Hi friends, In continuation of previous parts…. Ritu is in her teacher’s arms as he is sucking my tongue hard while rubbing my sexy buttocks and like a horny gal I kept my tongue in his mouth as both are standing in a vacant classroom, lastly he took out my tongue as looking at my eyes he smiled ” can’t be more sexy and hot as know ( I kissed his face ) sir but I am feeling shy as well as scared also ” and he than moved to door as closed it, so switched on the fan and it’s a large hall, walked to me ” baby this classroom is for students of post graduation as they have

Hi, If education matters we need school and College but there teachers and students are like guide of your future with lot of knowledgeable tasks but if a teacher become obsessed with a student than what can happen! Ritu passed her bachelor’s degree first year examination and now promoted to second year with some new faces teaching us, so as it’s a women college it’s not necessary that even teachers will be of your sex that’s female and as our new session begins we students are bit serious about our study but no way Ritu is going to be disciplined and focused on her study only. Ritu is in classroom as sitting on first bench with a new face there

Hi friends, Ritu’s dad have tasted his daughter’s cunt with his tongue and penis for dozen of times but I want to keep myself away from demon as he have fucked me first a year ago but a week ago he have had fucked me with his two friends, so it was a gangbang party and I know he have lost his way as well as control on himself. Ritu is a young girl of 22 years but her sexy body with round boobs and curvy waist to V shaped buttocks are hot with my inner beauty a heaven for guys and men. So it’s a humid condition as clouds are hovering above and it’s a weekend so we family

It was when I just got my driving license and would avail of any chance to drive any car. The neighbor knew about my craze for driving and every weekend I would happily take their cars for a wash. They would offer me some pocket money. It was one of the simplest ways of making little money for my petite expenses. Actually, it gave me ample chances to show off while washing cars several times and it seems some boys knew about it; so it was great fun to get as much naked as possible in full view of stranger boys. I love boys looking at me when I am in car washing. That allows me to be as exposed

Stefanie is a 21 year old, 5’3 with a hour glass body, wide hips, big lips round ass with small perky a cups and long brown hair. She’s my classmate and also secretly my slut. This is one of our many adventures. High heels made her legs look amazing and when she wore high heels she didn’t wear panties. The class was boring and I started to rub her thighs, she knew what this means and just smirked. She slowly spread her legs and I reached up her dress to meet her slightly wet pussy, no panties. I start rubbing her pussy gently, spreading her pussy lips as I slide a finger inside. She closes her eyes and arches her

DID ANY GIRLBABYSIT CURIOUS BOYS? Erica’s mom had managed a small contract after a struggling search. She was to start the contract work very soon. Her mom left in the morning leaving a list of instructions for Erica about her stay for the next two weeks. Jessica McDonalds was the closest neighbor in the house about half a mile away on the front road towards the open field. The two families have exchanged telephone numbers just in case. In the absence of her mom, Erica was to be always in contact with them until the arrival of her mom. She was feeling so strange in this town with the new people around. Though she became quite popular in the neighborhood

Hello friends, In previous story you all have read about Ritu and Naman as they both are in a resort’s room and both have enjoyed oral sex together without any hesitation, so as my cunt get wet with his long and thick penis getting rock hard, now I have to decide to get fucked and lose my virginity or wait for weeks or months but as I am a 21 years gal with my sexual organs getting matured day wise day, I have heard from my friends that losing of virginity is always painful if you have had already fucked your cunt with a vibrator also. So I walked inside washroom as I first urinate there and than washed my

Hello friends, Ritu and Naman have had a great sex session in a park as our romance with love is on peak but kept secret from parents and others, we are living in a conservative society where ultra miniskirts with crop tops as well as shorts are seen like a black patches on gal’s characters. So after a week, one evening Naman called me as I received his call ” Hi, how are you? (Naman) fine and you (Ritu) fine, so any specific reason for call (Naman in a slow voice) nothing, just to know how you are (Ritu laughed) oh fool! Why you are so nervous while talking with me. (He) no I am fine. ” And both made

Hi, In previous part you have read about Ritu and Naman as sitting on grass with my tops on neck as brassiere is down to it, his cock is reddish in colour with soft glans and it’s length as well as thickness is making me horny to suck it, first blow job of my life as both are in a park but it’s a peaceful as well as deserted place for us to get romantic and physical. Now while holding his cock, I put my tops down and brassier is on grass and as both are voiceless and hot, I took a bold step as I leaned my face on his penis with my back parts going up, so you

Hello friends, I have written about myself as I am a gal of 21 years with a lovely face and slim figure and Ritu have shown her nude body to her lover cum boyfriend Naman, a 22-23 years smart guy as our nude video call session was awesome and next day, as I walked out of my home to hire an auto rickshaw, there at it’s stand I can see Naman looking towards my path and as he got my look, soon he smiled and I walked to him as his bike was parked there “hi Naman, waiting for someone else”. (He smiled) “yes Ritu for you only” and feeling bit ashamed as my face get downwards, he said “baby,

10 Pm. She opened her email. From her boss. Her husband in the shower. ” Bianca, be a good girl tomorrow and come to work tomorrow in the skirt you wore today, but with no knickers. Its a no knickers day for you tomorrow. Good girl. ” She closed it and sat back thinking. What was in store for her tomorrow ? Next morning her husband left early. She dressed wearing no underwear. She now kept a spare pair in the car. –Period accidents she would tell her husband– She turned up to work her boss greeting her knowing she was knickerless his eyes drawn to her arse. The same fitted tight mid thigh blue skirt with a small split

This happened when I was 18 or so. I was an athletic young man. White, long brown hair, tall and somewhat going through one of those rocker phases in highschool. I had a girlfriend cheat on me, which was pretty upsetting at that age for me. Luckily I also had many friends that happened to be girls, and when Jessica had found out what my girlfriend did.. she was more than willing to help me out. She was a good friend. We planned to see a movie. I didn’t have my truck at the time. I had to rely on my sister for transportation. This wasn’t ideal for me, but I reluctantly agreed on the condition she wouldn’t sit with

Well, it’s been over three months since my wife and I have visited the adult book store on the other side of town, but we sure have enjoyed the fantasies during sex that was generated by that visit.  Then one morning while I’m making a little toast and jam, my wife comes into the kitchen with a big smile wearing a tube top, pleated full skirt (the kind a strong breeze will lift up showing her ass) and tennis shoes, looking almost like a school girl and says guess where I want to go this afternoon?  I said dressed like that, I’m not really sure, then she stepped real close and said I want to visit the adult book store,

Tara is a hot gal of 19 years. She is of white complexion, height of 5’4 feet, nice tits and round ass make her hot as well as wild. She is looking wild in her boxer and shorts, too many people are looking at her and her nude strong thighs as well as flat tummy and deep belly are visible to everyone. We both are in Lotus temple walking near fountain and she has hold my wrist like a hot couple.. Tara and Garry is in the back of temple sitting on grass. Looking towards me, she moved closer and put her arms on my shoulders. I asked….. “Tara are you feeling comfortable in this dress (Tara smiled) sure Garry

Elisa is in her mid thirties and like a sex slave for me. She has been with me for last 3-4 months and we both have enjoyed physical relation lot of time. Its a lunch break of 45 minutes and I came out of class to have snacks as well as coffee in canteen. I am in college canteen when Elisa came inside and signalled me to meet. She walked away and later on I followed her. She is looking hot in her long skirt as well as tops and I can see her parts of ass swinging and making friction. We walked towards college lawn’s end and both are sitting on a bench.. Elisa inched closer and hold me

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