This is a true story based on how my wife told it to me after she became a slut… My mature wife and I manage several apartments… She usually wears short skirts and stockings in her office on Fridays and as she is the only person who works in the office she is free to do as she pleases… And she does…. She loves it when guys come in to pay the rent or often they will come in to chat she always has coffee and snacks… She has been known to turn her chair to face them and cross her legs or sit facing them and “unknowingly” let them get a good look up her skirt… She either wears

6.42 ” Well. ” Meg replied, ” All I want is for Dad to be happy ok. ” ” Yeh. ” Katrina said looking up at the clock ” He’s late. ” She said. ” Well I’m going to get out of this uniform and take a shower. ” Meg replied looking at Kat. ” I might get changed as well out of this. ” She said. ” Sorry to burst in un announced. ” Meg said ” Oh don’t worry about, you didn’t know you father was shagging someone. ” She said Ten minutes later Kat was in the kitchen wearing sleeveless tank top and high waisted jean shorts. Her long blonde hair in a headband. She sat at

Wednesday morning. Katrina woke up at 7 am. She looked over at the male next to her. Cam had spent the night with her. Cam left after Katrina, his father thinking he was spending the night at a friends house. He had access on the other side of Katrina’s property from the street. ” Morning ” Kat said to him. ” Good morning. ” Cam said as he lay next to her. His hand on her naked breast. ” I need to get ready for work, you need to get to school. ” Kat replied. ” Yeh I know. ” He said pushing the sheet down his cock hard. ” You need to deal with that yourself, I need to

” Oh shit. ” Kat said looking down at the 16 yr old boys cock attached to her pussy. ” Oh good. ” Viv said sliding her fingers up to Kats breast fondling it. She then moved her hand to Kats clitoris rubbing it leaning in kissing her belly button. Cams cock started to soften. Viv reached in pulling it from Kats pussy, a trail of semen oozed out. Viv leant in licking it from Kats oozing pussy. She grabbed her sons cock sliding her lips over his knob sucking him clean then returning to Kats pussy to lick her out. Kat moaned feeling Viv’s tongue work up and down her inner labias, on her vestible, pushing into her vagina

” Ok fuck mum. ” Cam moaned as she sucked his cock. He stood fondling Kats breasts. Her amazing bosom in his hands again. Kat kissed his lips then knelt down his body kissing down his teenage chest to his cock. Viv smiled at Kat as they both shared his penis, shared kissing, licking, sucking it. He looked down watching two tongues lick up and down his shaft to his knob. Two mouths pleasuring his teenage sex organ. The penis that had sex with his neighbour that morning. He moaned as Viv slid her mouth down his shaft, slowly sucking up and down it. Kat stood and pulled his head into her chest, he groped her breasts sucking each nipple.

5.24 pm. The girls made love, Viv sort of disappointed Cam didn’t come home, they cleaned up his room and both showered, they had plan B. Kat rang Brian to say she would see him at work in the morning. Vivian showered putting on a lacy high waisted g string and a plunging white lace bra exposing her amazing cleavage her nipples visible through the lace. She put on a white satin gown Kat put on a red high waisted lace g string leaving her pussy lips visible through the fabric. A lace red bra her nipples poking through the lace. She put on a red cotton gown. They sat on the bed waiting for him. ” Hes in for

” Wow ” Viv said looking in the chest, its finally open. ” Wow ” Kat echoed as they looked in the open chest. What treasures do you think we will find. Viv reached in pulling out the magazine on top. She opened it and looked at the naked females inside. ” Every boy has a dirty magazine. ” Kat said, ” My brothers did. ” She pulled out another pillow case. Kat knew what was in it. Viv tipped it out on his bed. A selection of bras and knickers fell onto his bed. ” Oh shit. ” Viv said shocked. She looked at Kat. ” Well that explains that. ” Kat replied. ” There’s mine, Annie’s. ” Viv

Wednesday 12.15. She walked back home, she again was greeted by Mr Muggles. ” Hi baby. ” She said again picking him up kissing his furry head, the cat started purring. ” What did mummy just do? ” She said in a baby voice looking at her cat. ” She carried Mr Muggles upstairs to her marital room she shared with her husband. She noticed the bottle of wine from the night before last. She poured a glass and took a sip. ” Shit drinking at midday you fuckin alcoholic. ” She said unzipping her dress dropping it to the floor. She undid her bra and took it off. She lowered her g string stepping out of it. She picked

Wednesday 7.12 am. She woke to Brian putting on his watch. She turned onto her back. ” Morning. ” She said looking at him. ” Good morning sexy. ” He said turning looking at her. ” Sleep well. ” ” Ummm yes. ” She replied sitting up in bed she looked down at her dangling breasts. She cupped her left breast itching her nipple. ” Good, right I need to get to work, my P.A is sick today, apparently she had to much sex last night. ” He said smiling. ” Well yes, ” she said as she lay down the sheets down around her waist. ” Right there’s a key on the bench, lift code is 6-1675. Up and

8.02 Tuesday night. Katrina finished dinner. She looked up at Brian. She knew tonight would be a night to remember. ” How was your dinner? ” He asked looking at her. ” Great. ” She said. ” It was very nice I cant use you as my personal chef can I ” She joked. ” Well, I suppose it might be a reality. ” He said. ” Ummmm. ” She smiled. ” She didn’t see a man who is her 54 yr old boss across the table, entertaining his 33 yr old P.A. 22 Years her senior. She saw a man who appreciated her, a man she knew would make her sexual dreams come true. Brian stood up and stepped

Tuesday 8.30 am. Katrina parked in her car-park. She sat for a few seconds looking out the windscreen at the concrete block wall. A big painted number D23 on it, she opened her handbag and looked at her carpark pass D23 on the tag. She placed it on her front console for security doing there rounds. She opened the door and stepped out her black high heel clanking on the concrete, she looked out the door onto the concrete floor, the same place she squatted last night sucking her bosses cock as his semen dripped out of her pussy. She smiled and stepped out and closed the door looking at the bonnet of her car she leant over as her

4.45pm Monday. Tenth floor. Katrina sat at her office desk so looked around at her new office. She had a small office between the main open office than had 10 desks in it for the bustling advertising floor. The glass windows that separated her from the noise. On the other side she could see her new boss in his office. She had been promoted to the tenth floor. She was now a managers P.A. She had been there two months now, she loved her job, her co workers. Kat was tall, long platinum blonde hair, D cup bust and green eyes. She had just turned 33. She loved to dress to impress, to turn heads. She knew she had the

It was several days since she and David had make love with swingers Peggy, Helen and their husbands. She opened the draw and took out her panties with Peggy’s phone number on them. Having sex with another guy with her husband watching as he was making love to another woman. It was so arousing to watch and be watched. She thought about the sex with the women. She had never had sex with another female and that night it was a threesome. The degree to which she enjoyed it with Peggy and Helen was great especially the sex with Peggy. She enjoyed eating Helen’s pussy but with Peggy it was even more arousing. She looked again at Peggy’s phone number

Hi Jared, Sorry that I am not home to welcome you back from your business trip. I thought it was time to tell you why I have been so distant these past few months. Shortly after you left, the staff found your stash of porn magazines. Then I did some checking on the computer. It seems you like nude photos of female service members and other military wives. At first, I felt like there was something wrong with me that you would resort to porn. I wasn’t sure what to do, whether to confront you or let it go. The more I thought about it, the more curious I got but remained quiet. My curiosity peaked when I saw the

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