Bemere waited a few moments for her eyes to adjust from the dark of the burrow’s passages to the sudden blaze of light. The Think here was no longer a background murmur. Individual voices could be made out, though the words themselves were stripped of meaning, blurred by resonance, and they swirled around her, almost a physical presence. When her eyes had adjusted, Bemere saw that they had come to a most extraordinary space. They stood at one end of a long, spiraling hall filled with a golden glow coming from the stone itself. The parabola of the walls soared overhead with ridges and folds in the stone that made it look more like the artifact of something living rather

Bemere and Kaylie worked their way to the bottom of the valley. There was a trumpeting from above them and Bemere looked up to see a large shape circling high above them. “He’s laughing at me,” Kaylie said. “Because you’re walking?” The human woman snorted as the trumpeting laughter echoed again. “It’s a long story.” “I understand completely,” Bemere assured her. The gryphon soared ahead of them, disappearing behind one of the ridges. “Part of my reading lately has been the tales of the ancient serah,” Kaylie said. “May I ask which of the immortal lineages you belong to? If you are willing to discuss it, of course.” “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the Plenilune don’t have any. Rather, our

The morning after Twyla had surprised Bemere, the mage was even shyer than usual. Bemere hadn’t had the patience to try drawing her out, so she, in fairly blunt terms, described what was going on with her body. Twyla, predictably, had blushed furiously, until her boundless curiosity had gotten the better of her. Bemere answered her questions about fae physiology as they rode down the slope, occasionally asking questions of her own. Bemere wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Twyla hadn’t ever dallied with a lover. What did surprise her was the maestra’s ignorance of all but the most basic facts about her own body. “You’ve never touched yourself intimately?” The elf asked, shocked. The mage looked away, already turning

The next morning, Bemere was in the royal household’s stables looking over the horses on offer. The stable master had begun with the largest of the war horses, but after a single glance at the massive hot-bloods, she asked to see something a little less…interesting. She described the journey she needed to make to the stable master, stressing that she didn’t want to attract more attention than necessary. He tapped his chin for a moment and then led her to another stable. This line of stalls was full of much quieter animals and he explained that these were the horses normally reserved for the principality’s messengers. After some discussion about saddles and the like, she ended up with a pair

All of her names and titles took the elderly herald three full minutes to get through. She’d counted the time herself. The prince on her right leaned closer. “How did he do?” He whispered. She smiled. “It was a valiant effort but well wide of the mark, I’m afraid. You’ve discovered why we only use our full names when we’re at court. My familiar name is Bemere.” “Alas, that would make me Purvis,” the prince said. “Which is completely impossible to with a straight face,” his princess, seated on her other side, added. The prince leaned forward slightly to look at his wife, a look of fondness and more than a little amusement. In return, the princess gave him a

Kaylie was pulled out of her uneasy sleep by the early morning sounds of the manor farm. On the barn floor, far below her refuge in the hay loft, teamsters’ voices made a low chatter among the sounds of horses being led out and hitched into their team. Horses whickered and chuffed, turning her initial panic into a deep aching homesickness. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling hot tears making tracks over her dirty face. Another day on the run, another day of constantly gnawing hunger, another day of the terror and loneliness of being hunted down in a strange kingdom, far from home. Angry, she wiped her arm over her face, getting rid of the tears. Crying like a

This is fully fictional able supernatural story. I was a 19 year old boy in first year of college. Once I wake up in morning and it was going normal. I was in boy’s hostel. It was going perfect till I reached in balcony. We had a balcony in hostel lobby from which all boys see the girls in girl’s hostel. I went there, few girls were standing over in ground. All girls were naked and seems that they have no bother of being naked. My mind was spinning. I run to my friend and told home about this. We both run over there. I told home from see and what the fuck. My friend Lee told all are wearing

BEFORE YOU READ: This story contains “Snuff/Necrofilia/”, I didn’t know if it was considered Erotic Horror or a Supernatural Story. I just wanted to let the reader know that this story takes place in a zombie apocalypse type setting. If you’re not interested in reading a bit of story, and wanna get right to the good stuff, scroll til you see the ***   The world just wasn’t the same after the dead began preying on the living. You can’t really enjoy a lot of things that used to be common. There’s hardly any power available, and it’s only used for emergency or things we need to have running in order to survive. Food is scarce and rationed out to everyone.

It was nearing midnight, and Celeste the dark fairy came across a college dormitory where girls had been playing volleyball for several hours.  Still giggling from the torment she put Lizzie through she hid in a nearby tree wearing the slyest of grins while scoping for her next prey. — The girls decided to call it quits for the night since most of them had class the next morning.  Shaila, in particular, had a test the next morning in psychology, and like the typical college freshman, she’d not yet studied for it.  They all stepped out of the pool and headed toward the dorm except for Shaila, who had to go to the locker room to grab her stuff. “Hey

For over a thousand years, the growth of urbanization and industrialization has all but destroyed many forests around the world. The more humans advanced, the more they destroyed the world around them. Many woodland type creatures have either been trapped inside preserved wildlife areas or gone extinct as a result. Unfortunately, though, there are creatures mostly unseen by human eyes who are also dying out as they lose their homes. These creatures, of course, are fairies. Governed by spirits of nature they were strictly forbidden to commune with humans due to the apparent lack of respect of the earth that they held. For this reason, fairies were seen merely as creatures of myth or folklore in modern times, and if

Hey yeah, reads. Hope you guys are well and horny. I know there’s a lot of people who love to take their sexual desires to a mystical level, into the clouds of fantasy. Personally speaking, I love them too and it’s a small attempt of mine to make guys fly in the erotic world of supernatural fantasies. Let’s get your lubes ready coz it’s beginning to start. Let fly into the world of mystics. Once there was a boy named Kurt. Kurt used to live in the old countryside of Nevada.   Kurt was an avg boy with avg life. But he had to grow up with his mom since his dad left them. Years passed and seasons changed. That was going to be

Kate’s panties felt the biggest jolt of energy ever as the enchanted toy store had finished with Molly. They floated throughout the city looking for something else to enchant, spotting Caleb leaning against a wall with a devilish grin on his face. The panties felt the powerful force of magic coming from him, immediately feeling threatened by it. They tried to enchant his clothes to defend themselves, but Caleb had already shielded himself against the rogue magic. “Well now, where do you think you’re going, my little friend?” Caleb asked as he vanished and reappeared behind the panties. “It’s time I kicked this game up a notch.” He flicked his hand, and red lightning flashed from his hand–hitting the panties.

Kate was back in her apartment, unaware that her panties were out in the city. They were enchanting other clothes to ravish young girls like herself. She looked all over her apartment for hours and had given up. “I bet that pervert Caleb just told me he didn’t have my panties to scare me,” Kate thought. “He probably has them and is laughing at me right now.” She sighed and laid down on her couch. It had been two hours and her apartment wasn’t even that big. If the panties were there, she would have found them. Knock Knock Knock “Who is it?!”, Kate yelled. Kate slowly got up and made her way to the door. She looked through the

After getting into her car Alexis changed back to her normal self and began flying around inside the car. “What are you doing?” Vanessa asked. “I’ve never actually been inside a car before. We fairies had always relied on magic and flying. What makes it work?” Alexis was buzzing around so fast Vanessa could hardly keep up with her. Vanessa let out a soft giggle. “I’m not a mechanic so could not tell you exactly but to put it simply it runs off of gasoline, which is a flammable substance that the engine runs off of.” Vanessa replied. “I have to admit, I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I was excommunicated from my fairy clan due to my curiosity

The ride to the sex shop was mostly uneventful but Stephanie could not help but notice she was beginning to become aroused. “Wow… what has gotten into me?”  Stephanie said as she took several deep breaths.  She felt her vaginal lips move as if forming a smile underneath her skirt. “Arriving at Molly’s Sex Shop on your right,” said the ominous voice of her GPS.  She sighed as she pulled around to park in the back of the shop, hoping not to be seen. “Fuck yes, this is exciting don’t you think?  Hurry up, Stephanie!”  Her pussy exclaimed as she put her hand on the door handle. “Alright I’m going, just remember to keep quiet.  I draw too much attention in