It’s just business.

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The hot afternoon sun draped over my tan, oiled body like a comforting security blanket. The floral smells from the various flowers and plants that adorned my large, sprawling decking filled my senses and calmed me. I peered out through my large, limo-tinted sunglasses and surveyed my land from the comfort of my lounge chair. Building this empire hadn’t been easy. I’d come from humble beginnings. It took years, climbing up in my career as an investment banker to get to where I was. Sure, I had to crush the dreams of many an entrepreneur, sometimes putting them out of business in order to leverage them for my profit, but this was not a career for the compassionate.

I breathed in the warm air deeply and sighed out in contentment, nearly drifting off to sleep when I was awoken by the creaking of footsteps padding up the stairs of my deck. Justus, my personal assistant, was the only other one with a key to my house. I glanced over without moving my head. His meticulously groomed hair peeked over the edge of the stairs as he ascended.

I undoubtedly appeared to be asleep. He looked at me. His eyes quickly darted down my body, drinking in the sight of my sweat-glistening flesh before he announced himself. Justus was always extremely professional with me. The amounts of money we dealt with on a daily basis required utmost acumen, and Justus was good at what he did, besides the fact that he was one of my closest confidants. All of that aside, when a young man gets the chance to ogle the sight of a barely-dressed woman, lithe and shiny with oil, I suppose I couldn’t fault him for it.

He fixated on my tits briefly. Being eyed like this always turned me on, especially since he had no idea I was watching him. My nipples hardened under the thin fabric of my bikini. He saw. He reached down and adjusted himself slightly.

“Ahem” he cleared his throat loudly, respectfully, trying to alert me to his presence, but also probably snapping himself out of his own leering daze. “Miss Laurie, Mr. McIntire would like to schedule some time with you this week to go over those building plans.”

I rolled my head towards Justus, appearing to wake from my slumber. Michael McIntire was merely a pawn, but a lucrative pawn at that. We were to purchase his business for a penny on the dollar compared to what it was once worth. His management drove it almost to the ground. My team was going to swoop in and bring it back to it’s former glory.

“The building plans are back at the office. We’ll need to schedule it for some time after we’re able to retrieve the plans”. I stood up lazily next to the lounge chair and yawned. I clasped my hands together above my head and stretched deeply, arching my back, pushing my tits out towards Justus lewdly. He was probably stealing furtive glances as my nipples pressed hard against the tight material. I moaned softly as I enjoyed my stretch. I caught Justus adjusting himself from the corner of my eye again as I turned to head back into the house. I giggled to myself. He always kept it professional, but I loved teasing him.

“I will be near the office tomorrow morning. I’ll swing by and get them” Justus offered quickly.

“Perfect” I called back over my shoulder at him. The deep thudding of redwood planks could be heard as Justus hastily made his leave back down the stairs.

The whole exchange, as brief as it was, made me tingle. As I slid the glass door closed behind me, I reached down absentmindedly and ran the palm of my hand across the small triangle of material that covered my pussy. It ached for attention. It had been months since I even had time to think about intimacy with another man. I shuddered as the padded skin of my palm pressed against my clit, then down my swollen lips. It ached. I made my way over to one of my large, dark oak trimmed sofas and reclined back.

I secretly wished Justus was still watching me.

I pretended he stood over me at the deck, but this time he didn’t announce himself. Instead he was silent, staring at me. My hardening nipples pressed against my bikini and he watched. He looked down between my legs. They were ever-so-slightly spread apart. The outline of my small lips could barely be seen through the hugging tightness of my bikini bottoms.

I laid back into the soft cushion of my couch as I pretended. I ran the tip of one finger right up my slit where I imagined Justus’s eyes would trace. I slightly pressed the oily cloth into my labia, applying soft pressure to my lips. I moaned. My body was on fire. I allowed my imagination to run wild.

In my mind, Justus reached down and slid his hand over his hardening cock as I continued to “sleep” in my chaise lounge. The ridge of his thick head could be seen through his slacks and he gripped it gently as he gazed on me like a pervert.

I glided my finger back up my aching slit to my clit, tingling with anticipation. I pressed softly and manipulated my sensitive clit left to right very slowly, allowing myself to savor every miniscule shifting of the moistening fabric against my pussy. I moaned softly and closed my eyes.

In my imagination, Justus deftly and silently unclasped his belt and opened his pants. He pulled his thick cock out, tight and pink as it throbbed for me, glistening with precum.

I grabbed the small triagle of my bikini away from my pussy and pushed it to the side. Thick tendrils of pussy juice stretched from the wet material as I pulled it away. I reached down with my other hand and glided my middle finger up the swollen, dripping slit. When I made it to my searing clit, I pressed my slick finger against the sensitive spot and slipped it side-to-side flicking my finger across it. I moaned out loud.

I watched Justus begin stroking himself. His hand was wet with precum and his fingers slurped obscenely over the flared out ridge of his cock head. He moaned as he used my sleeping body for his pleasure. Precum dripped onto my leg from the glistening tip of his cock. I felt its warmth run down my leg

As I continued to work my soaked clit and bring myself closer to orgasm, I glided the middle finger from my free hand up and down my drooling lips. I split them with the tip of my finger and pushed in, penetrating myself. My finger easily slipped into my wet hole and I began fucking myself slowly with it. The lewd sounds of my girl-cum soaked lips slurping at my invading finger filled the room. I added a second finger. My entire body tingled and my stomach muscles started clenching against my own accord. I was close to cumming. I pushed harder on my clit and worked it more quickly.

Justus came. He moaned, almost apologetically in my mind as he prepared to defile me. He hunched over, his legs shook. His cum began shooting in thick streams across my body, dashing across my stomach and chest, splattering against my cheek on one occasion.

I came at the thought. My body quivered. My stomach tensed up. I shoved my fingers deep into my cunt one last time, grinding them against my depths. I pressed down on my clit and moaned loudly as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss began washing over me. I moaned out pathetically, grunting and tensing up with climactic convulsions. I swiftly jerked my fingers out from my constricting pussy lips and cried out as I allowed my orgasm to completely take me.

Eventually my orgasm died down and I regained consciousness. I sighed deeply.

I should have felt guilty, but I didn’t. Besides, I pay him well. I’ll fantasize if I want to. He’s my tool. I just couldn’t let it get too far.


The next morning was hectic. Nothing we couldn’t handle though. New accounts rolling in, new problems to delegate to Justus and the team. I’d almost forgotten about my meeting with Mr. McIntire. My phone rang.

“Miss Laurie, I’ll be by in 10 to drop off the building plans for your meeting with Mr. McIntire.” Justus’s quickly informed.

“Ok I’ll be here. Let yourself in”

My mind flashed back to yesterday afternoon. My slit tingled, tensed up. I pushed the thought away.

I threw my robe on and hastily brushed my long, black hair, binding it up into a high ponytail. I checked myself one last time in the mirror. I pulled the top of my robe open slightly, allowing just the top of my bra to be seen, but then I stopped, realizing what I was doing.

“What the fuck, Laurie” I whispered to myself in anger and cinched my robe up tight.

I made my way down the swooping spiral staircase just as Justus clicked my front door open.

“Here you are Ma’am” Justus held the stack out obediently. “Your meeting with Michael is slated for this afternoon at-”

“You fucking kidding me?” I interrupted him. “Justus, this paperwork is for a completely different account!”

He recoiled as I snatched the papers from him. Justus rarely fucked up, but damnit it pisses me off when one of my subordinates fucks up.

“I’m… I’m sorry Miss-”

“Don’t sorry me!”

I glared down at the paperwork in my hands.

“Go sit down” I pointed at my couch. I had to get my head around this. Justus quickly shuffled over and sat on the edge of the middle cushion with trepidation.

I threw the useless stack of papers onto the coffee table and paced back and forth in front of Justus, agitated.

I collected my thoughts and stopped in front of him.

“So first we’ll need to reschedule the meet-”

“His receptionist is on leave” Justus stopped me. “Can’t reschedule until next week”

“Well we can just call him directly”

“His kids have soccer games all morning, his phone will be off” Justus rebutted again.

I pinched the bridge of my nose with exasperation, trying to come up with a strategy.

A few moments of silence transpired. I heard shuffling in front of me. I moved my hand and looked over. Justus was adjusting something in his pocket, or something else…

I looked down. Apparently in my pacing tirade, my robe had parted slightly at the top, exposing one of my bra-clad breasts. When I looked back up, Justus’s eyes quickly snapped back up to mine in an attempt to hide what he was staring at. The thought that he may be adjusting his cock amused me. I pretended not to notice and left my robe slightly open. The possibility of losing the account didn’t upset me too bad. It was one of many. But I continued the act.

“Well we can just throw the account away if you want Justus!” I threw my arms apart in mock exasperation, causing my robe to part further. Justus’s eyes flicked down, attempting to secretly steal every glance he could at my body.

“Ma’am, I can reach out to Mr. McIntire’s wife. She may be accessible and can relay the informa-”

“That sounds real professional now doesn’t it?” I scoffed at him. I stomped off to the breakfast table a few feet away and took a sip of my coffee. The loose silk knot in front of my robe unraveled and my robe opened up further. I stomped my way back to Justus, purposefully allowing my robe to open up almost completely. The knot fell open, two lengths of silk dangled down. My robe parted slightly down the front.

It looked almost difficult for Justus to maintain eye contact as I glared at him. I looked down. His cock was shamelessly growing down the leg of his slacks. It looked thick and inviting. A man hadn’t stared at me like this, half dressed, in almost a year. It made my pussy ache.

“Justus!” I barked.

“Sorry Ma’am” Justus snapped back to reality, startled.

“Does that sound professional?” I challenged.

“No Ma’am. You’re right, that… that won’t work” he stammered.

I considered the situation for a moment. Here was this young man’s boss standing in front of him, robe open several inches down the middle, panties and bra partially visible for his deviant gaze. His cock visibly straining at the material of his slacks, and what’s this? A dark, wet spot forming at the tip? What a filthy pervert. I loved it. I wanted him to stare at me. I wanted him to ache. I hoped his cock was in pain, that he badly needed to adjust it but didn’t want to be too obvious.

I huffed, faking my annoyance. I pretended to be deep in thought and began a stretch, reaching up and squeezing my hands together. I leaned back, much like I did on the patio the day before, and let my silky robe slide open past my breasts. I moaned softly through my deep stretch, loud enough for Justus to hear. My entire body was revealed to my subordinate for a moment. I let it go on for a bit longer than a usual stretch.

When my blatant display was over, I looked down and caught Justus ogling my body again. The swell of my cleavage pushed up from my bra for his gaze, and my thin, lacy panties left very little to the imagination. I could feel my pussy begin to wet the inside of my panties as a tingling sensation ran through my body.

His cock was clearly visible and throbbing against his pants. The wet spot had grown to the size of a half dollar and his cheeks were slightly red. It was too obvious not to address at this point. Besides, his pants were probably expensive and he was ruining them with his precum.

“Justus…” I shook my head with bemusement. A grin forming at the corner of my mouth. “What is that?” I gestured toward his lap.

His cheeks quickly went crimson and he quickly attempted to lean over and cover up his obscene display.

“I… S… Sorry Ma’am” He stuttered.

“It’s cool, it’s cool, I understand” I half-giggled. “Didn’t realize my robe had fallen open during all of that” I lied. “Just… Hand ’em over. I’ll throw them in the wash, no biggie”.

“But… but-”

“No buts. I’m sure you have underwear on, I won’t see any more than you’ve see of me.” I interrupted his dispute.

He hesitated for several moments before finally rising up from the couch. He popped his belt buckle open and undid his pants, his hands nearly shaking, and began sliding his slacks down his legs. I watched with anticipation as the boxer-covered shaft of his cock began coming into view. It was tight and confined, the veins nearly visible through the thin cloth of his silky boxers. As he pulled his pants completely down, I noticed that his cock had grown down beyond the length of his boxers and the tip was partially visible at the bottom. It was beyond swollen. Throbbing and weeping precum down his leg. My pussy burned. I could feel it drooling into my panties.

I took his pants from him and threw them into the hamper inside the laundry room. My maid would clean them later that morning.

When I re-entered the room, Justus was trying to hide up his predicament from his boss. He was unsuccessfully tugging the legging of his boxers down attempting to cover his throbbing head. It was quite amusing. He stopped when I entered the room and calmly placed his hands to his sides in an attempt to not draw more attention to the situation.

He was clearly uncomfortable. I felt a little bad for the lad, so I decided to level the playing field whilst teasing him further.

“Would it make this easier for you if I lost the robe?” I said, grinning at him.

He nodded once. Not too obviously.

I let the material slide from my shoulders, baring the rest of my body to him. I tossed it onto the sofa next to him and stood merely a few feet from him. I adjusted my panties slightly and fixed my slipping bra straps. His cock visibly twitched under his tight, thin boxers, and fresh floes of precum ran from the tip. It was about to run completely from his leg onto my expensive couch.

“I’m sorry to bring attention to your situation, Justus, but do you mind?” I pointed at his river of precum threatening to wet my couch.

“Oh sorry Ma’am” He said quickly as he reached down and caught the thick liquid with his fingers. The clear liquid stretched from his thigh as he brought his fingers up. I watched. I loved making guys precum, and I loved to drink it. The feeling of power, making a guy so incredibly horny for me that his cock practically drools for my body, made me soaking wet. I could practically taste it. I unconsciously bit my bottom lip as I saw him catch the fluid that my body had coaxed from him.

We made eye contact. The air was thick with apprehension. I licked my bottom lip. He brought his fingers closer to his mouth and looked up at me for acceptance.

I nodded.

He got the point.

He stuck his tongue out and licked the slick liquid from his finger, causing it to stretch from his digit to his tongue.

I gasped and twisted my thighs together. The lewd act nearly made me cum on the spot. I always knew he was a nasty boy. He probably ate his own precum even when nobody was around simply due to how depraved and perverted it made him feel. His cock flexed again. By this time it had grown further past the hem of his boxers and the entire swollen head was visible, glistening with precum and dripping down his leg.

He sucked his fingers, his throat contracted, indicating that he’d swallowed his own precum right in front of me.

I couldn’t help it. I reached between my legs and slid my fingers slowly up my panty-covered pussy. A wet spot had formed over my labia and the thin material was becoming a bit see-through as it soaked through with my pussy juice. My lips were visible, hugging the material into my slit. I looked up. Justus was staring and breathing heavily.

“I saw you staring at my body on the patio last night” I challenged him.

He didn’t answer. I leaned forward, putting my mouth close to his ear and whispered.

“Your car stayed parked out front for a long time after you left the back yard” I whispered through my deviant grin.

He shifted uncomfortably. Still no answer.

“Were you… Jacking off out there?” I accused him.

Again he stayed silent.

“I thought you were engaged, young man” I continued teasing him. “And you’re out here jacking off to your boss in front of her house?”

He sighed. I felt him breathe in through his nose, taking in my scent. It didn’t occur to me that my own employee was so horny for me. As inappropriate as it was, it made me feel powerful, satisfied.

I kept my face near him and brought my body slowly and deliberately onto the couch with him. I pushed his legs open and put my right knee on the cushion between his legs. I lifted my left knee to his side, straddling his leg. His cock was inches from my dripping pussy.

My whisper became even more quiet, barely enough for him to hear.

“Did you… Cum?” I continued challenging him, making him more uncomfortable.

After a few moments of silence, he eventually grunted softly in confirmation.

“Where did you cum?” I asked him, already knowing the answer based on events that just transpired, but I wanted to hear him say it.

“Into… my hand” he whispered back. He’d found some newfound confidence. As ashamed as he may be, he wanted me to hear it.

“And then…”

“And then I licked it up” he finally answered.

I gasped at hearing it. My body trembled. It felt wrong. I was just teasing him, but this was progressing. I had to see him do it. I wanted to feel him do it.

My perversion became too much for me. After a moment of considering my actions. I reached down. I caught a thick flow of precum from the inside of his thigh with my finger, reached up, and dragged the copious liquid down the side of my neck.

“But…” He hesitated.

“It’s okay. We’re just keeping it from going on your bosses couch” I assured him.

He leaned in slowly and dragged his warm tongue up the side of my neck starting at my collar bone. When he got to where the precum pooled, he slipped his lips over my neck and sucked softly, sliding his tongue in circles around the wet spot I’d created. He moaned quietly, savoring the flavor.

I scooped another drooling river of precum from his thigh and smeared it down my chest, which he hungrily lapped and sucked at with abandon, sending my pussy into a wet, quivering mess. He began to lose control. He put his arms around me and attempted to pull me in.

“Nuh-huh mister. Calm down.” I stopped him and stood up in front of him. “We’re only trying to keep you from messing my couch up. That’s all.” I maintained a sense of innocence in the act. “We also need to keep you from messing these up while we do it…”

I began unclasping my bra. His eyes devoured me. His cock throbbed fiercely against his boxers. I let the garment slip from my chest. He moaned at me with raw lust. I bent over and slipped my panties off, showing him my trimmed slit. It was pink and puffy with need and glistened with my girl cum.

I crawled back onto him, my now-bare pussy merely an inch from the tip of his cock.

“Now lets make sure you don’t mess anything up young man” I said as I scooped a large pool of his precum from his leg, bumping my finger into his slimy head on the way up. He grunted as I smeared the liquid onto my nipple and around my breast. I moaned into his ear as he sucked my hardening nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue on the slippery, sensitive flesh. He lapped at it, hungrily cleaning his precum from my breast.

“It won’t stop, Justus.” I said to him with amusement. “There’s so much of it. However will we stop that incessant flow of precum, hmm?”

As he licked and sucked my nipple, he reached up and grabbed my hips gently, he pulled me down just enough so that my clit rubbed right against the hole in the tip of his head. I shuddered and gasped. I could have cum right at that moment, but I willed my impending orgasm to wait just a few more moments.

“Oh Justus, what are you doing?” I gasped into his ear.

He popped his wet mouth from my tit long enough to answer.

“Stopping it” He whispered back.

I continued to resist, but he pulled me down harder, pressing his cock tip against my clit, pumping my hips at himself with his hands and grinding my clit against the slit in his cock head, smearing precum all over it. I whimpered at him, moaned, the feeling of my impending orgasm welling up in my stomach.

I humped my hips back at him, causing his head to slip down the folds of my pussy, dragging the wet head up and down and painting it with precum. My sex drooled down his cock head, mixing our fluids together. The slick mess made a faint, slurping sound as the tip of his cock slipped in and out of my folds. I laid my head back and moaned, fucking myself against his tip, igniting my senses and sending waves of pleasure through my quivering body.

He once again sucked my nipple into his mouth while I humped him. My orgasm approached.

I bent over and clawed at the material of his boxers, ripping them down his legs. My legs shook in pre-orgasmic throes. His cock flipped forcefully from the confines of the material and slapped against his stomach.

As soon as they were off, I climbed onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my naked body against him. My searing pussy made contact with the underside of his shaft and I humped the drooling lips against his girth. His hands freely roamed my body, kneading my flesh and squeezing my ass, pressing my neglected slit against his cock and splitting it open.

“I feel it, boss. It’s running down. It’ll get on your couch” He breathlessly pleaded at me.

“Then we’ll stop it.” I looked down at him with determination, desire burned in his eyes.

I lifted myself up until I felt the soaked head of his cock slip down my lips and nestle at my quivering hole. I held him there briefly, teasing him. He helplessly tried to hump upwards, I pulled back in sync. He moaned. I relished in the sound of his unabated desire for me.

“Please, boss” He pleaded. “Please fuck me” His whines were so cute. I could feel him shaking in my arms. He was close to cumming as well.

“You mean please keep my couch clean, right?” I shot back.

He didn’t answer.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard into his lap, impaling me completely down the length of his cock. We both gasped loudly and moaned with passion into each other’s ears while my tight pussy adjusted to his cock. It quaked and quivered around his shaft.

“You fucker” I whispered into his ear.

“Shut up and fuck me” He shot back at me.

I pulled my body up, sliding his pulsing meat from the depths of my cunt, and started bouncing on him, sliding my pussy up and down his cock. I could feel fluids running out of me, both of our fluids, probably onto the couch, but I didn’t care. I needed his cock in me. Needed to cum on him.

His hands gripped me, guided me. He caught one of my bouncing tits into his mouth and sucked my nipple while I fucked him. That was all it took. The earthshattering orgasm that I had been cresting on took me by surprise.

“I’m gonna!” I shouted. I couldn’t get the entire phrase out as the first wave of orgasmic fury crashed through me. Justus pulled me down onto his cock completely, burying himself into my neglected depths and held me there while I grinded on it. Fresh rushes of pleasure coursed through me as he held me steady and my climax went on for what felt like a minute, jerking and writhing on his body. As soon as I regained my breath and my conscience, I kissed him deeply. That must have triggered him, because he stopped me.

“um… I’m about to mess up your couch even worse.” He said hastily. I knew what he meant. I pulled myself off of his lap, his twitching cock slipping from my body with a wet popping sound.

I dropped to my knees in front of him. I looked up. He was panting and quietly whimpering. He was about to cum. His cock was completely coated in both of our juices. I kissed the tip, wetting my lips with our slick liquids, and started suckling the head softly. The wet sucking sounds filled the room as I sucked more of his head into my mouth. Once my lips slipped past the ridge of his head, I used the obscene amounts of sex fluids from the shaft to stroke it in quick short strokes while swirling my tongue around the head.

“Ah. Boss.” He gasped. “Now!”

I pulled my mouth from the tip and aimed his flexing cock down at my chest. I stroked it slowly as he started unloading onto my body. Searing hot ribbons of satiny cum splashed against my tits and neck and ran down my body. He moaned out with each hot cum stream that ejected and audibly splashed against me. I loved the feeling of power of making a man cum so hard. Making him moan pathetically. I was in complete control of his body. He covered me in his cum.

Once his orgasm subsided, he looked down longingly at me. He pulled me up into his lap and quickly started lapping up the cum from my body, drinking it down. Licking up my neck, dragging his tongue across my tits and nipples and slurping it from between my breast. It was kinky. A man drinking his own cum.

When he was done with my chest, he laid me down on the couch and lapped up the cum that ran down my pussy lips, sucking my clit and digging his tongue into the slit he had just violated. I laid back and enjoyed his molestation, moaning at the ceiling.

Once my body was clean, he got up to admire his work.

“Not a drop, boss”

Indeed, the couch was completely clean.

“You did good, kid” I joked. “This is why I keep you around”