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Ok so this is my first story I am posting I have only written a few so please don’t be to harsh ! 🙂 I texted you from the other room asking you to meet me in the bedroom. After a few minutes you make your way to the bedroom. You see me wearing black lace panties and a black bra. The bra makes my boobs perk up real nice. You turned around and shut the door. You look at me and tell me that I am so hot, you want to tear my bra and underwear to get to every inch of my body. You surprise me by grabbing the lube from the night stand. You tell me to

Mark was a well known flasher and not liked by many people in the town where he lived and was often in trouble with the boyfriends or older brothers of the girls that he had flashed at. Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who was known for being very stroppy and out spoken, it was late afternoon when Dawn saw Mark flash at a couple of girls, Dawn wondered what Mark who was two years younger than what she was got out of flashing at girls and had often wondered why somebody flashed. That night Dawn’s brother Colin who was the same age as Mark and a friend of his was in the lounge when Dawn walked in, Colin

Well first of all I was raised as a girl as long I can remember due to the fact that when I was little had health issue do to the drugs gave me left me permanently hairless except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on top of my head. Well my mom raised me as Paula my ears pierced twice each side an once had my eyebrows done thin and arched feminine never grew back. I always had my nails done and painted the in salon and hair long and cut and styled feminine. Well I was 16 an not kidding about had very tiny cock and balls which I ended up super gluing to down to look like

Tina was a sixteen year old tearaway always in trouble and always bad mouthing somebody. It was early afternoon and Tina was bunking school and because it was raining she was in the derelict and disused caretakers office on the roof of the block pf flats where she lived, she had been there half a hour and was using her phone. John was a forty five year old man who lived in the same block as what Tina did, he had been in prison for sex offences against girls and had only been out a couple of weeks, residents on the estate where John was now living knew of his criminal record and stayed clear of him, John was outside

It fasinated him. He sat at home on line. A dating site he had been a member on for a year. His wife unaware of his activity. Their sex life had dwindled since children. She wasn’t in the mood. He was 45 she was 41. He had met a few women some younger some older. Claire who was 51 he had seen a couple of times in her office. Then a profile that shouldn’t have, but for some reason made him extremely horny. ‘Shit ‘ he thought could I. He read the profile and messaged her. ‘ Hello all. I’m Betty. I am 97. I am a widow my husband passed 5 years ago. I am still a active woman

Steve was a sixteen year youth who was well hated and was often verbally abused by the residents of the small village that he lived in, Steve was a well known flasher he had been beaten up a couple of times but he carried on with his flashing. It was an early Friday afternoon and Steve was bunking off school as he did every Friday afternoon, he hated history and maths and those two subjects were on the time table for a Friday afternoon, Steve was inside the derelict factory that situated a mile outside of the village that he lived in, he knew that hardly anybody ever went in the village and felt safe there, John went up onto

Abdul was not happy he was clearing up after a big dance at the mansion, his brother should have been helping him but he had not shown up so he was on his own, all the guests had gone and the place was in a mess, he had already taken five bags of rubbish out to the skip at the back of the mansion and was now collecting the dirty glasses and crockery when 16 year Kim who was the owners daughter and a couple of years older than him walked in, Abdul saw she was wearing a long shoulder less ball gown, Kim asked Abdul to take her sister a glass of juice and walked out, Abdul got the

Surely no one ever forgets their first sexual experience. My time was way back in the 1950’s, a time when moral outlooks were so different, but the memory remains strong. After all those decades, I can still classify that incident as a mix of shame, disappointment and pure joy, with perhaps the addition of shock and surprise. It was summer, and I had a long break before taking a place at university, where, I was informed there would be willing girls galore, all longing to experience “their first stiff cock up them.” Those were the words of Lenny Canning, who, weeks earlier, told me how he’d had Betty Danton in the long grass in Byker Park. “Everybody’s had Betty Danton,”

16 year old Amy was walking up the stairs of the tower block of flats because the lifts had broken down again, Amy was not surprised the lifts were not working as they broke down more times than they worked. Amy got to the top floor with the meals she was taking to the immigrants that lived there. Despite the estate being a trouble ridden out of control estate the residents looked after the immigrants. As Amy walked out onto the landing little Abdul ran up to her shouting chocolate pudding and custard, Amy smiled knowing chocolate pudding was Abdul’s favourite, Amy smiled said “no it is jam tart and custard” Abdul’s granddad opened the door welcomed Amy saying “the

Love is impermanent as everything else in life. It’s hard to say whether it is good or bad. After all, if this feeling had a rational character and its strength was evenly distributed for life, then perhaps it would lose its value. At any outcome, we hope that you are not disappointed in love and love your girlfriend. But just in case, marrybrides.com site show you several signs she’s losing interest. 1. Emotional detachment Emotional estrangement in relation to one’s partner is a latent sign of loss of feelings. Sometimes it is manifested by external factors: closed positions during conversation, unwillingness to look in the eyes and so on. But often this is expressed in the loss of trust. A girl is

I first met Yoshiko in 1989.  She and I had a mutual friend, Patrick that she was visiting   Yoshiko had just returned from Japan and was looking for a place to stay.  I lived 150 miles away and had driven down for the weekend. Shortly after I arrived Patrick I sat outside in the front yard talking about this and that.  A few minutes into our conversation Patrick asked me, you like Asian women  don’t you.  I told Patrick I did and asked why he was asking me about it.  Would you like to have a Japanese woman live with you?  Thinking his questions were a little strange and not knowing what Patrick was getting at, I responded, why are

For a number of years now I’ve had to go to the skin doctor twice a year for a semi-annual skin check. It’s fairly simple and almost painless and takes about fifteen minutes. Essentially the doctor goes over my whole body trying to find suspicious looking spots, skin damage from the sun, irregular moles, that sort of thing, which he then zaps with this kind of liquid nitrogen cold spray. Occasionally he takes a biopsy of something and sends it off for analysis. Which is why I say it’s almost painless. The zapping and biopsies hurt just a tad. The thing that makes these visits of interest is that, within the limits of decency and professional practice, he does indeed

Since I can remember I have worked with a photographer named Harry who lives in nearby Boxford. Harry has a very nice property near Stiles Pond which contains his studio, his house, a pool, to legitimize bikini shots, a gazebo for wedding and engagement shots, assorted shrubberies for backgrounds and this post which kind of stands there unexplained but which he in fact uses for bondage work. I know because I’ve been tied to it. I first became acquainted with Harry soon after I was born as my mother, at the slightest provocation, took all her children to Harry for photos. As I grew, Harry recruited me for catalog work, mostly sportswear as I looked like, and was, a jock.