The small hotel that catered for twelve people had been owned by the same family for over three hundred years, it had been passed down to generations of the family over the years. It stood on the edge of a small town and was now run by Tom and his wife, but due to a world wide virus the hotel was closed. Tom and his wife were stranded in the USA leaving their sixteen year old daughter Amy to look after things. Amy was a well liked girl, the boys refered to her as a sex bomb but none could get their way with her no matter how hard they tried, due to restrictions the hotel was closed leaving Amy

After my sexual encounters with Bill and the principal, I was still in conflict. I knew I was risking my career by fucking Bill Jones, the popular star forward on the basketball team and Principal Perkins. I also knew that I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. With Bill, it was just too sexually satisfying. He was a great lover and the risk involved only added to the pleasure I got. With Mrs Perkins, by satisfying the woman’s desires, I was hoping to get a promotion that would set me up for further advancement, and also protect me from repercussions from activities with Bill and possibly other students. The next school day was a Friday. Bill was in his usual seat and

I don’t know what caused me to begin looking at my male, senior high students as sexual beings. It just happened one day as I was watching the class doing a test. As I walked around the room I couldn’t help noticing how mature some of the boys looked and how handsome. I guess I could blame it partially on having split with my latest boyfriend a month ago and having only my fingers and various toys to satisfy me. But I had been frustrated in the past but it never translated to lusting after 18 year old boys. One boy in particular captured my attention, Bill Jones. He was a forward on the basketball team and had turned 18

Dawn was known as the star pupil of the school that she was attending, she was top in all subjects that she was studying, the teachers of the school said that despite just being sixteen years of age she would do very well in university and gain very high grades and achieve a doctor ship in at least two subjects, all teachers were proud of her, during lunch break Dawn was often found in the school library studying. Martin was the complete opposite of Dawn he could hardly read or write his education level was very low, he often bunked off school and when he was at school he paid little attention to lessons and was often in trouble, Martin

Mia was a young Indian girl who had been living in a small English town with her uncle and aunt for two years, she was happy living there everybody was friendly and she had made a lot of friends, then one day she was caught trying to see the boys in the showers at school and got suspended from school, her uncle and aunt did not say much about the incident but some of the kids she went to school with started to ignore her and broke of their friendship, Mia realised it had been a bad idea to try and see the boys in the nude as she had never seen anything and now she was disliked by a

It was very quiet in the small English town, the town was well known for being quiet, the police wished that more towns were the same where nothing much ever happened, it was extra quiet on the streets because of the extra hot weather, most residents of the town had decided to stay in their homes where it was a lot cooler thanks to the fans. Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who had lived in the town all of her life, despite coming from a very well respected family Dawn was not trusted or liked she was the bad one of the family, Dawn caused many problems at school and round the town, Dawn drank quite a lot

After the fuck session in June’s hotel room, Alice and Luke returned to their room and as Luke had classes starting and Alice had to drive back home in the morning, they went straight to bed. So after a tearful goodbye in the morning and a promise to return soon, Alice packed the car and headed out. The trip home was uneventful, but gave her time to reflect on all that had occurred in the last days. Although she knew that she should be ashamed of what she had allowed to happen, she didn’t regret any of it. It was difficult not having Luke around, especially after they had fucked. Her husband was so busy with his job he didn’t

There had been a major world wide recession, which caused a lot of businesses to go bankrupt which left many people unemployed which lead to a big rise in homeless people, crime started to increase, civil unrest started to break out, poverty was at an all time high. To help cut the amount of homeless people the English government brought back in slavery, slaves were forced to work at rebuilding property damaged in the unrest, the slaves had no civil rights at all and were deemed to be public property, in England things started to improve with slaves working on the streets and in the houses of those who could afford to buy a slave. There was one small town

John Marshall was running down the soccer field during PE at high school when a defender tried a slide tackle that went too high and caught him right in the balls! He doubled over and thought he would throw up. When he could breathe again he went to the nurses office. “Come in John, hop up on the exam bench. So what’s the problem?” He explained the accident. “Well, let’s take a look.” “Uh, that’s okay, I think I’ll be okay.” “Nonsense! We need to make sure you didn’t hurt anything!” He pulled his shorts down. “Come on John, the jock strap too.” He blushed as he pulled it down. He was self conscious due to the size of his

Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived on a run down council housing estate in the middle of East London, the estate had a reputation for being a crime hot spot with the worst record for crime in the whole of London, Sharon was known as a trouble maker who was often involved in one scam or another, she did not have many friends and was not trusted by many people, Sharon was always keen to get involved in any thing that would earn her money, it did not bother her if it was an illegal act as long as she got money that was all that matter to Sharon, a few people had offered her money for

My husband is the leader for a local boy scout troop. It was summer and he had scheduled a camp out for the week. Everything was reserved at the private camp and the boys, 10 of them, were all set. Then disaster struck. My husband was called to fix a client problem at work and he couldn’t refuse to go without either losing his position or job. “Now what the hell are we going to do?” He asked me, “All the reservations are set and the boys are looking forward to camping for the week. I even have boats reserved. I called all the assistants and other leaders and they all have other commitments.” I thought about it, but couldn’t

For the last few days the weather had been very bad, the temperature was below freeing at night, the roads and pavements had become very slippery causing people to slip and fall, there were minor car accidents caused by the ice on the roads, the road gritting teams were unable to cope with the demands for gritting which was leaving some roads and pavements not being gritted, Very few people who lived in the small English country town were going out at night instead they were staying in their homes where it was nice and warm Tony was one of the few people who did go out at night, he was a well known peeping tom and not liked by

Sister Mary finished her evening prayers and went to her room. She changed into her night shift, a simple cotton garment that fell loosely over her body. She wore nothing under it. She knelt by her bed and prayed that she wouldn’t have the terrible dreams again. She didn’t understand why she was having the dreams but every night she would again have them. She got under her sheet and soon was asleep. She found herself in a meadow under stars on a blanket. As with previous dreams, she was naked. Two men were standing above her looking down at her naked body. They also were naked, stroking their large hard cocks. The one of them knelt by her head

Asif was sitting on the edge of the hospital waiting for a volunteer to take him up onto the roof garden where he hoped to get some fresh air, after a few minutes Asif saw Dawn enter the ward, Asif knew that Dawn was sixteen years old which meant that she was four years older than what he was, Asif also knew that Dawn was a violent thug and like many people he often wondered how Dawn had become a volunteer at the hospital, Asif also knew that Dawns sister Amy who was in his class at school was a volunteer in the hospital Sawn collected Asif and took him up onto the roof where he saw Amy bending over

The hospital on the edge of the English town had been derelict for many years, in the later part of the hospital’s working life it had had been a mental health hospital, but then due to government cut backs the hospital was shut down, mainly due to a new by pass on the other side of town the old hospital could not be sold and over the years the building fell into serious disrepair with most of the copper in the building being ripped out and sold for scrap, most of the windows had lost the boards that had been put over them when the hospital had closed, large parts of the roof had gone, but there was one section