It was 3 pm. Jean sat at his desk his cock hard . He pressed the intercom to Bianca. ” Bianca can you come to my office please ? ” . A minute later she appeared closing the door behind her. ” Lock it. ” Jean said. She locked it and Jean beckoned her. She walked over. She wore a short mid thigh black skirt a white satin v neck blouse her hair in a clipped behind her ears hanging down her neck. She wore white high heels. ” Fuck you look good today. ” Jean said as she stood in front of him. ” Thank you. ” She said. ” Your welcome. ” Jean replied unzipping his trousers. She

U and Dr. Williams have teamed up. My wrists are tied to the headboard, and I’m naked. Gagged. At ur mercy. My clit is visibly throbbing. My cunt dripping onto ur sheets. I was told to keep my legs spread wide, or else they would be tied as well, and so far I have listened. You two are in the next room. Every once in a while I hear you kiss, but other than that I hear nothing. When You finally come back out, ur both wearing a strap on and nothing else. Ur each carrying a bag. One in labeled “after”. I want to ask what the bags are for, but even without the gag I knew I wouldn’t

It is a widely known fact, that in order to keep a romantic relationship thriving, and both partners in it content, indulgence in the bedroom must be present. The challenging part here, is achieving the desired satisfaction. According to new studies, only fifty-five percent of women reach climax in bed. These statistics are unfavourable, thus in this writing we, the manufacturer of sex toys, will present numerous beneficial pieces of advice for you and your partner to turn to.. Let us remind you though, that the most significant guideline there is, is that you should always refrain from partaking in unprotected intercourse. Sex toys Use of sex toys is one of the numerous incredible ways to pleasure a female. When in

Daddy is always dominate. When we started having sex he decided that I was his submissive little slut and so that’s how he treats me. Today however that’s gonna change. I’m going to show him that I can dominate just as well as he can. It’s three am and I’m in his bedroom. We always have sex in his room because he likes to tie me up and he has the ropes already tied to his bedposts. He’s a sound sleeper, I know that nothing will wake him right now. I walk over and take the ropes into my hand. He sleeps naked so there’s no problem there. I tie his legs up by his head so his asshole and

At the age of 12 I was generally a sporty lad with no real interest with girls. One day when My mum and Dad were out of the house and left me to myself I went into the garage to pick up a pump for my football. Walking across the garage a pair of shoes caught me eye, and for reasons unknown to me I was transfixed by them. They were a cute pair of open toed 2 inch heels. I don’t have a clue why but I desperatly wanted to try them on. Quickly I slipped off my socks and put on the little sexy shoes,my feet felt great. With the realisation of the situation I quickly took off

 A LIVING DOLL. PART 1 I flashed a smile at the clerk. Her badge rested on her full rack and her name was Liberty. Color flooded her cheeks and I swore she knew I was fantasizing. Flicking my tongue across her nipples, biting their beaded tips with my teeth. Listening to her moan… Here’s your access card, Mr. Wiley. Have a great evening, ” she purred. Our fingers touched when I took the card from her hand and heat shot straight to my cock. I inhaled so hard the sound hung in the air between us. I picked up my overnight bag and strode for the elevator. Sweat formed on my upper lip when I looked at the tented front of

You have worked very hard today, many decisions to make, many deals to close. You are stressed and know you need a break. You stand up and stretch. You smile as your eye falls on the small form curled up on the couch, sleeping. Your sex toy is just waiting for you. She was an expensive memento from your last space trip, but you could not resist the temptation to buy when you saw her in the bazaar market on that far off planet. On their home planet they were small animal creatures that were used for sexual pleasure by the higher species there. They were perfectly formed, standing on average about five feet tall. They resembled a human female

God how come I never get into that robotics business?  ” I asked myself for probably the 100th time now. I’ve tried every business in the city and no one will hire me. I kept asking myself why they wouldn’t accept my application as I walked into my apartment with that distressed feeling of failure. O I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself earlier. It’s the year 2020 and my name is Jessica, I’m 23 trying to get into a robotics company, as for my looks I would have to say I look pretty good with my short black hair, tan skin, size D bouncy breasts, and a tight ass. But not to many guys notice me because I wear

Cheryl worked in an office as a purchasing agent, and there was a large group of office workers that liked to get together after work for drinks, or sometimes dinner. One Friday night, the whole group was going to go to a local club right after work. Unfortunately, Cheryl ended up being the last person in the office. But since her computer at home was down for repairs, she decided to use her computer at work to go online and order herself a new vibrator. No one would know, and she would only be a minute or two, she thought. Cheryl found a sex superstore online and began browsing through the vibrators. There were small slender ones to fit into

I woke up early in the morning after having an amazing sex dream. I could feel the warm between my legs and immediately knew what I had to do. I got out of bed and called my mum who had already left for work, “mummy, I feel sick. Can I stay home? “. She gave me her approval and I hung up excited for the day ahead. I ran to the bathroom and stripped off my pajamas. I looked at myself in the mirror. My long blonde hair cascading down my back, my deep green eyes that hid my sexy secrets, my perky c cup breasts, my hairless pussy and my perfectly toned and tanned body. I’ve been told that

“Attention K-Mart shoppers. Please join us on Aisle 10. We have featured several items on sale: Extra Large Trojan Condoms, KY Warming Lubricant, a fine selection of lingerie, guaranteed to get the mood going… if you need to try on any garments, the dressing rooms are on the east end of the building.†Jessie heard the announcement and felt she was in some alternate reality. This was K-Mart, right? She couldn’t help herself. She had to get down to Aisle 10 and check out the sale. Sure enough, there was a row of tables and strewn across them was an assortment of some of the more personal items that K-Mart had to offer. She scrounged through the pile of thong

Stacy checked herself into the mental institution. She didn’t want to, but her friends and family wanted her to go, they pushed her to going, they had a go reason. A few months ago Stacy and Tray where the perfect couple, the ones that belonged on a hallmark card, until Tray left her. Stacy fell apart, they had been together for three years and now she couldn’t keep it together. Weeks had gone by were Stacy had locked her self away in her apartment, her friends and family worried about her. Then one night, she ended it all. Or at lest she thought she did until she woke up. One of her friends found her, an empty bottle of sleep

The wife smiled as she opened the box. As she took what was inside my eyes opened wide. It was a 71/2 inch dildo with a strap for her to wear. I knew she said she ordered it. But here it was. Took some work on the straps to get it on, Because , Well both of us are on the big size. But after working on it, She walked around with her new cock bouncing around. I think she liked her new found man hood as she told me to get on my knees and suck it. ( we tried to video it, But with no one to work camera just got mostly our big butts moving in the

   Roxy hated having to get out of bed and get ready for work. It was cold and snowing outside and all she wanted to do was stay in bed with a warm cup of cocoa. She would much rather be watching a good porn with her new vibrator she nicknamed Bruno. Bruno was one of the newest models out and was guaranteed to have the power like no other. She longed to have a big dick pounding away inside her tight pussy, however she had no man in her life, so Bruno would have to do for now. She had just purchased it at the sex shop she worked at last night and planned on starting her day by

it had been a year since our marriage and Bret and i hadnt begun to fight yet. I came home from a lovely day at work and went to see Bret in his office. I gasped whn i saw him with his sweatpants down, fapping away at a girl with teardrops for breasts and a mangled dark pussy. when he hears me gasp he tried to hide what he was doing but id alreadly seen, it was too late for him. “Ariana- ” he started but i turned around and walked away in silence. He came after me. I walked into our bedroom and slammed the door in his face. I hopped in the shower and began to cry. He had promise me

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