I (m27) fucked my work flirt’s friend in the middle of a crowd

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I went to a little DJ set with some friends. My coworker Arielle brought along her friend from college, a black girl named Scarlet. I have been flirting with my coworker for years and we may have made out after a night out or two, but never more. We never went home together, we just chose to play it safe and flirt. But that doesn’t stop her from sending me nude pictures whenever she’s horny. I don’t mind and honestly I hoped we might get into trouble this time.

We were all dressed up to dance, but Scarlet was dressed to grind. She wore a short leather skirt and a low cut tie-up top. She didn’t mind showing off – by the end of the night she was flashing the DJ every time he played something she liked. She caught me staring (more than once), but only smiled and told me to take my shirt off too. We were deep in the crowd, pressing against each other. She turned and put her ass against me, grinding, looking back and biting her lip just to tease me. I couldn’t help fantasizing about pushing her skirt up right there and spanking that ass; I had to hold back, grab her ass and just hope she wouldn’t feel how hard she was making me. The only thing distracting me was Arielle. She kept looking our direction, making fun of us flirting, miming a blowjob and flashing her tits while no one was watching.

But Scarlet couldn’t help herself. She turned around, straddled my leg, grabbed my hair and kissed me hard. She put her tongue in my mouth and reached down between her legs to grab my cock. I loved every second, and played it right back. I grabbed her ass, spanked it, kissed her hard, bit her lip, leaned in, and told her exactly how bad I wanted to fuck her rough. It drove her wild. She told me she wanted to feel me, told me she wanted to make “daddy” hard. It was too much to handle. When I looked back up Arielle was no where to be found.

The crowd was so packed that we were almost anonymous, no one could see her grabbing my cock through my jeans or see me grabbing her ass, pushing up her skirt, tracing a finger under her thong. If it were anywhere else I would have thought twice, but something came over me. I grabbed Scarlet’s perfect ass, pulled it around against my cock, reached down and slowly started tracing her pussy through her little lace thong. She leaned back and started panting in my ear, telling me how wet her little wet pussy was for me, telling me to fuck her raw. I pulled her panties to the side and started fingering her little wet pussy while she grinded deeper, pushing them in and trying to keep a straight face for the crowd.

It was surreal, and I should have stopped there, but I was too turned on. I grabbed her hair, put my lips to her ear and told her to fuck me right then and there. I had no idea she was waiting for it. Scarlet reached down behind her back, unbuckled my belt with one hand, grabbed my throbbing cock, pulled it out pushed the tip up against her wet little pussy. I took my hand from her hair to her throat and slowly pushed it in. I started fucking her slow to the beat, deeper and deeper each time. I she tried to keep quiet, but I could hear her moan even over the music. I had to cover her mouth with my hand while I pushed deeper until every inch of my throbbing cock was deep inside her. She was so wet and tight it took every bit of will not to pound her pussy. I had to fuck her deep and gentle with the music, feeling her ride my cock like she owned it. It was so tight I had to clench my teeth not to cum. Song after song went by while we fucked deeper and deeper. I reached down to rub her clit and felt her quiver, cumming on me like a perfect little slut.

I leaned in and told her she was too much to handle, that she was going to make me cum if we didn’t stop. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t look back. She just reached back, grabbed my ass and rode my cock hard. She was so tight I couldn’t help it – no matter how hard I tried to stop she kept fucking me, harder and harder until I couldn’t hold it any longer. She made me cum so hard I could barely stand up. She kept fucking me, using me, forcing my cum deeper and deeper.

This was a first and I didn’t know what to do next. We gotten this far but I couldn’t imagine how I could pull out without getting caught. Scarlet was in charge – She pushed me back against the wall, slowly pulled off my cock, and before anyone could see she turned around to face me and keep dancing. She didn’t say a word, just put her hand down, buckled my cock in my jeans, pulled down her skirt, and smiled. She kissed me, grabbed me, danced with me, and told me she loved to feel my hot load inside her, dripping into her wet panties.

I wish it ended there, but at this point I didn’t even care if we made a scene. I was still so turned on I could only think of all the kinky ways I wanted to use her. I told her I wanted her to taste it, to taste my cum. She didn’t miss a beat, just reached down under her panties, felt her own perfect pussy, and licked my cum off of her fingers.

I almost fucked her right then and there.

But I knew better. I knew I wanted this again and she needed to be teased. So I leaned in, licked her neck, and told her to give me her phone. I put my number in, she put her number in mine, and we set a date to go dancing again on Wednesday.

Arielle and the rest of our friends were long gone by then and we were too spent to keep dancing. I called her and uber and we kissed goodbye.

I just wonder how we’ll get away with it on a weeknight. If you have any ideas I should try, send a DM.