I Just Want To Lick … and …

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I Just Want To Lick … and …

Trina was wandering around the old neighborhood. She was really a messed up young lady, 32 years old, 5’6” tall, quite overweight, maybe 250 pounds, long dirty blonde hair. She had been living with one guy, but when he went to jail she was seeing another downstairs from me, then was evicted from the complex, but kept turning up to see friends, myself included.

I was fixing my lunch when she knocked on my door wanting to use the phone. She made her phone call while I stirred the Sloppy Joe mix in the skillet. She asked, “Do you have extra of that? I haven’t eaten since noon yesterday!”

“Gaaawd, Trina, why not?” I asked her.

“I was out too late to get a bus home, so I stayed with a friend. We had breakfast but then I went visiting in the neighborhood and missed lunch and supper. I slept outside last night and had no breakfast this morning.”

“You sound so desperate, kiddo,” I told her. “Sure, I have enough for us both. But it is going to cost you a favor to me!”

“What favor?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you after lunch, dear,” I said. And I finished the Sloppy Joes and dished them up on bread for both of us.

We ate and talked and when I collected our plates and put them in the sink, she asked me again, “So, what favor do you want, Richard?”

“I would love to taste your pussy. Just lick and finger, no actual sex.”

“But I haven’t had a shower or a bath for two days!” she insisted.

“That’s alright. You’ll smell and taste all the better for it.”

“But I might be too funky for you.”

“Let me be the judge of that, okay?”

“But I’ve had to go pee outside sometimes, no toilet paper to wipe myself, just my panties to soak up the pee!”

“Again, all the better. Now, could I take off your shorts and panties?”

“Well, if you really want to do this, I guess so.” She stood up from where she had been sitting on the foot of my bed and I reached out to unfasten her jeans shorts. I unsnapped them and unzipped them and slowly let them down from her big butt and hips and down her thighs. Already I could smell the strong urine scent coming from between her big thighs.

“Uhhmmmm, so far you smell great,” I told her, sliding her shorts the rest of the way down her legs, past her big calves and off over her dirty feet. I raised the crotch area of her jeans to my face and mouth and nose to sniff at her pissy smell and then to lick the flavor of it. Gaaawd, she tasted goooood! I could hardly wait to get her panties off and go down between her large thighs.

“Damn, Richard, I didn’t know men liked this sort of thing.”

“What? A woman’s pee? For a girl who’s been around, like you have been, I’m surprised you haven’t seen it all. Everything a man somewhere might want from you.”

“Well, this is a first for me. Maybe I haven’t been around that much, Richard!”

When I finished all I was going to do with her jeans shorts, I reached out to her big tummy, lower tummy anyway, and began to peel her panties down. I slipped them down over her big buttocks in back and down from her hips and stopped when they were inverted high up between her thighs. I enjoyed seeing her full bushy pubic hair and ran the tips of my fingers through it. “Uhmmm, nice smell, Trina,” I told her as I lifted my fingers to my nose to smell the scent that had accumulated in the hair on above her crease. Again, Uhhhmmmmmm! She has such a very strong pissy scent!

From between her thighs I tugged at the wet panty gusset and removed it from between her chubby thighs. Leaning down to it, I raised it to my nose and mouth as well, and smelled and tasted the stale and fresher wastewater from inside her. Gaaaawd, she smelled and tasted simply DELICIOUS!

“Would you lie back on the end of my bed here and let me take your panties the rest of the way off?” She did as I asked and I slid her under pants down her legs, past her knees and as I had done with her shorts, off over her feet. “Raise your legs back, honey,” I told her. I pressed on her feet, gently pushing her legs back and apart. She bent them at her knees and spread her thighs apart wide for me. I loved seeing her spread before me, her hairy gash spread wide opened for me to see from her lower tummy down between her bum cheekies and her anus. I leaned down to smell her directly from her pissy wet crease and then licked at her pinky flesh there. Uhhhmmmm, mmmmmmm, gaaaawd, sooooo gooooooood! My tongue licked at her inner lips and opened them, spreading them apart to lick at and to suck up into my mouth. She was SO very rich and pissy smelling, very strong tasting. I licked at her cunny lips, sucking them into my mouth until there was little or no flavor left, then let go and licked at her crease again and again to be sure and spread the flavor of her urine and sweat around, to lick and taste at other leakage from her vagina. And then I dipped down between her slightly dirty bums and licked and sucked at her anus, tasting the wonderfully sweet flavor of the streaks of poo she’d missed there when wiping after she went poop. Maybe she DIDN’T wipe and I was wiping her with my tongue! How much more erotic still!

“Oh gaaawd, Richard, not down there,” she said, flinching as my tongue slathered down and over her anus.

“No, no, sweetie, it’s all goooooood down here. You smell and taste wonderful!” I reassured her. I slid my right index finger into her pussy and felt around, rubbing the “ceiling” as it were of her sex tunnel as I licked and sucked at her cunny lips and female parts again.

“GAAAWD, Richard, you’re gonna make me cum!” she told me. “Ohhh Richard … Ohhhh, man! That feels …. Ohhhhh SO gooooood. Lick me baby. Suck at my cunt. Suck my flesh there. Ohhh gaawd yes lick my clit. Suck it, Richard. Suck my hard clit!” I nuzzled inside of her wet smelly crease, licking and sucking at her clit, at her pee pee opening, down to her vagina and back up. My finger inside of her pussy was tickling her g-spot and she was VERY NEAR her climax. She was anxiously grinding her cunny against my face as I licked and sucked and fingered her pussy until she finally DID cum, rubbing off against my face and mouth and nose. Her pee dribbled little trickles of her fresh salty urine as she reached her orgasm. I licked and sucked at her until she got too sensitive down there for me to continue. She reached down with both hands and pushed my head and my face away from her cunt and her pussy parts, saying, “My gaaawd, Richard, that just about blew my head right off. That was fantastic, baby! But I need to take a break down there for a few minutes. I’m going to have to get up and go pee in a minute, hon,” she said.

“No need to get up to do it. I’ll get a couple towels and you can go right here. Let me watch it, feel it, maybe taste it some more.”

“Gaaawd, Richard, you are a nasty man!”

“And I haven’t even had your bottom yet!”

“Are you kidding me? You want to do something with my bottom? What?”

“First, let’s have you comfortable. When you have to pee, I’ll take care of it for you.”

“And how will you do that?” she asked.

“I’ll show you. Stay right there.” I went to my linen closet and got two thick bath towels and returned to the foot of the bed and my office chair. “There! When you’re ready to go pee, just raise your legs back and I’ll catch it in these towels. Of course I will want for you to stop and go and stop go for me. I want to lick your wee wee as you go pee. I want to catch some of it in my mouth …”

“Damn, Richard, do you really do all that?”

“Yes Trina. I like pee, and other stuff! So let me know when you are ready. While we’re waiting let me ask you, did you ever wet your panties after you were potty trained?”

“Yeah I had a problem with that until I was in Junior High school.”

“Ohh, gaaawd, me too,” I told her. “Were you treated badly for it?”

“Yes! I’ll have to tell you sometime! But I have to go pee now, Richard.”

“Alright, Trina. Raise your thighs and legs back again,” I told her. She raised her big thunder thighs back and spread herself opened for me to see her pussy and anus again. Still folded for the linen shelf, I pushed the end of one of the towels under her big bottom and laid the other on top of that. “Okay, dear, go pee when you’re ready.” I watched her relax a little and try to go pee with me watching her down there. She tried a couple more times as I coaxed her to relax, just let it come out. I watched her pee pee opening and soon she began to trickle out her strong salty yellowy urine. It dribbled out at first and I leaned down to smell it and then licked it and savored the flavor of her delicious urine in my mouth. She sprayed again a couple times and I leaned down just as she sprayed out a stream right into my mouth. I swished it around my gums and teeth and savored the flavor and feel of it before I spit most of it out onto the towel and swallowed the last of her taste in my mouth. Several times again she peed and stopped, peed and stopped, and I caught her streams in my mouth, swished them around my teeth and gums, savored the flavor then let it go onto the towel. She finished all too soon and I leaned down to lick out her pussy again and licked down to her bottom hole and into the wet towel beneath her.

“See? I like to lick it,” I told her, and then licked the dirty little crinkles of her anus. “Push down on yourself a little bit. And I like to suck on it,” I told her as I closed my lips around her bulging out anal sphincter and sucked on the little dirty bulges that made up her bottom hole. “I also like to put my tongue up into it.” As she was pushing down on her bowels inside I slithered my tongue up the little brownie hole that led inside of her. And I like to finger it.”

“Oh, is that all? That’s really nasty, Richard,” she said.

“Not as long as nothing comes out. Except my finger.”

“Have you done this before … Oh SURE you have, or you wouldn’t want to do mine. Do you really enjoy doing that?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Even if your finger gets dirty in there?”

“Especially if my finger gets dirty in there. I like touching what is inside there, Trina! Go ahead and raise your thighs back. Let me see your anus.” She did as I asked her to.

Reaching to the side table in my little computer office area, I picked up the tube of lube and coated my right index finger with it. I put it down to her anus and slowly twisted my finger up into her rectum.

“You must have some difficulty going poo, Trina! This is really hard and big in here,” I told her.

“Sometimes, yeah. Sometimes it hurts. It really stretches out my hole there, sometimes it bleeds.”

“Well, push down a bit more and I’ll break this up inside of you. It’ll make it easier for you to go poo the next time.”

“Gaaawd, Richard, do you really do that?”

“Sure. Remember I had to take care of my wife for ten months after she had a stroke. She was paralyzed on her entire left side, and that affected her bowels and bladder too. She was incontinent, but sometimes stopped up, and I had to relieve her of the constipation.”

“Couldn’t you just give her an enema?”

“Could have, but like I said she was incontinent. She couldn’t have held the water. By the way, do you like enemas?”

“Not particularly. Why, do you like giving them?”

“Gaaawd yes, Trina.”

“Maybe I’ll let you give me one. I feel so full down there sometimes.”

“Push down, hon. Push down so I can feel this in here. Ooooohhh yeahhhhh, that’s nice.” I felt the firm end of the poop inside her slide down over my finger, until that finger was fully engulfed in her food waste inside her. “How does that feel, Trina?”

“It’s … kind of … exciting. I like feeling it. Feeling your finger up inside me there. Knowing that you are touching my poop in there.”

I moved my finger in and out of the hard lump nearest her anus and began breaking it up inside of her. I pushed my finger into it and pressed against it and loosened it and softened it, playing with it and getting it allllll over my finger. “Do you want to push some out for me to see, Trina?”

“Gaaawd, that’s so nasty Richard. I’m sure you’ve seen a woman going poop before, with your wife and all.”

“Yesss, I used to watch it coming out of her, touched it and got it on my fingers. It didn’t need much spreading around to get it out onto her buttocks and to make a little mess with it. I had to clean it up after all! I may as well enjoy it, right?”

“Yeah I guess so. Do you like feeling mine?”

“YESSS! I like fingering it and playing with it inside you. That firm end is pretty well broken up now. It will be much easier for you to go poo when you are ready.”

“Do you want for me to do it now, Richard?”

“If you’re ready to, YES. I’d love to see it. I’ll clean you all up afterward!”

“Okay. But this is the first time I’ve done this.”

“Maybe you’d like to masturbate yourself as you go for me. It’s just a thought.”

“I think I will,” she said reaching her hand and fingers down to her crease and began to spread her lips opened and to rub lightly. As I fingered her bottom hole and mixed and smashed and mashed her hard firm poop inside of her rectum, she began to rub harder and more intensively. She was pushing down on her bowels and opening her anus for me to see. It stretched and bulged and then began to open. The end of her firm poop crowned in the opening and as she pushed down more and more it began to come out of her. Her anus stretched and stretched opened, wider, bigger and the end of the poop with my finger stuck up into it as far as it would go began to come out of her big bottom hole. One big piece that I had softened fell from my finger and onto the towel underneath her buttocks and between her cheeks. I pressed my finger into the softer mess again as she pushed down and let her push it out with my finger pressed up into it. It fell away again and I just held her big bottom cheeks in my hands and let my thumbs rub over her anus as the rest of her poop came out of her. I wiped it away to the left and right and down below her dirty hole until I had made a nice little mess on her cheekies right around her anus, maybe a two inch radius of smeared poo onto the insides of her cheeks. It smelled of course, but I enjoyed touching it and playing with it and seeing it come out of her. When she finished I wiped the last little bit of her dirty poo around and onto her anus. She masturbated herself to a climax as I toyed with the brownie mess around her butt hole.

When I was finished playing with her poo mess I gathered up the towels and folded them over the mess. I took them into the bathroom and shook out what I could into the toilet and flushed it. I washed my hands clean and soaked and soaped a wash cloth to take back into Trina, to clean up her butt. She still had her big thighs and legs raised back and I began the cleanup of her dirty bottom hole and the insides of her cheeks where I had made still more of a mess. I wiped and washed her anal area, cleaned the insides of her butt cheeks and wiped away all trace of the mess I had made from her going poo.

“All cleaned up,” I said. “You can stay there and relax a bit, or get dressed and go,” I told her.

“Aren’t you going to cum after all that?” she asked me.

“Probably later. I’ll look at some things in the internet and jack off.”

“It’s not fair,” she exclaimed. “You got to watch me do all that I did. I should be able to watch you jack off!”

“Okay, but I may not get very hard.”

“That’s okay. You don’t seem to want to fuck me anyway.”

“And that is basically why. But I’ll jack off for you to watch.” I reached over to my side table for the baby oil. Standing up I took down my jeans and since I didn’t have any underwear on, was all but nude. I slipped off my t-shirt and sat back down. “Could I come on your butt, Trina?”

“Sure. I ‘d like to feel you squirt on me.”

“Okay, turn around onto your knees. Put your head down on the pillow and I’ll squirt onto your anus and butt cheeks.”

“Uhhmmmm, sounds hot!” So I lubed up my limp cock and began to massage it. I can’t really say I stroked it, until it became semi erect and I could slide my fist up and down on it gently. I watched Trina’s anus and pussy as she reached back between her legs and masturbated herself to an orgasm yet again while I tried and tried to make myself cum.

When I gave up and she had climaxed once again, I picked up her panties and wiped the gusset up through her cunny and between her bottom cheeks. “I’d like to hang onto these until I do my laundry again, then I’ll wash them for you and give them back next time you come over.”

“Yeah? When?” she asked.

“Ohhh, maybe when you get your period next! That would be fun to play with too.”

“Damn, Richard, you like the nastiest things. But I should start in another week or so. I’ll come over again when I start.”

“Maybe come over the second day, alright?”

“Okay. Sounds like a plan,” she said getting up and pulling her jeans shorts back on and fastening them up. She gave me a hug and I showed her out the door and watched as she walked to the end of the walkway and down the steps to street level.

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