, here she sucks on the end of my dick for what felt like hours then devoured my whole big dick straight into her throat. She deepthroated me for at least 10 minutes till she just got on me and guided my dick into her soaking wet pussy. She rid me and grinded on my cock on my sofa that me and her sister fucked in daily, then I felt I was about to cum I picked her up still attached to my big hard cockand walked her to my bedroom.

I throw her on the bed and dive face first into her pussy eager to see if she tastes the same as my wife, and to my surprise she does, so I eat her pussy as if It’s my source of oxygen making her come and squeeze my head with her legs as she moans so loud.

She’s shaking an trying to gather the words to tell me to fuck her, I pull her legs open and shove my rock hard dick inside her, she wraps her legs around me and scratches my back so hard it breaks skin while I’m thrusting my dick into her with all my might.

I’m about to cum and she stares at me and tell me not to stop and I keep thrusting and shoot ropes after cum laden ropes deep into my wife’s baby sister. She screams in ecstasy and kisses me as I fill her full of the same cum I have put inside her sister so many times before.

It’s 8am and we realise we have been fucking for hours and need to sleep. We are both in my bed still, her head on my chest, I check my phone and see a message from my wife. “Hope you’re having a great night, get home safe and ring me in the morning”.

I do just that and ring her while her little sister who is full of my cum is still laid on me.

We arrange for me to come see her at the hospital later in the day, as me and my wife talk my SIL slips south and puts my flaccid worn out penis in her mouth and starts to get me hard again using her soft mouth. I work so hard to hold it together while I’m still on the phone, her head bounces faster and I can’t take it I’m going to shoot my load again, I grab a pillow and moan and bite into it as my SIL sucks all the jizz outta my dick while I’m still on the phone to her sister.

I say my goodbyes to wife and fall asleep holding my SIL naked body from behind cupping her huge tits and her ass pressed against my cock.

We both wake up at lunchtime and shower together, of course this leads to us fucking for a full hour in our shower, me lifting her up, her back against the wall, her huge tits pressed against my chest, her legs wrapped around my ass, my dick shoved deep in her tight pussy, hot steaming water blasting my back and the moans of my wife’s little sister echoing throughout the whole house.

We both get dressed and I head to the hospital and SIL goes home to her bf. We hug each other one last time as if we knew this could not happen again. And it hasn’t.