Hi guys. I’m a newbie here and I love reading toilet slave sex stories and so here I’m to share my real experience happened to me a year ago. Myself Abhi and I study in srm college Chennai and I’m 21 years old. I’m 5’8 and muscular fit person with fair complexion. Starting with the story.. Me my mum my dad and my cousin live together. My cousin has come here for her internship course so stays with us. My father went abroad for his business. I have a huge crush on my cousin she’s damn sexy with large boobs and firm ass she’s like a pornstar. So I used to imagine having sex with her and I use to

Hi. This is Raju. I am back with new ISS story after long time. This Story happened when I was 22 years old. About Myself, I am now 26 years old working in one of the reputed software company in Bangalore. Below story is my life changing event happened to my life. About my Maid, she was around 43 years of age. Average looking, Big boobs, long Hair and round ass lady. some times looks sexy in saree. I masturbated many time imagining her ass. Coming to my story, this happened when I was in final year degree. I was staying in my aunt’s home in Bangalore while I was in degree. One day in final year my aunt and

LAXMI is cleaning the floor. She is wearing a backlash blouse with deep neck. Her saree wrapping on her chest is transparent and comes down also while cleaning the floor. I am eyeing on it from my bed, still sleeping for her my eyes some time opens to see her semi nude parts of her breasts. She is a newly married 25 years hot lady. She is hot, wild with a nice figure, has lovely tits and round shaped bum to attract any one. She left my room and I moved to washroom.. I am in dinning hall with a cup of coffee. My sister and mom is also here and we are having coffee with some talks. Its a

Laxmi, our house hold maid is brooming my room. Its a nice morning to have look on her tits oozing out of her deep neck sameez. Looking from bed I can see her tits inside but not for long. I am on bed looking at her big bum covered in salwaar but I am opening and closing my eyes for her look. In a sudden our eyes met and she smiled…… ” Its 09:00 am sir, wake up. (Garry) sure Laxmi but after finishing your work, clean my washroom also. (Laxmi) ok I will do it. ” And I moved to washroom for refreshment. It have two doors, opens in my room as well as in backyards.. In the washroom,

Nearby our home a beggar there to whom my beggar’s wife usually gives food and other things and he is a scrawny black skin guy, he is bad smelly and wears a torn dhoti. It was raining outside and the beggar didn’t have any female beggar with him. So my chief beggar’s wife took him home and asked him to sit on the ground so he could get dry and gave him food. After two days the Beggar association called me for their place and my husband as chief guest for their festival, unfortunately, my husband said that day we want to be in Colombia for business meeting, so I told them we are not able to came for the

This is our second story. My husband went to Spain yesterday, I visit market for buying fruits by our JAGUAR, as I was going in NH on evening time I search for a toilet to piss lucky I got public toilet but it was full nasty from out skit itself very bad smell I had no option so I went inside the toilet. In toilet there was already a person sleeping. That person seemed to be a flirty transgender. The light was on in the toilet and I was clearly seeing the dirty toilet cleaner also there. The toilet cleaner asked the transgender “Get up, madam wants to go to the toilet”. The transgender gave no response. When toilet cleaner

We started constructing a grand house in Coimbatore village (Pollachi) and now we are in the town. My lovable man always very engaged in project, that so he asked me to take in charge for the work and finance matters to the workers etc. One fine Saturday evenings around at 5 pm, I took the stage of completion and gave money to the workers, settled their dues, after the construction materials. We had engaged a Night shift worker with Masthari (chief constructor) aged about 52 years (he looks like a black fat ugly pig. He never wore a shirt, he was always on his Lungi) at the site, it was about to rain by the time all the workers have

Kaylie texted Ashley “SBMH” which meant “smoke break, my house” and that they would meet on Kaylie’s dad’s patio, smoking cigarettes and hang out. Their two houses backed up to each other in the neighborhood separated by a small greenspace and they’d been living there since birth. They were inseparable since the age of five and now both being 16, very well versed in the ways of adult pleasure. Ashley smoked her first cigarette at age 13 and Kaylie quickly picked up her friend’s habit as well. They were nearly identical both physically and psychologically. Many people seeing them together often mistook them for sisters and sometimes twins. Both had better than average physical builds, blonde, similar aptitudes in schools,

Angela was sitting at home once again not having a date on this Friday night.  Slumming it on the couch catching up on TV that she has missed in the past few weeks.  She had always been one to keep to herself and didn’t have to many friends to speak of.  However, she did have one friend Emily that she talked to quite often and shared everything with, even her deepest darkest fetishes.  It just so happened on that Friday night that her friend Emily would give her the opportunity to act out one of her favorite fetishes. “Hey Angela I been having some issues at my house the past few days do you think you might be able to

Julia was at the clinic telling Doctor Gard “Doctor, doctor  I’ve a piss addiction.  Whenever I see anyone piss – I just want it. I can’t stop myself. My husband Joe says I’m disgusting – he told me he’d leave me if I don’t stop” “I see you’ve seen a number a of doctors  – it has not worked.” “They fix me and  – but I go back to this dirty habit – fucking delightful habit” “For starters I’m  prescribing these medicines, come back after a week and tell how you feel” Doctor Grad says “I hope it works”  Julia says taking the prescription and leaves. A week later Julia came back to the clinic. Sits in front of the

So it all started out about three weeks ago when I was staying over my friends for a bonfire and some drinking. I ended up getting pretty trashed and so did he. We went inside at abOut 1:30 am and he instantly fell asleep. I was raging with sexual intimacy and wanted to cum, whatever it took. So, I snuck out the kitchen (right next to his moms room) and I started to look for his moms thongs, bras, lingerie anything I could basically get off to and mark my territory. I found a nice pair of booty underwear that said sexy and smelt like dry pussy juice for weeks. So there I started to beat off. A half hour

WARNING ! This story is for those over 18 years old.If scat stories freak you out don’t read this ! Linda and I were enjoying a walk trough the woods on a warm summer night in on a full moon night.We were both 18 and had just graduated from high school and were talking about our futures.Looking at her beautiful body,5’10″tall long dark straight hair and a body to kill for, as we walked along I new that her future was bright. We were heading to a small pond about a mile from our houses.When we entered the clearing you could see the cattails and soft grass around the pond.Linda who was always laughing and ready to play ran down

I Just Want To Lick … and … Trina was wandering around the old neighborhood. She was really a messed up young lady, 32 years old, 5’6” tall, quite overweight, maybe 250 pounds, long dirty blonde hair. She had been living with one guy, but when he went to jail she was seeing another downstairs from me, then was evicted from the complex, but kept turning up to see friends, myself included. I was fixing my lunch when she knocked on my door wanting to use the phone. She made her phone call while I stirred the Sloppy Joe mix in the skillet. She asked, “Do you have extra of that? I haven’t eaten since noon yesterday!” “Gaaawd, Trina, why

Toilet Fun Since there are no stories under the subject of Toilet Slaves, I’ll begin. Not that I am into really gross or mean spirited toilet play, but there are certain aspects of it that I do enjoy. Hopefully these can be just short little blurbs. For example, I spent most of my adult life sitting at a drawing table as an electrical designer. I worked mostly ON-SITE and a few times had the pleasure of having a desk near the Women’s rest room (also near the men’s but that might be another story). The walls were always pretty thin and I enjoyed being able to hear ladies, who worked in the trailers with us, actually going pee. I liked