Sixteen year old Emma was fed up of having no money, her mum was an alcoholic and her dad was in prison, Emma saw an ad in a paper , the ad was from a big drugs company that were looking for people to have a new drug tested on them, Emma applied for a job and was surprised when she was accepted for weekend trial, at the centre the head of the testing section told Emma that they knew about her violent history and racism then warned her if she got racist or violent she would be thrown out and not get paid, Emma thought that for the two thousand pound they were paying her for the testing she

Svetlana Swimmer was shocked when she discovered her husband’s infidelity. Married just two years she assumed her husband Ivan was just “Busy” all those times he didn’t come home right after work. The pretty blond found out the hard way when she discovered incriminating photos of Ivan and a coworker engaged in all kinds of lewd behavior. Ivan really had no excuse. Svetlana had to assume he didn’t love her anymore if he ever did in the first place. Now, two years later, Svetlana was starting a new career as a nurse at a suburban Brooklyn hospital. It was something she’d always wanted to do: Help other people. The work was rewarding. Well, it would be rewarding someday. As a

Its a shivering cold and my mom is in high fever as well as feeling cold. So I took her to a nearby private nursing home. Lousie is now waiting for doctor, who is looking other patient. Later on doctor checked her and advised for some test as well as admitted her for at least 24 hours to look after her health condition. Now mom, my younger sister Nina as well as me is in the special ward with a single room. After an hour, Nina left for home and I will live here for night.. Its 09:15 pm and doctor checked her again. She is on bed with a blanket on her body. Now a nurse came there and

This is my first posted story, (purely fiction) please leave comments or suggestions for other stories you would like to read. but please no bashing. enjoy! 🙂 Sam had always hated hospitals. He sometimes had panic attacks when he was brought into the emergency room. Having a low pain tolerance only worsened his paranoia. But still, he wanted to go out for soccer and he needed a physical. His coach had explain what it was for but didn’t go too much into detail. All Sam could think about was some weird old guy with cold hands touching him all over. “Sam Daniels, Please go to Room 690” He took a deep breath and preceded down the hall. He stopped in

Chapter Twelve We arrived at Dr. Winkleman’s Office at about 4:40PM. I opened the door for Isabel and a little bell sounded as I walked in. I seated her in the waiting room. I waited at the reception desk for someone to come wait on me. Soon the same nurse that took my blood pressure and vital signs the last time I was here appeared. “Hi Valerie.†“Wow, you remembered. Hello Mr. Williams I like the new look. Dr. Winkleman is very anxious to see you. Of course I remembered you. I’m sure you make a big impression on most men. You certainly did on me. Well thank you. As I remember you made quite an impression on Maria as

My name is Sarah, I just turned 17 and this is my story about the first time I went to a gynecologist instead of my pediatrician. I’m 5’4 about 105lbs, I have green eyes and short reddish brown hair. My breasts are a small b cup and I’m still a virgin. I went to the new doctor’s office around noon with my mom. This time, she stayed in the waiting room as I walked back with the nurse. She took my height and weight and led me back to a smaller room and told me I could wait there for the doctor. When Dr. Billings walked in I immediately noticed his brilliant blue eyes. He was handsome but in his

Here goes my first story! One morning, Janine was off to her proctologist to prepare for a colonoscopy. She was nervous, but she knew she would be fine, once under sedation. Janine got checked into by the nurse, and was asked to strip into a paper patient gown. She was weight at 105lbs, and measured 5’8″. The nurse sent her into her waiting room. Janine fumbled with her long blond hair in anticipation. The nurse returned with a needle. “This is just a relaxant, to make you calm before we sedate you.” she said. Shortly after the nurse injected her, Janine was out cold. Janine woke up in a dark room. She was on her knees on something cold and