One Royal Night at the Radio Station

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This is a (mostly) true story with the names changed to protect the innocent (or guilty, in my case).
Long before the beautiful Dani Royal became a famous network television sports reporter and anchor, I had the pleasure of working with her at an all-sports radio station in my home town when we were both starting out in our early 20’s.
It was a quiet Sunday night at the station. Dani was doing the sports updates and another young lady named Linda was on the board in the control room while I was working with Dani in our tiny newsroom.
I loved the idea of having Dani all to myself for a few hours. Other than Linda no one else was in the building and would not be for most of the shift.
There was plenty of innocent flirting going on. Dani loved teasing me about Linda, who I did have a crush on, and pretended to be jealous of any attention I gave to her “competition”.
The stunning Dani, who looks every bit as great now and maybe even better than she did 25 years ago, was never shy about displaying her compact, athletic size zero figure, a combination of looks and personality that few women could match.
On this night, Dani was wearing extremely tight denim blue jeans and I could not take my eyes off of her and that perfect little ass. Even with her tiny waist, she was forced to leave the button at the top of her pants open.
Her midriff was exposed and she would have put Shania Twain to shame with just how fantastic she looked that night, a sight which got and kept my cock hard for what seemed like the entire evening.
At one point however, I noticed her squirming a little in her chair and she explained to me; “Johnny, these new shrink-to-fit jeans I’m wearing are soooooo tight on me…can you tell?”
I said something like, “No, really?” and she replied almost as if she had been insulted with, “Haven’t you noticed?” with a bit of a sexy pout and adding a sarcastic, “that’s because you’re too busy checking out Linda.”
A little while later I was monitoring a recording of a network sports interview show which we would play back on an hour or so delay.
It was coming up on the end of the show’s second hour and Linda came outside to get the reel from me as the first hour was ending on our air.
At the same time, Dani got up to do her sports update but first walked toward the control room to bring in her audio carts and script.
She then deliberately slid in between me and Linda, politely saying “excuse me” in a sweet voice.
I was sitting in a low chair at the editing station and Linda kind of moved back a little to the wall in the narrow hallway to let Dani get by, but as she went past us Dani made sure to turn at just the proper angle to give me a perfect view of her perfect bottom in her snug jeans, almost brushing me in the face with her cheeks as she squeezed by.
The reel was still unwinding but I couldn’t resist glancing up at Dani as she got to the control room door, admiring her and that sweet bottom.
Dani turned with her butt to the door and pushed it open that way, giving me a wink and a wicked smile as she went in.
Thankfully, Linda paid no attention to her as the reel unwound, but as soon as Dani came back out I began to get up from my seat since I was starting to get even more aroused than I already was by Dani flaunting her assets.
Dani slipped between Linda and I again on her return trip towards the on-air studio and this time made certain to brush her ass right up against my leg as she got by. Just as she did this, the reel finished unwinding right at the same moment as if on cue.
I took off the reel and as I was handing it to Linda, I again just had to look over Linda’s shoulder as Dani went into the on-air studio. This time, Dani slowly pushed open the heavy door frontwards but made sure to stretch out like a kitty cat and give her ass a nice little wiggle as she glanced wickedly at me.
I followed Linda into the control room and helped her with the reel, but before the update ended I made sure to be by the studio door when Dani came out.
She finished her update, took a peak into the newsroom as she re-entered and with an evil grin on her face said, “I hope I didn’t distract you from what you were doing with Linda, Johnny.”
But before I could say anything she added, “Now do you appreciate just how tight my jeans are?”
I said something like, “I’m very distracted now.” She laughed and grabbed my wrist, leading me down the other hallway a few feet, out of view and earshot from the newsroom and Linda in the control room.
Dani turned to me again and struck her sexiest pose of the night.
She kicked off her shoes, balancing herself with a hand on my shoulder and then stood barefoot on the carpeted floor with her long legs tight together, displaying a flawless thigh gap in between and placed her hands on her sexy hips.
She flipped her hair back, looked back at me as I stood motionless and whispered, “These jeans are so fucking tight, I can’t wear anything underneath…” she then put her thumbs into two of the belt loops and pulled her jeans down just far enough to prove her point.
She let me soak in her spectacular rear view for a moment, proudly showing off her incredible ass.
Dani then looked back at me over her shoulder, wiggled that beautifully tight, half-bare bottom again and asked, “Do you like it better than Linda’s…?”
All I could do at that instant was reach out, put my fingers in one of the belt loops and pull her into me, making sure with my other hand to hold her super sexy body firmly against my now huge throbbing erection.
Dani’s eyes widened and she said, “I’ll take that as a YES!” she giggled and added, “I’m impressed, Johnny.”
I answered back gently, “No, I am the one who is impressed. Those jeans are perfect on you. I have not been able to keep my eyes off of you all night! You are so gorgeous and your body is amazing.”
I then took charge and guided her carefully down the hallway into an empty studio, shut the door and dropped to my knees. Dani assumed the position on her tippy toes and let me yank down those skin tight denims the rest of the way, finally letting her breathtaking little cheeks free.
I smacked them playfully before burying my face in between them and wasted no time kissing and licking that bottom that had tempted me for hours.
Dani reached back down and guided my head exactly where she wanted me to go. As much as I wanted to worship her glorious rear, she steered me to her wet pussy and I was just skillful enough to reach it with my tongue from behind.
I made her purr with a few minutes of soft licks and as a reward she let me go back to her crack. I teased her asshole lightly with my tongue, but I couldn’t resist and finally plunged it all the way in. Dani arched her back and squealed with delight. I rubbed her swollen clit with my fingers and she soon enjoyed a yummy orgasm as I tasted her, darting my tongue in and out of her tiny holes as she moaned my name sweetly while fucking my face.
She then had me stand up and began slowly grinding her pert bottom against my rock hard cock that was still trapped in my pants.
I knew I didn’t have time to get it out before I would explode, so I just enjoyed the moment and held her tiny waist as Dani picked up the pace and brought me over the edge with her bare derrière.
I shouted her name again and again in the sound proof studio as I released, telling her how hot she was as I felt myself spurt at least half a dozen times.
With a very satisfied look, Dani then took my hands and let me have one last gentle feel of her beautiful baby smooth bottom as I held her close. I even helped her finally fasten that front button as we playfully tugged her form fitting jeans back in place. Dani gave me a peck on the cheek and went back to work as I headed to the restroom to clean myself up.
I don’t think Linda ever caught on, but as we walked out together that night she asked me if I thought Dani’s jeans were way too tight. I told her I hadn’t noticed.