Hi. I’m a guy and Since I was little I have spent a lot of time with my female cousin, we were very close and loved being together. It wasn’t until our late teens that I started feeling things toward her. Since we knew each other for such a long time, We were quite comfortable with each other. She would dress is some very comfy clothes; I mean short shorts, sports bras, big shirts with no bra, Etc… I was in a lonely state at the time, due to a break up and a shift in lifestyle. I would go and spend time with her, watch movies, eat snacks, talk shit or anything that was entertaining. After some time I

Mia was a young Bengali girl who following the death of her parents moved from Bangladesh to England where she was now living with her uncle and aunt in the East End of London, Mia was not keen on living in England she prefered to live in Bangladesh where it was quieter and all her friends were. Mia was now living in a tower block of flats which at first had been a strange thing, she had been used to living in a small village, after a year Mia had got used to her new life style and had had made quite a few new friends. Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what Mia

April is one of those months that makes you feel like you can never make any plans, since the weather could be anywhere from freezing your ass off cold, to boiling your nuts in oil, hot. Looking outside, today looked like it was one big horrible April Fool’s day joke on the entire city. Though winter was officially supposed to be over more than a week ago, the first of April showed up with a rude surprise for anyone hoping to get anywhere. The streets were covered in a thick coating of ice, making driving or even walking virtually impossible. Looking out up and down the street, from the living room window, it seemed like no one dared to even

Mia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had been born in Bangladesh where she had lived with her mum. Mia had never known her dad as he had left home just after her birth to go and live with another woman. Mia had been very happy living with her mum in a small village where she had made many friends then just after her twelfths Mia’s mum was taken very ill and became unable to look after Mia properly, so arrangements were made for Mia to go and live in England with her uncle and aunt. Not long after moving to England a racist yob had a go at Mia, to every ones surprise Mia reacted by beating

Next morning. 8.28. Kelly stirred. She opened her eyes. It was all quiet. She knew she got drunk last night. After the orgy, they all got into the spa and cleaned off and drank. She felt a body behind her. She remembered sleeping with Andy the night he took her virginity. She felt an arm around her, a hand on her breast. Was it Jake? Was it Sean. It was dark. The block out curtains made her room dark. He was asleep, his warm breath on her neck. She replayed the nights events in her mind. She enjoyed it, every moment. She closed her eyes, she was 17 and more sexually experienced than all her friends, a badge she was

Jenny stood. She reached behind her head watching Sophie ride Sean’s cock. His hard erection moving in and out of Sophie’s pussy as he thrust up into her. Jake leant over fondling Sophie’s bouncing D cup breasts. ” Fuck that pussy. ” Jake said to his son. ” That’s it boy. ” He said. Kelly leant it listening to her moaning sister as Sean’s cock thrust deep into her pussy. Kelly licked up the thick protruding vein on Jakes cock to his knob. She circled her tongue around his knob. She licked up and down his cock. She then gripped his hard shaft at the base and slid her mouth over his knob and down his cock as far as

Next night 6.24pm ” I’m nervous. ” Kelly said sitting at the breakfast bar, her wine in hand. ” Don’t be babe, we will be here sweety. Just enjoy it ” Jenny replied. ” Yeh you will be fine ” Sophie said. ” Jakes a nice guy and he’s bringing his 19 yr old son as well an extra cock to play with. ” Oh yeh. Yay. ” Jenny said smiling. ” So how does his son feel about his father fucking other women? ” Kelly replied. ” Apparently its a financial arrangement. ” Sophie replied. ” Oh ok. ” Kelly replied. ” Isn’t his daughter my age? ” ” Yes but He doesn’t seem to mind. Its not like

All three girls sat back on Kelly’s bed. Kelly was pleased Sophie now knew she had fucked Andy. She was fine with it. ” Who wants a beer? ” Sophie said. ” Yes please. ” Jenny replied looking at Sophie. ” Yes. ” Kelly said as Sophie stood up. Sophie went out of the room leaving Jenny and Kelly sitting on the bed. ” So Kelly you had sex with Sophie’s lover? ” Jenny said looking at her. ” Yeh, it kind of just happened. I loved it. Not a virgin anymore. He slept with me in my bed overnight. ” Kelly said ” Wow. ” Jenny said. ” I must admit older men are more exciting babe. ” ”

A week later. 6 Pm It had been a week since she had fucked Andy. A week since she had lost her virginity. She sat on her bed, the bed she had shared with him. The night she spent with him. She knew from Sophie talking to him, he was away. Sophie poked her head around the corner of the door. ” You ok sis? ” She asked. ” Aye, me yes I’m fine. ” Kelly replied. ” Jenny’s coming around soon. ” Sophie said. ” You don’t mind that…. ” ” Your fucking her, when Andy’s away. No babe its fine. ” ” Thanks sis. ” Sophie said. ” I get the best of both worlds. ” ” Good

Kelly stood naked looking down at Andy. His hands on her hips. The first man to see the mature body. She looked and smiled processing the question. Lots of her own questions going through her head. His hands sliding around to her buttocks, he pulled her in to him. She put her hands on his shoulders ” Yes I do. ” She replied. ” Your the only man I want ” she added. ” You have a absolutely gorgeous body young lady. ” Andy said his eyes oogling up and down her nakedness. ” Thank you. ” She said smiling ” Shall we go to spa? ” She said. ” Yeh, you want to? ” Andy replied. ” Make love

Wednesday 6 pm. It was 6pm on Wednesday. Andy knocked on the door. Kelly had now moved in with Sophie. Mainly because Sophie’s house was close to Kelly’s school and Kelly’s part time after school job at the local convenience store. Kelly opened the door seeing Andy. ” Hi. ” Kelly said. Kelly wore high waisted blue denim shorts and a sleeveless white see through off the shoulder white top with her red halterneck bikini top. ” Hi Kelly. I’ve just come to pick up some papers Sophie left for me. ” Andy replied. ” Come in. ” Kelly said smiling at him stepping to the side as he walked past. ” You moved in now? ” Andy said as

” Well. ” Jenny said stepping away from her father. ” Fun babe? ” Sophie asked. ” Yeh considering I just played with my fathers cock. ” She said looking down at his huge erection. ” Neil enjoyed it ” Sophie said smiling at Neil. All three dried off and returned to the bedroom. Sophie and Jenny sat on the sofa. Neil went to the small bar and poured three drinks. He sat down between the girls. ” We had fun in the shower. ” Neil said. ” Yes. ” Sophie replied smiling at Jenny. ” Watching father and daughter play. ” Sophie said. ” Just don’t let your mother find out ok.? ” He said looking over at his

Semen shot into Sophie. Neil’s thrusts slowed to short deep thrusts as his cum entered Sophie’s body. Neil pushed his groin deep into Sophie’s. His cock fully inside her, his semen spilling into Sophie’s wet young pussy. Jenny sat up Sophie’s mouth still buried into Jenny’s wet juicy pussy. Sophie’s fingers grabbing Jenny’s hips her fingers digging into Jenny’s soft skin. Sophie arched her back as the tense orgasm shot like waves through her body. Sophie closed her eyes, imaging, it seemed so serruel here she was naked, her best friend in a 69 with her. Her best friends father standing his cock deep in her pussy spilling semen in her. Growing up spending time at Jenny’s since they were

One week later. She missed Andy. She parked her car in the hotel lobby where she normally did. She looked up into the rear vision mirror checking her hair and make up. She opened the door and stepped out, the high heel clacking on the concrete. She stood straightening her fitted blue round neck dress. It hugged her body. It hugged the top of her thighs, the dress sitting mid thigh. She locked the car and headed to the lift. Stepping in the lift another couple joined her. A couple in their mid fifties. His eyes oogling her visible thighs in her high heels. The lift stopped at the 13 floor. Her floor, she stepped out and felt a pair

Next night 7.28 Sophie and Kelly sat in the spa naked drinking wine. Andy was home with his wife, she was home this weekend. Sophie missed him. But she knew the deal. ” So sis. You heard from that jerk lately ? ” Sophie asked Kelly looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling in the clear night sky. ” Yeh well hes tried to call me a few times, but I have ignored his messages and calls. I delete them when they come in. I’m not even going to answer them. I don’t want to hear from the arsehole ” Kelly said. ” Yeh what a arse. ” Sophie replied with a disgusted tone to her voice. ” I