Our new pet part 3 [mff]

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As soon as I was hard again my wife got on all fours.
“She wants to see you get some pussy”
Denise was sitting up and rubbing her little cock. It was hot that it wasn’t too big, it matched her petite body and contrasted nicely with her sizable tits and ass. I slid into the wife easily because she was soaking wet. We were in sync wanting to put on a good show for Denise. Stroking deep and slow into the familiar pussy and watching Denise get harder was an enormous turn on. My wife was also watching her.
“Her cock is so sexy. I like that it’s small and thin. I could do anything with it”
Denise moaned when she heard that and precum started leaking from the tip.
“Let her suck it while I fuck her. I think she can manage”
She got on her knees in front of my wife and rubbed the head over her lips. My wife immediately opened her mouth and took it all the way down. She couldn’t do that with me without some warm up time.
“Play with her balls babe. She likes that. Maybe a little finger up her butt too”
Things started moving faster after that. Soon we were pounding my wife from both sides. Denise handed me the lube.
“Do her like you did me”
I squirted some in my wife’s asshole and worked it in with my finger. She was well experienced with anal so we didn’t break rhythm until I pulled out. When my cocktail touched her anus she forced herself back so I was balls deep on the first thrust. Now things got a little wild. I was pounding deep into my wife’s ass and Denise was enthralled while she was getting seriously deep throated.
My wife can cum from anal. It’s happened a lot and this was no different. As we got her from both ends I could feel her body tense up.
“She’s gonna cum”
“Well we should hurry up and join her”
At that point it was just all out fucking. Both women looked incredible right then. My wife was the first to go. Her body trembling and she was moaning around Denise’s cock which sent her over the edge too. Denise looked me in the eyes while she was shooting in my wife’s mouth.
“Cum now so it’s all at once. We can take our time later”
Then she kissed me and I blew right up my wife’s ass. She was taking 2 loads at the same time and cumming herself. It was intense.
We took our time pulling out and switched places. I was kissing my wife while Denise was licking her. She shuddered through another little orgasm from the attention before we all joined in a sloppy make out session.