Opening my eyes, I felt extremely groggy. I was in a dark room, and I could barely remember what had happened. Suddenly, I saw the faces of the other students around me, and I could get flashes of memory coming back to me. I had just moved into my school, and I decided to join a club. Being the shy, dorky kid I was, I decided to join the magic club. I figured it would just be a nice way to get to know other guys like me. As the smallest one there, and the newest one as well, I was pretty much the subject to all of the tricks that the other students tried out. These tricks ranged from

This is the real incident which happened with me an years back.. Now come to the real lady of this story who changed my life.. My hottie mommy Sujata… She is 46 years old… Quite chubby… Her statistics is 38-36-38… She is fatty women but a real sex bomb.. Whenever she walks on a road every man watch her bulky ass.. I live with my mom only in Mumbai because my father had passed away when I was in 10th… After that my mom was totally depressed but as days were passing I seems like mom seems to be happy.. She started going for parties with her female friends…. I felt very drastic change in my mom.. She started wearing

It had been exactly one year since Master had found me. One year ago, I still called myself a man. But after Master took me in, I realized what a really was. I was a sissy girl who had been tricking herself her entire life. It took a few weeks to break me in, but eventually Master helped me realize that I was only meant to serve him. Now, I eagerly help him everyday with his chores, cooking, and most importantly, his sexual desires. About a month after I met Master, he locked me in a chastity cage, telling me that sissies don’t get hard and don’t deserve to cum. Well of course! My only goal is to pleasure him,

Hi everyone! This is the next chapter in my ‘Life of a Sissy’ series. Click on the link to read the previous chapters of the story. Read through and feel free to leave some constructive criticism at my email. Enjoy! ================== I lay naked in the darkness in the back of Davis’ van. After what had just happened, my hands were tied behind my back and I was thrown onto the floor of the van. I was getting jostled around as Davis drove, unable to protect myself. But I didn’t care about that. All my attention was directed towards the tight, metal chastity cage around my little clitty. My poor member was trying its best to get hard inside its

Hi guys! This is the next chapter in my ‘Life of a Sissy‘ series. Click on the link to read the previous chapters of the story. Read through and feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback! ================== I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school. My name is Brian. Well, not really. Since the start of this school year, I’ve become ‘Sasha,’ the sissy slave of a new student named Davis. Last night, he brought me to a party and let all of the party-goers use me. But I passed out from exhaustion just a few minutes into the night. I’m screwed. I’m going to be punished for not being able to satisfy Davis and his friends.

Before beginning the story I would like to introduce myself… Hi my name is Jake, I study in Pittsburg High, I am the captain of the football team and an athlete. I am average in studies but mostly I manage not to fail. I am black in ethnicity and the son of the school coach. I am a dominant person in bed whether it’s a girl or boy in the bed. I am openly bi ( Note: I only like to fuck not have a dick in me myself, plus there is a certain group of guys I like to fuck, like- sissies, cds, submissive ). This is a story of how I fucked the Nerd in my class (

Well for me I was 12 years old over at my two buddies house (twins) playing hide and seek. I hid in their hot 17 year old sister’s room and I don’t know why but I opened her dresser drawer and found the nicest VS light blue Lycra thong. I put that on and instantly when it went up my cheeks I got hard. Right then I felt different and went into denial about it the I’m not gay thing. So accumulated a panty stash over my 20’s had girlfriends which two found some panties and broke up with me. So my last gf liked it in the ass and had left some poppers at my house “Rush”. So I

Hi friends, My name is Manish Agrawal. I am a sissy. My gillie name is Kajal. My age is 18. This story is a fictional story. It is my first sex story. Please write your reviews to my gmail id. In my family there are four members my mother Mitali Agrawal; my father Amit Agrawal, my sister Monika Agrawal and me. I start this story from my childhood. I was a brilliant student from beginning. I always get first rank in school. In primary boys were very naughty and I was a simple cute and silent boy so I was not too much friendly with boys. My all friends were girls named Parul Poonam Ekta Yogita and Avantika. In my

From the Author: Hi Everyone! This is the next chapter of my ‘Life of a Sissy‘ series. If you haven’t, please read the first two chapters in this series. Enjoy! ================== I don’t know what to make of the last few weeks. When I think back, it feels like I’ve been living in a dream, or maybe a nightmare. I want it to end, but I want to stay like this forever. I couldn’t imagine a life without Davis. It was another Sunday afternoon, and it’s been about three weeks since school started, so it’s been about three weeks since Davis had started using me like a sex slave. With him, nothing was off the table. He told me to

If you look at the buildings you will think that they are a set of office buildings which they are kind of. When you walk in you will get directions to what is called The Agency’s offices and if you enter you will find an attractive assistant and receptionist and if you have an appointment the receptionist will ring you in and you will go into a beautiful office. The office is wood paneled and beautiful leather furniture and a large oak desk where they will be an exceptionally attractive lady with black shoulder-length hair green eyes 5’8″ 125 lbs in her 40s wearing a skirt that comes down just above her knees a white blouse and a blazer and

From The Author: This is a continuation of my ‘Life of a Sissy‘ series. If you haven’t, please read the first chapter which is called ‘Life of a Sissy‘. I hope you enjoy! ================== I woke up to my phone ringing. Shit. I rushed to check it. Of course. Davis. And two missed calls from him as well. “H-hello… Master?” I answered quietly. “Well, hello there, sleepyhead.” Luckily, Davis didn’t sound angry, but I didn’t know him well enough to tell. “I’m s-sorry I didn’t answer your calls before, Master. I’m a really heavy sleeper…” I trailed off, not knowing what else to say. “I know, I could see that you were actually asleep. It’s alright today, since it’s only the

My name is Brian. 16 years ago, I was born a male. Now I am 5’3″, skinny, and wish I was a girl. I’m not transgender, but I wish I was. I have a small penis and a high voice. At school, people have often mistaken me for a girl, then give me weird looks when I tell them my true gender. Usually they would think I was a girl trying to be a boy, but really, it was the other way around. I would do anything to be a girl. I woke up to my radio alarm blaring at me. I looked over at the clock to see ‘7:31 AM’ written in a bright red font. I set the

Hi my name’s Ricky I’m 22 now ( I call myself Rachael ). I always loved dressing up as a girl, since I was about ten. My sister helped me. we lived with our mother alone, she always said I was weird. My story is about the time my life changed. as I said every chance I got I dress as a girl so when I was 16, me and my sister where invited 2 fancy dress party. I was going as a slutty schoolgirl. Let’s do this proper she said. she shaved my legs, under my arms and even my pubes off. And my chest and ass cheeks. She then applied nail varnish to my fingers and toes. make

My name is Brian, the story happened when I was 16, I hung about with my to best mates Clive and his brother John. Clive was tall 16 like me and his brother John was 18. We used to hang about most days and sometimes dared each other to do things which was always not that bad then one day I dared to dress as a slut, at first I said no chance but as days went on they kept teasing me saying I perfect little slut in the end I decided to show them. The next day when my parents had gone to work and my sister was gone as well I started my plan. I shaved my legs

It begins… Well, I found out that Anne fucked that professor again. She came to my dorm drunk at 3am, fighting with me, calling me a little bitch and pussy, and she began slapping my face. I won’t even get started on what she was on about. I tried calming her down, but whenever I said anything she just slapped me, or if I tried to stop her from drinking more from her loaded thermos, she pushed me. She said, “I’m going to F*** that professor again. By the way, his cock, is like, way bigger than yours.” I didn’t care to chase her down, I just stood in my doorway watching her drunk ass stagger down the hallway. I

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