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So I’ve been looking for this author for years just every once in a while looking at the sex stories page on xnxx. I have had no luck to date but the authors name is SomeStory. His writing was absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t find any short story authors like him to date. Sure he has some grammatical issues but his writing came from the heart. I’m just posting this to see if anyone has found anymore of his writing since his disappearance in 2013. Thank you all very much for the help. [His wonderful work](

I’ve been friends with Callie for years, ever since we first met as kids. I had moved to a different state with my parents, and she was my neighbor. It was scary moving to a new place so far away, but Callie made me feel right at home. We quickly became best friends and stuck together for years. It wasn’t until my teen years that I started to get feelings for her Dad. I didn’t act on it of course, and tried to just write it off as my hormones being out of whack. Something about him just kept my attention though. Callie’s dad’s name is Jonas. He stands at 6’4″ and has a muscular build thanks to his job

I got called in to babysit for this nice family again. But this time I was going to be babysitting while both parents were home, they were doing some work on their house and needed the kids to be kept occupied while the dad fixed some things and his wife cleaned and what not. I had been exchanging some naughty pictures with the dad, let’s call him J. Throughout our texts he tells me how much he has been thinking about me and my pussy. He fucked his wife and thought about me the whole time. I told him I couldn’t wait to have his massive penis inside of my mouth, and his tongue inside of my pussy. The day

Over the last few days I have been opening up to reddit about my sexual confessions and experiences, i am loving reminiscing on some of my wildest moments. I have been with my bf for just over a year and at this point had 2 threesomes with him and his bestfriend. Once again, this slutty moment of mine took place after a night out with my bf and his friend. I have never really been into girls sexually before this, although definitely appreciated the curves of their bodies, the uniqueness of their features and had from time to time wondered what the touch of a woman would be like (I think we all do) The three of us were out

Location : india Based on a true story Let’s call her aisha , last week , when I was preparing for my ielts exam I got a notification in tinder that i got a new match . As i was not able to spend long time chatting with her I just said few things and tried to end the conversation, but that lasted for hours . She seem really positive and friendly, but there were no photos in her profile. At the middle of the conversation, we came to know that we are visiting the same place the very next day for different purposes. I found a chance and just asked about a meet, initially she resisted but later she

As I said in an earlier post, I bought a box of condoms so that we wouldn’t add to the already massive risk of pregnancy. All I could do was hope there was a chance she had not been ovulating, probably remote, and the huge load of sperm I had filled her with had not found an egg. I waited to tell her about the condoms until Friday, when we would be able to go out and find some privacy. We did our usual fast food dinner, drove around for a bit, then drove over to one of the secluded areas we had found where we could park and make out and grope and pleasure each other. We could spend

My buddy Bobby was in town to visit his family fourth of July weekend and we planned a get together. His first night in town we went to his house for a bbq. After we ate we told his parents we were going out to a bar. We drove two blocks and parked outside her house, we’ll call her Mary. Mary’s son moved one town over and told us he had plans so he couldn’t hang out with us that night so we weren’t worried about him popping in. She let us in wearing just a robe, we locked the door behind us and she dropped the robe. She has the sexiest chubby mombod, she had on heels and naughty

So I had hooked up a bunch with a married girl at work. Ended up getting her pregnant. She decided to stay married, so things ended between us. Several years after, one of her best friends moved back to the area and worked where I did. We didn’t know each other well but started talking a little, based on our relationships with my kid’s mother. Soon we started talking a lot and found out we were really into each other and wanted to date. Which surprised me, with her being so much older than me, but she looked good and our communication style reminded me of things I liked about talking to my kid’s mother. She wondered if we could

Storytime. My ex, Athena (f20) and I(19) were going to a hotel with 2 of my friends for a staycation. We haven’t had sex in a while and we were both horny. During the car ride we sat at the back while my 2 friends were at the front. We had the bags on our lap and we were clumped together on the drivers side. I was feeling her as the entire ride while she very carefuly gave me a handjob in the car. Once we got closer to the hotel my ex and I eventually stopped touching each other. After checking into our room (a single bedroom with a sala where me and her would have the bedroom, which

I was still doing my host duties, as was Evan. Evan’s girlfriend Emma, his other buddy Braden and my new Reddit friend Katie were helping us out with everything. We kept the fire going outside. Some people wanted to head back to the other cottages so we shuttled them back with our dingy. Helped some people settle in that wanted to call it an early night. There was a fair bit of drinking involved so as the hosts we stayed sober to make sure everyone was safe. Jill headed to one of the rentals with Beverly’s two guy friends, Beverly’s other girlfriend was sucking one of my friends’ cock by the fire and then we sort of lost track of

I (m24) recently bought my first house and agreed to let this girl, Emma (f23) rent one of the bedrooms. I liked having the extra income and we had been friends for a little while beforehand. It did not take long for the sexual tension to kick in and on nights she was fighting with her boyfriend,she would find her way to my room. One night, I met up with a girl, Julia, from tinder. We went out for drinks, huge tits but not the brightest girl. I brought her back to my place and I heard Emma was upstairs in the shower. Julia was drunk and I was horny. Me and Julia began aggressively making out and undressing each

This abides by the third rule as its about the stories I write for my midway sex novel. I’ve written more midway sex novels but only on paper because I’m still learning and Rocky and Becca’s story is pretty easy to write. If you don’t already know by now I’m writing a novel on here primarily of a lesbian couple’s college life. Rocky the literal pure lesbian but not feminist as she only dislikes males if they’re sexual, her dad is no exception. Whereas Rebecca/Becca is bisexual and will happily take any man’s or trans woman’s cock. Up until their fight Becca would only have sex with someone with a cock as long as Rocky was around to suck the

Trying this again. This will be the 3rd time I try and write and share this one. I hope to share more. This would be a preface to how our long weekend started. Hoping to share the rest of our weekend stories in following posts. We hosted at our cottage for the Canadian long weekend. My husband Evan [M][39], our girlfriend Beverly [F][23] and I [F][33] invited some of our hottest and most open minded friends for a great weekend of shenanigans and hopefully new friendships. Evan and Beverly also look after two cottage rentals on our lake so we had lots of space to invite a lot of friends. Our cottage is small and open so having the extra

A.N. I get some people don’t like trans sex but really keep it to yourselves, you make you sound transphobic especially when you ask to post it somewhere else where obviously YOU won’t see it. Anyway this story doesn’t have Iris but instead has Rocky mercilessly taking her big and older sister down live on her own stream. This is entirely fiction it didn’t really happen(I think) and I hope you enjoy. PS, Sheena’s mods do change it to 18+ viewers only so no underage can see more than Rocky assaulting her sister, hence at some point her viewer count will decrease drastically. A couple weeks have passed since Rocky suddenly walked by her dad and her sister after they’d

Internet History My canny cousin Previously I have been in a very strong situation, my cousin and sister Estefania with whom I had a sexual encounter the night before (The best sex so far in my life) and she did not remember anything, I was very scared internally because I saw her so calm eating her yogurt (of course with my semen). And as I came inside her and filled her uterus with my sperm it was very likely that she would have been pregnant, to increase the difficulty that day everyone would be at home my other cousin had no classes at her school and our parents were on break, so my internal torment was much greater. The situation