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This happened 3 years ago. Things ended badly but I still get off thinking about this and I hope you do too. Audio link at bottom (41 minutes). I matched with a girl on tinder. We flirted and dirty talked a bit, and I quickly realized she was kind of a freak (I’m a real Sherlock); sub dom, bdsm, degradation, etc. We made plans to meet for a Starbucks date+ where I control her lush (remote control vibe) as she orders, and shit like that. That isn’t what happened. The night before, I told her to not contact me in any way the next morning. I was going to show up at some time after 10:30am unannounced. She was to

About 8 years ago, when Craigslist Personals was still around, I started talking with a woman who had a massage fetish. I LOVE giving an erotic massage and have several amazing stories from other encounters. But this one takes the cake. We agreed to meet at her place and so one evening, I arrived at her condo in Uptown Minneapolis. She already had candles out and greeted me at the door wearing a pink, silk nightgown and holding a glass of red wine. She was absolutely stunning. 5’8, long and straight red hair, green eyes, fair skin with some sexy freckles, perky and firm 32C breasts, a bubble butt, and very toned. She led to me her room, nervous but

So this is a true event that has been slightly changed to protect parties involved I went to a meet up event for the first time with a new group the over 40 singles, I had just joined and wanted to meet like minded people So I am British 178cm 78kg average body slightly going to dad bod and have started to grey with a hipster style ginger beard. I met the group at a local pub and stated to get aquatinted with them. We drank chatted and had a great night. As the hours passed I ended up with a group of five that all decided it was early and a club was the next place on the list.

The showers were a surprising piece in infrastructure for a beach that was otherwise so isolated and secret. Near the stairs was a square marked out by seven-foot bamboo walls, with no roof and a single gap to enter through. Of course, this was a clothing optional beach, so the designers had seen no need to divide the facilities by gender, or add any partitions at all. The walls were lined with benches and hooks for our things, leaving the middle space wide open. There were six tall poles that held up four showerheads each, going off in different directions. There was no privacy in this place in general, but particularly not from the person using the showerhead opposite your

My wife and I were having a blast at a concert in Seattle. She had a few glasses of wine and I had smoked some weed before going into the venue. I also had a gummy 🙂 Anyways, she was looking so sexy in her romper and she was kissing me throughout the entire show. After the concert, we start walking back to our hotel and she grabs me, spins me around, and starts making out with me. I mean, like grinding onto me and making out while a line of cars are exiting the parking lot. It was so sexy… we start walking back to the hotel and I pull out a pre-roll and we both smoke it. We

My husband went to work in a shirt I got him that says, “I’ll do what, I want when, I want where I want! Just let me ask my wife, one minute….” I playfully told him wearing that shirt will attract all the “wrong girls” the chicks with cheating kinks that wants to fuck a married man. He replied with “yea….” In which case I reached down and grabbed his balls giving them a gentle yet firm squeeze and said “Good, those are the fun ones” He later he brings home this one nighter girl, thinking she’s getting this married man to cheat on his wife in their marital bed. I’d come in and she’d think I’d of caught him

I just got done masturbating out on the back porch in my yard. The moon shining on me thru the trees while the night breeze danced across my skin. I’ve never done it before, so glad I finally did. High as a kite, I Brought a dildo and a couple clothes pins down with me to see if I liked how they feel (jury’s still out, lol). I had porn moaning in my ear buds as a fucked myself vigorously. Everything felt amazing!!! I could feel my pussy stretching, my juices smeared all over my inner thighs. The moon my spotlight, the thought of being watched made me feel even more slutty. My heart was racing. I couldn’t hold it

We met years earlier in school but it was like “Oh, hi how are ya oh yeah i know you bye” type of relationship. Now, she lives down the street in an apartment building and we ran into each other at a grocery store about six months ago and we’re friendly and started to hang out. Tonight we were hanging out at my place watching a movie. She put her legs up on my lap on the couch while we watched the movie. Just being playful I started lightly running my fingers over her ankles thinking she’d be ticklish. She asked me to rub her feet. I smirked and said “oh is that what I am your foot guy?” she

Hi! Of The Two people running this account, this is Eden. This is a true story of my first ever casual hookup which happened last summer when i was 18 (Now Im 19) So I (18F) had just broken up with my shitty ex (19F FTM) and i wanted a dick in me that wasn’t her. Something that was actually good considering most of our hookups were her bottoming for me and not really getting me off save for one time I managed to get off while on top of her doing anal. So i spoke with this guy on tinder and we talked on snap for a few days. We sent photos back forth, flirted, he showed me how

During our biology class, my fwb, and I were talking about ditching track and field practice for the day. I had some money so I offered to buy us food and drinks and we’d have a little friendly date. Her idea was a little more than friendly. Once the school day had ended we went to practice as usual, but after doing our warmups, we snuck off, hiding behind the bleachers and finally getting to the back of the school where none of the coaches and other students couldn’t see us. We came around to the front of the school, and we made our way to the locker rooms and got our bags. We met again at the front of

So, my account was hacked and everything was deleted, so I’m reposting: We were young, dumb, and very curious. We were in the middle of our sixth period when she started playing footsies with me under the desks. Getting my attention, she passed me a note. We wrote back and forth until a particular question arose. “What are you doing after school?” I asked what she had wanted to do, as I had football practice, but we agreed to meet near the front of the school, near the sign that held our school’s name. After the school day ended, we had met up where we agreed to, and we took a walk. I had asked again, what she wanted to

So my husband is usually a pretty dead pan kinda guy, but the one thing I’ve learned is after a few beers, when dared to do something, he does not back down. He also after said beers, sometimes makes provocative suggestions, that until recently, I blew off as him joking and being goofy in the moment. For example, few years ago he got nice and drunk, and when we went to bed, he suggested I put a dildo in his ass, in exchange for him getting to play with mine. I thought he was joking and laughed him off. So recently I made the connection between my husband’s dirty “jokes”, and his inability to turn down a dare, this happened

So where I grew up we had a really shitty public pool, there wasn’t really any indication to know which changing room was for men or women so you basically had to ask or just know the place. One day near the end of summer vacations, my friends and I went there to try to make the heat somewhat bearable. We started taking off our clothes and I bend over to pick up something but as I stand back up I hear one of my friends screaming at something. Turns out a guy our age had been just staring unbeknownst to us for who knows how long and had gotten a full fucking view of my naked ass from basically

My mom and dad fucked right next to me. We where at a hotel and I had games the next day so I went to “bed” around 10. My mom and I to the room and sat on the bed next to me for about an hour, then my dad came in. They started talking, whispering. The only thing I could make out was “I’ll do see if she is sleeping.” I faked it. I was invited in figuring out what they were doing. My dad waved his hand in front of my face trying to see if I would move. I kept my eyes shut and he eventually left. He said to my mom “ she is out.” Then

So me and a buddy went to a multi-day concert (festival) and long story short we got shot down many times. Eventually I hit it off with this girl, we go back to my hotel room and we talk for a little bit. I will spare a bunch of the details but this was my 3rd or 4th time being with someone sexually. We start getting into it and she has a great pair of perky tits that are pierced so I start gently squeezing them, turns out it was a huge turn on for her and she wants me to go even harder so I do. I go down on her and she tasted great (Surprisingly since we had