My new neighbor made me a BBC addict!! Pt. 2 (BBC) (Cuckold) (M/F)

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It’s been a week since I cheated on Bobby. I haven’t seen Derek since he left me half naked in the hallway of our apartment building, which still makes my blood boil thinking about it. I can’t lie though, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and that gigantic black cock since. Ever since I’ve found out what a snow bunny was, I’ve been fucking myself to BBC porn almost every night.

I’ve wanted to go back to Derek’s apartment, but Bobby’s been able to work from home and basically never leaves the apartment. He’s been asking for more sex since he’s home more, which I oblige. I know this sounds mean but, I can’t stop thinking about Derek when we fuck. Thinking about what that big cock would feel like fucking my brains out almost immediately puts me on the edge of orgasm. Bobby’s noticed how much easier it is for me to cum to penetration, which he believes is from his new “Workout Regime” which is doing five push ups before bed. Honestly, as long as he never finds out about the black cock that fucked my throat, I don’t care what he believes.

God, I feel so horny thinking about having Derek fuck me in this bed! While Bobby is in his home office, I think nows a good time to test out my new black toy I got yesterday. I put my favorite BBC porn site on my phone, and start rubbing my clit. It doesn’t take long before I feel wet enough to soak a towel, so I grab my “little” buddy and bring it to the entrance of my pussy. I feel so nervous about having something this big inside me, but the anticipation is driving me crazy! I start to push the tip in, when the sound of knocking makes me drop the damn thing onto the bed!

“Good morning, my Little Cherry!”

Bobbys voice completely takes me out of the moment…asshole.

“M-morning, Bobby.”

“Babe, would you make me breakfast? I have my Skype meeting in twenty minutes, and I’m dying for your pancakes!”

“Sure, babe. I’ll be right out.”

As Bobby starts walking away, I quickly delete the evidence off of my phone. After tidying the room up a little, I throw on a pair of yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt and head towards the kitchen.

Bobby’s sitting at the kitchen table already, waiting for me to start cooking for him. He already got the ingredients out for me, so it doesn’t take long for me to finish.

After breakfast, he grabs both of our empty plates and puts them in the sink. He walks back over behind me and starts giving me a light shoulder massage. I can feel him leaning his head closer to my ear.

“You know, maybe after my meeting we can fit dessert in early today.”

I put on a fake smile.

“Maybe, we’ll have to see later babe.”

Bobby excitedly gives me a quick kiss on my cheek, and walks back into his office. Once I hear his door close, I let out a sigh of relief.

Who the hell does that jerk think he is?! He ruins my orgasm for fucking pancakes? Ugh, there was enough anticipation in that room to nearly put me in a coma! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still horny anyway, I know I could probably finish what I started pretty fast. I should quickly make my way back to the bedroom before-

*Knock Knock*

Who’s at the door this early in the morning? Bobby’s meeting already started so I doubt he even heard anything, so I guess it’s up to me to scare away whoever’s there. I get up and walk over to the door to look through the peephole and…

“Oh my god…” I quietly let out.

I open the door to see Derek standing on the other side, wearing the same grin he wore the last time I saw him.

“Wheat are you doing here?” I angrily whisper. “My boyfriends home you ca-“

Derek puts his finger on my mouth to shush me.

“I know.”

He removes his finger and starts kissing me, which turns my brain to mush. He pushes his tongue into my mouth and massages my tongue with his. All thoughts are starting to fade out of existence in my head, with Derek filling every brain cell I have. While he keeps his lips attached to mine, he leads us back into the kitchen. After a few minutes of making out, he pulls away, leaving a couple strings of saliva on my chin. He unbuckles his belt while locking eyes with mine.

“Get on your knees.” He says with authority.

Here!? He can’t be serious! I start to protest, but I’m interrupted when he places both of his big veiny hands on my shoulders and forces me down on my knees.

“No talking unless I give you permission, slut. Now start sucking my cock like a good girl.”

I immediately pull out his cock from his underwear. Fuck, I really want him so bad! I put my mouth around it and start sucking him off. He starts moaning incredibly loud, which makes me insanely wet hearing. But his moaning makes me worry Bobby might hear, so I quickly pull him out of my mouth.

“Shh! Bobby might hear-“

Derek slams his cock back in my mouth and starts thrusting faster and faster. Him taking control feels so fucking hot, it brings me close to orgasm!

“I said no talking, slut! If you do it again, I’m walking out that door!”

I obey his demands, and continue to suck his big cock like life depends on it. A few minutes in and I can already feel his cock twitching just like last time, which I know means I was going to get his cum poured down my throat again. However, he decides to pull his cock out of my mouth before he can finish. As I start giving him a confused look, he barks orders at me again.

“Stand up.”

I get up from my knees, waiting for him to give me more orders. Instead he wraps his arms around my waists, and with one effortless motion picks me up and places me on the kitchen table. With one swift pull, he gets my yoga pants off revealing my wet pussy to him. He puts his cock to my clit and starts rubbing against it.

“Ha! I knew you were a slut, but even I’m surprised how excited you are.”

His voice is so teasing, it’s enough to kill me!

“You want this cock, like a good Snow Bunny?”

I shake my head up and down violently, I desperately need him to fuck me now!

“Say it.”

“I-I want you to fuck me! Fuck me right here, I want your cock like a good slut!”

When I finished groveling, I feel his cock push this way in to my soaked pussy.


Jesus Chris, I’ve never felt something this good before in my life! His cock pushing inside me over and over again was making my legs shake. I started moaning more loudly as he continued to give in to him.

“Please, fuck me! Don’t stop!” I moaned out.

The force of each thrust was forcing my tits to bounce in my shirt, which I quickly threw off my body to free them. Derek quickly noticed my boobs once they were out and started groping my left tit, while he started using his mouth and tongue on the other. The combination of his mouth and his cock already had me feel the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had!

But he wasn’t finished yet, Derek wraps his arms around me and picks me up off the table. He walks me over to the living room and places me down on the sofa. He spreads my legs apart, which I was more than happy to let him. He moves his head down to my pussy, moving his tongue against my clit and starts licking intensely up and down. He makes my body convulse as he brings me to the edge of orgasming again…

Then he stops.

Then starts again for a minute, bringing me back to the edge of completion.

Then he stops again!

He edges me five or six times, almost making me orgasm then stopping me right before I finish! He’s driving me absolutely insane, making me want it even more. The last time he edges me, he moves his head out between my legs. Before I’m able to process what’s going on, he slams his cock in my pussy again which finally allows me to finish again.

“Ahhh fuck Derek, your cock feels so good!”

My legs are reduced to jello, as Derek fucks me faster and harder than last time. Every pump turns me more into his good little slut. I want to be Derek’s Snow Bunny, I want to be fucked by his big black cock every day.

I can already feel him twitching…

“Fuck slut, you already got me ready to cum! Are you gonna be a good Snow Bunny and take all of it?”

“Yes baby! Give me all of it! I want you to cum inside me!”

Derek’s thrusts get slower, as his get louder and more intense.

“I’m gonna cum! Take it you fucking slut!”

The feeling of Derek pumping so much cum inside me alone makes me almost finish with him, I’ve never felt so fucking good! As he slowly pulls his cock out, I can feel some of his cum leak down my thigh. He gets up from the couch and motions me to follow him. I can barely walk once my feet get on the ground, but I’m able to walk over to him.

“Did you like getting fucked like the slut you really are?”

“Yes!! I only want to be fucked like that, only by you Derek!”

“Your my personal Snow Bunny now, I’m gonna be the only dude to fuck you. Understand?”

“I’m yours to be fucked baby, whenever you want!”


Derek grabs my hand, leading me down the hallway until we stop outside Bobby’s office door.

“Your pathetic man in here?”

“Y-yes, why do you ask?”

Without warning, Derek bangs on the door.

“Wait! What are you-“

“I want you to show your little boyfriend who you really belong to now.”

The door opens…

Bobby stands in the doorway, seeing me naked, my hair messed up, saliva stuck to my chin and cum running down my leg.

“Cass…wha-what’s going on?”

“Looks like your woman has something to say to you. See, after fucking her and making her cum twice, I think she has discovered something about herself. Go ahead and tell him what you told me, slut.”

“Y-you did w-what?”


“Say it!” Derek commands.

“I’m only for Derek to fuck! I’m only meant to take big black cock, anytime he wants to fuck. I’m his personal slut, and I love it!”

“Good girl.”

Without another word, Derek puts his arm around me and starts walking towards the front door. I look back to see Bobby standing in the middle of the hallway, still with a shocked face. Weird thing is, he didn’t even look upset or even mad. Just shocked. Derek removes his arm that was around me when we get to the door, and he starts to turn the handle.

“I’ll be seeing you soon, understand slut?”

“Yes Derek!”

Derek slaps my ass, as he turns and heads out the door. Once the door is fully closed, I turn to face Bobby who’s still in the hallway.

Wait a minute…

“Bobby…did you get THAT hard knowing that I’m fucking behind your back?!”