Our new pet part 2 [mff]

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My cock was dripping. I had two gorgeous women in front of me. The best of both worlds. My wife’s pussy was also wet from her orgasms and Denise was semi-hard after cumming in my mouth. They both took my dick into a passionate make out session with each other. I was mostly just an object in their mouths for a good 15 minutes. Eventually there was more coordination on their part to get my cum. My wife licked up and down my shaft while Denise worked the head. As good as it felt I knew I wasn’t going to cum this way. My wife knew it too and just wanted to torture me with pleasure.
“He needs to fuck to cum”
“I want him as deep as he can go”
My wife grabbed the lube and squirted it deep into Denise. Then she ran her mouth up and down my dick a few times before lubing me up as well. I sank deep into Denise on my first thrust. She moaned as I pulled almost all the way out before burying myself again. The wife again sat back and watched me fuck our new friend. We were doggystyle so I reached around to stroke her too. She didn’t have the biggest cock, maybe 6 inches max and thin. It felt good though. My wife had gotten out a vibrator that she using right on her clit. I sped up both my dick and my hand. Everyone needed to cum. As I felt my load coming I let them both know.
My balls emptied into Denise. I filled her up as she tensed and came in my hand. We kept at it until we were both satisfied. I looked over at my wife and she was literally drooling on her tits watching us. She kissed me as I pulled out leaving a stream of cum draining out of Denise. She proceeded to clean up every drop. I kissed Denise in a way i haven’t with anyone but my wife for years.
“I want to watch you fuck your wife. That dick needs some pussy too”