Hey readers, pleasure to write another story. Thanks all for such a lovely response on my previous stories. Your comments really give motivation to write more. I am working in Bangalore, 32 years of age. So coming to the story, I recently shifted to an apartment in BTM layout. One fine evening I was talking to my friend over phone and walking in the parking area. It was around 7 pm and was already dark. I saw a woman driving her car and entering inside the parking. When she stepped out of her car, I was stunned to see that beauty; she was around 28 to 30 years of age, milky white color, wearing red saree, loose hairs, sleeveless blouse

Hey readers, pleasure to write another story. Thanks all for such a lovely response on my previous stories. Your comments in my email inbox really motivates to write more. I am working in Bangalore / Nagpur, 34 years of age. So coming to the story, I matched with a lady on Tinder and we started talking to each other. I flirted well with her and soon she was flat on me. The conversation keep on going and she was responding well making it easy for me to handle her and keep the topics interesting. I am married staying in BTM layout. She is also married, happy in her life, but her husband does not give her much time. He keeps

If you haven’t yet, go read My Sexy Busty Aunt – Part 1 first. Be sure to comment and leave feedback for more. As I left off, I was about to leave the room, but I had a great idea. I took my towel that was on the floor and placed it on my dresser. I took out my phone and went to the camera. I put it in video mode and pressed the record button. Without her looking, I hid the phone in the towel so the camera could see what was happening, without her noticing I put it there. I knew that she would take off her bra, so I was excited to get a video of her tits out!

Hi this is a start of a brand new series I’m doing! I have told the story about me and my sexy Spanish teacher already, check that out if you haven’t yet. This story is also 100% real and all actually happened to me! It all started about two years ago. I was 17 years old and my sexy Aunt was staying at our house. Now my Aunt was unbelievably sexy. She was about in her mid 40s, I know she sounds old, but she didn’t look a day over 30! Man was she sexy! She has sort of dark skin, like a light Hispanic brown color, a pretty nice skinny body, she had nice long hair, and last but

This is a continuation of the last story of Sunny (a stranger) who made out with my wife in front of me. After the Saturday restrictive makeout with my wife Rish, Sunny was hornier than ever to fuck Rish. Since it was Rish first time, she didn’t let Sunny fuck her or strip her completely. Since then 2 weeks passed and Sunny was in touch with me, he kept saying that he has never felt the sexual feelings with any girl or women he slept with, like the way he felt with Rish. He wanted to come over the weekend again, however he wanted me to convince Rish to let him fuck her. I decided to speak to Rish again, but

This is a story of me and my wife Rish to whom I’ve been married for 4 years. To give you a background of my wife, Rish, she is age 32, extremely fair, has a height of 5feet 2 inches, black long hair, wonderful round breasts with a bra size of 36, and a perfectly shaped ass. This story may seem long, but I had to capture every small detail of this unforgettable experience I had, and I really hope this excites you all as much as it did for me. Rish is quite shy generally, but during sex, I’ve seen her getting very aggressive and naughty with me. For example once while we were asleep at night, she got

I just finished telling you a story and you were getting buddy (the 8 inch dildo) ready. As I waited I asked what you thought of the story and you said it was good. Then it got quiet, I had the phone resting in my chest so I double checked to make sure we were still connected. When I picked up the phone I saw your face, eyes closed, mouth open and I knew what that look meant. It brought me back to each time I was between your legs and slid the tip in and slowly put all 8 inches. I watch your face go from just ready to entirely submissive. And that’s exactly what I saw on the

Spring break just started and I was home, 6 hours away from you. I missed you so much and even though we would talk everyday I was longing for your touch. After a week had past I felt my sex drive rising, constantly thinking about fucking you, sucking on your titties, leaving hickies on your neck and nibbling on your ear. And finally we had a conversation about it. Hey you know I’ve been thinking about you, and how much I miss fucking you. You licked your lips then bit them, “oh word”? Yea honestly I’m not sure what it is but honestly it’s been all I could think about since I’ve been home, I miss making you cum and

Hello friends, I am Mr. X (name changed) writing one of my sexual experiences for the first time in this platform. I am from Kolkata aging 24 years old working in an MNC and a normal built guy having a height of 6 feet and dick size is about 6 inches. The female lead of my story is Nandita, a married bong beauty who is also from Kolkata. Her body stats are 36-24-36. She wears tight fit suits and can easily give a hard on to any male of any age. We both work in the same building but different offices. Our friendship and relation grew stronger as we used to have lunch together during recess. One fine day, at

Hi friends, Ritu’s dream came true as dad’s penis was swallowed hard and my nude body made him possessive but as I ejaculates cum after mom licked my vagina and dad got a brief blowjob, I walked to washroom and after getting refreshed, I put bath towel on my chest as my little round tits are covered in it my half of thighs with legs are nude. So as I am back on bed, it’s morning 09:30 am and we three family members are getting hotter with sexual affairs in process. So I am back on bed as dad have made my mom sleep and his long penis is going hard in her matured cunt as I sits near my

Hi readers, It’s true that Ritu is in fear as I have watched my parent’s nude body while loving eachother as my dad and mom also caught my eyes gazing at them, so slept soundly but mind was well frightened and next morning, I wake up at 07:45am as after having refreshment I walked towards dinning room and maid Sheela was cleaning the floor as I sit on sofa and asked him ” go and prepare a cup of tea for me. (She) sure let me ask them also. ” And she walked towards balcony as I know dad & mom are there and facing them together is not in my mind as their attitude towards me have for sure

Hello friends, Ritu is now vulnerable to guys as physical affair evolved between me and a guy Naman and while giving me sexy body to him,, he is good in love as his mouth gave me immense pleasure while kissing my sexual organs but as he sucked my breast for 4-5 minutes, I starts feeling the heat of sex and as his long hard cock makes way to my hand as well as mouth, I left my hesitation and sucked his penis till my mouth get satisfied, how much I felt his hand, mouth and cock touching my body isn’t speakable but my first oral sex session doesn’t enters into a danger zone as getting penetrated in a deserted place

“I want you to tell me you’re cumming. I want you to say my name. I want you to cum all over my cock,” I say to you, low in your ear. We are on my green couch, naked, in the middle of the day, and You are riding me hard and fast. There’s football on the TV, and your black lacy thong is lying crumpled on the coffee table where it landed when I yanked it down your legs. You pull me closer to you, shoving your hands in my hair and grinding your clit slow against me as my cock is deep inside you. My eyes close and I tip my head back with sheer bliss. You are

Long distance – True Romance Story – Impregnated True story of my First Imprgnation – Accidental Conception “What is the purpose of your visit?” “Tourism” I replied. My voice was strong and sure, but nobody would have guessed that I was anxious and nervous as hell. The guard was asking me the requisite questions about my visit, and then he stamped my passport. “Welcome to Mexico. Enjoy you’re stay in Cancun” He finally said, giving me back my passport. “Thank you”. I replied. I quickly grabbed my bags at the baggage claim and proceeded to customs. There was nothing particularly noticeable in my luggage so I was processed without any delays. I made my way toward the overly crowded arrivals area, scanning faces

In my bedroom. We both knew we only had a few hours until she would leave, back to her country, an 12 hour plane ride away. I didn’t waste time. Pulled her by her hair toward me and thrust my tongue in her mouth. Moved her around, hands hard and thick on her torso. Pressed against me. She feels good in my arms. I stripped her and left my clothes on, for now. I was already hard , and wanted to fuck. I pushed her back on the bed easily. Kneed her legs apart and pressed my cock up against her, bare, through my slacks. Kissed her, hard, felt her body under me. I pulled back after a minute and