Pop was a fifty eight year old Bengali man who owned a corner shop in East London, he had earned the nick name pop from his customers who started calling him pop after his daughter had called him it a few times, pop was well liked in the local area where he had his shop, but there were some of the residents who were racist and gave him a lot of verbal racist abuse but they still went in his shop, pop had thought of banning the racist but his son had told him that their money was as good as anyboy’s. Twelve year old Amy was in the shop buying milk and pop’s son Asif who was the same

I had never really been properly spanked growing up. I only ever remember it happening once and it was like 3 smacks so it was never really bad. Nevertheless, once I got into College that changed quite a bit as a woman was going to make sure I was properly disciplined. One day when I was in College, I was walking back from my classes to my dorm room. Near the school was this small neighborhood, and I passed it everyday on the walk back to my room. This time however, something different happened as a rather attractive woman walked up to me as I was walking the sidewalk. She had short, blonde hair that was wavy and wore a

It was around 11:30 p.m. One typical summer Saturday night. My sister had gone club hopping with her girlfriends, dad had gone out of town for the weekend again, my mother was probably in her bed fast asleep and the house party I went to was a flop. I figured that the best thing to do was to go home, head to the basement that I had converted to my personal abode, take a shower, slip one of my porno videos in the machine and beat my meat before I went to bed. As expected, my sister wasn’t home, the house was in darkness and mom had apparently retired for the night. “Perfect…” I thought to myself. “No one to

Martin was stood in the lounge of where he lived looking down at his child minder Tracy who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was, Tracy had been left to look after Martin for the weekend while his parents went away on a trip. Martin knew that Tracy was only child minding him because she was desperate to earn money so that she could go on holiday with her mates from school, Martin knew that if Tracy could not get the money she would not be allowed to go on holiday with her mates. Tracy had left Martin in bed the night before and sneaked out to see her mates returning quite drunk and

Sixteen year old Martin was a well known thug in the town where he lived, he was violent and racist and homophobic, it was well known that he was a burglar, it was often said that if something was not screwed down Martin would steal it and if it was screwed down he would still try and steal it. Many residents of the town where Martin lived were scared of him and were trying to get him thrown out of town and banned from the town but no matter how hard they tried they failed in their quest. It was early afternoon when the eighty nine year old pensioner had just left the shops as she walked towards the bus

The underground car park of the large shopping centre was hardly ever used, there was a lot of junk laying around in the carpark most of the lights were fused and not working with very few of them on, the pedestrian access door into the car park was always locked, so the only way into the shopping centre was from the street doors, there were some homeless people who slept in the car park but few other people went into the car park, Some of the local residents said the car park was haunted and called it the ghost car park, Asif was a young Bengali boy who often hung about in the car park thinking it safer in there

It was in the early hours of the morning when the peace and quiet of the street was broken by the sound of screeching tyres and an engine being reved up, residents who had been woken from their sleep looked out of their bedroom windows and saw sixteen year old Steve on his brothers motor bike causing the disturbance, Steve was well known for his thugish violent behaviour, his older brother was just as bad and was in prison for hitting a police officer, Steve’s sister Amy was twelve and the complete opposite of her brothers, she was quiet, polite and would help anybody if she could. Residents shouted at Steve to be quiet but got the normal verbal abuse

Mr Khan had run the small corner shop owned by his family for forty years and now at the age of 60 years was looking forward to retiring and going home to visit his brother in his home town of Bangladesh, he was sitting behind the counter in the shop watching sixteen year old Dawn on the security mirrors, he knew that she was a shop lifter but had never managed to catch her in the act, his son boss who was four years younger than what Dawn was was also watching her by peeping round the corner of the shelves, Dawn was a local girl who caused lots of trouble and had been out of a youth detention centre

The small Bengali owned grocery shop had stood in the middle of the rough and run down council housing estate for many years it suffered from a few shop lifters mainly teens who stole cheap booze, sixteen year old timber was the owners son and was working late, he was just putting a notice up that said I am called timber because as a little boy I kept shouting timber so my gran nicknamed me timber, he thought that will stop people asking why I am called timber, out of the corner of his eye timber saw sixteen year old Tina stuffing booze into her bag, he turned and challenged her just as her aunt walked in, Tina’s aunt asked

It was early evening on the East London housing estate the meeting room was full of angry residents who were fed up with unruly behaviour of some of the youths on the estate, the speaker called the meeting to order and started off his speech by welcoming all residents then went on to tell the gathered residents that there had to be measures taken to control the unruly young people on the estate who were turning the estate into a cess pit a place where the council would no longer come and do repairs and finished by saying we need to take action to control the yobs. Somebody shouted out ” give them a bloody good spanking, somebody else added

Sixteen year old Mia was walking with her ten year old sister through the woods near to where they lived, it was early afternoon and very warm, as they walked Mia saw Martin who was a couple of years younger than what she was and lived in the same street that she lived in and lived just a couple of houses away from the house she lived in, Martin walked past the two girls and did not say anything as he walked past them, as Martin got a few feet in front of the two girls Mia saw that the to of his shorts were low and the some of his bum was showing, Mia told her sister to look

Sara was walking along the road with the community nurse who was fed up with the mouth that the sixteen year old was giving, she was glad that Sara was only working with her for the day as a fact finding project for her school, Nursey Jones as she was known told Sara that the last patient they had seen was an ex S.A.S. member and that she should have not spoke to him the way she had, Sara replied ” bullocks he is an old coffin dodger and should have been put down ages ago” Sara was checking her pockets and said ” fuck I left my phone in the old bastards house I am going back for it” 

16 year old Steve was standing in the lounge of his house, he had just got back from football practice, his neighbour was talking to his mum about Steve swearing at her daughter, little Sally who had not started the big school was stood there as Sally’s mum related to Steve’s mum how her son and his best friend Mark had been playing football in the garden and when the ball went over the fence Steve had asked for the ball back and when Sally took her time in getting up to get the ball Steve had sworn at her calling her a slow lazy bitch and to move her fucking self, Steve’s mum looked at him and clipped him

Ruth Anderson sat at in her new office, she had been promoted six months earlier and it still excited her being on the tenth floor. Ruth was a quiet lady just past her forty-fourth birthday, she had been brought up in a strict catholic family, an only child with a dominant father who because of his wrath she had obeyed to the letter. She had spent the last twenty four years in a cold almost sexless marriage, the biggest surprise was that her and husband Donald had produced a wonderfully beautiful daughter Lena who at twenty two was about to complete a masters degree in business studies in London school of economics. Ruth realised that her life was somewhat empty

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended. Part Ten. Steffi stood silently in front of Herr Bauer, her mind a mass of conflicting emotions. There was a lot of truth in what he said. Her life had gone completely off the rails since she came to Argentina. She had read somewhere in the documentation from the Institute that the total cost of her tuition, accommodation and Bursary was over 50,000 euros. She was lucky not to be facing criminal charges, and that was in no small part due to Herr Bauer. He seemed to have really pulled out all the stops to get her off any criminal charges. Even a drugs conviction would have horrified