My birthday I am Vernon and it was my birthday, I had woken early and my wife Kay was still sleeping next to me as I lay there with a raging hard on. Kay’s nightdress had moved while she slept and I had a great view of her legs and pussy, I was tempted to start playing with Kay’s body but knew she needed her sleep after the busy day she had at work the day before. As I moved slowly to get out of bed and let Kay sleep, Kay moved and just said happy birthday Vernon and where do you think you are going? Morning Kay I replied, I was going to let you sleep in for a

I did but the person was not sleeping or even aware I did the deed. Decades ago I jacked off in my seventh grade science class while we were watching a film. There was this Mexican girl named Sylvia and she had long dark brown hair and a peach tan complexion and she had very beautiful small feet. I guess this was the beginning of my desire for female feet. While we were watching the film I sat in the desk behind her and got a good look at her feet. She was wearing shoes like the ones pictured but they were a light brown or tan color. She was watching the film and was dangling one shoe back and

Hi friends, Ritu is with Nathu, a peon in dad’s office but his well built body with fair complexion is nice and here I am in search of a cock that will give me some different tastes from my dad’s as well as Naman and like a nice guy he is walking with me but maintaining a distance, so he said ” sister here what we have to do? ( Ritu in anger ) sister! Hello I have only one brother, so call me Ritu and you will know why we are here ( He ) sure Ritu ( I inches closer to him while walking towards a lake inside it ) have you got married? ( He ) no

Hi readers, Ritu have got her desires fulfilled but as it’s true that after getting physical love with someone your hunger and thirst for sex don’t get dying as it’s your love and than physical affair with needs of your body that’s make you more vulnerable to him. So first my dad and than Naman got chance to penetrate his penis in my soft cunt as I starts looking for a villager and as I have read a incest story about a matured women going through her rough phase of sexual life with her hubby, she have solved her problem while getting fucked with a villager and as I am thinking to rejoice myself with a village guy or men,

Hello friends, Bina is feeling bit nervous as she have given words to her boy friend Naman of having video call at midnight with full nudity and as it’s my effort to do so I am thinking of my midnight plan, never shown my nude figure to any guys as my body have started demanding some fuel of love and romance, so as I have my dinner at party now I am back home as I moved to my room, it’s 09:45 pm as I closed the door of my room and starts removing my miniskirt with tops, walked to washroom and there as I felt some wetness on my bikini, I opened it’s strings and then sits on toilet

They sat eating breakfast at their local cafe. Both aware of their morning antics. How far they had gone. Knowing they probably shouldn’t have but both enjoyed it. Davey thinking of his mothers pussy. He had seen it, he was wanting to touch it, play with it. That thin strip of hair going up from her clit. It made him horny. After breakfast they did some shopping. As they walked through town together, he was admiring her figure, her body hidden from her clothes. He loved her body. Katrina trying on some clothes. She really wanted Davey in the changing room with her but a busy shop, they would get looks, especially seen a work client was in the shop

The night Katrina went out with girlfriends. Davey home alone. He went into his mothers room sitting on her bed. He grabbed her dildo and licked it knowing it had been in her pussy. He sat naked playing with his hard cock and her underwear. He thought of her breasts her pussy. He could taste her pussy on the dildo. He though he would love to fuck her. ” Fuck my mother. ” He said. He had seen her naked, touched her tits. He would love to play with her pussy. He wondered if that would come. She let him play with her breasts, would she let him go further. He wanted to. He needed to. He got into her

” Your 16 now son. ” Katrina said to her son. ” ” Yes I know. ” He replied to his mother as they sat at the breakfast bar. The day after his 16th birthday. ” How does it feel ? ” She asked. ” Good mum. ” He replied. ” You turn 35 in two days. ” ” Yes I do ” she replied. ” I still cant believe I have a 16 yr old son. ” She said smiling. ” I have a hot young mother. ” He said. ” Thanks darling. ” She replied pushing her long dark hair off her shoulder. ” Your quite handsome yourself darling. ” Yeh ok. ” He said. Katrina a single

” Saw you last night. ” Tom said walking into the kitchen looking at his sister ” What do you mean ? ” Sophie replied ” The strip club down town. Didn’t know you stripped. ” Tom replied. ” I wasn’t me, I don’t strip. ” She said turning around. ” Come on, do mum and dad know ? ” ” What the fuck are you talking about ? ” She asked. ” My 20 yr old sister stripping. ” He said. ” I am not. ” She said ” Fuck no, letting those perves see me naked gross. ” It was 6pm, she wore a short blue mini skirt, red cross over top showing her stomach. The tie around

Hi! I’m Raj. This story is totally an imagination I’m 20 years old. I always masturbate to my family members. My sister, cousins, aunt almost to every women in my family. My cousin sister was a 22 year old girl. She was slim with good boobs and ass. I’ve masturbated to her Instagram pics a thousand times. I’ve always wanted to fuck her but never got the courage. One day she came to our home. She was staying at my house for a week. Since I’m on my holiday I’ll be staying at home too. My mom and dad are both working. So they took off to work. I talked with my cousin for sometime and went to my room.

” Matilda ” Andy said meeting her at the door. ” Andy ” Hi she said as he closed the door behind her. ” Sit ” He said Matilda sat on the chair by the desk. She crossed her legs placing her handbag over the chair. Andy sat leaning back in his chair. ” So good to see you, Hows Neil. ” He said. ” Hes good ” she said smiling. ” Haven’t played golf with him for a while ” Andu said. ” Yes he says that he needs to have a round with you. Beat his best man again. ” Andy laughed. ” Yes Ive known you and Neil for a while ” he said. ” You must

Rich lay on his bed. His cock in hand. He was watching his phone. He was 20. He had got into his Sisters phone one day and found videos of her masturbating and filming herself naked. He loved the sight of her D Cup breasts. She lay on the bed phone filming her lift her skirt and rub over her underwear. She groaned her fingers pushing in against her pussy. Her skirt up she slid her fingers inside her underwear rubbing her pussy groaning ” Oh fuck yes, ” he heard her say. He had several videos transfered to his phone. She slid her black G String down revealing her pussy. ” Fuck ” he said watching her rub her

He turned up to her flat. He knocked on the door. He heard her footsteps and the door opened. ” Dad hi” she said “Come in” It was the weekend after, he had come to fix her tap. She wore a satin black satin gown tied with a cord. ” Kitchen tap ” she said. ” So you came into work last weekend.” ” Yes “he said.” Never been to a strip club, I didn’t know you stripped” ” Its only part time, I only strip, I don’t have sex with anybody, please don’t tell Mum.” ” No ” Peter said” Our secret.” ” Good ” she said smiling and giggling. ” Whats so funny” Peter asked fixing the tap.

“Mum Dad” Chloe said walking into the lounge from school. ” Darling ” Brenda said. ” I thought you were at your friend’s house. ” No thats tomorrow.” She said. Looking at her father sitting on the couch his trousers around his ankles. Brenda 50 at his feet knelling on the floor his cock in hand. She wore a purple lace GString and lace bra for her DD bust. Her short straight blonde hair in a pony tail. ” Its a cock ” Brenda said smiling at her daughter. Chloe wore her school uniform a pleated red and blue thigh length skirt, white blouse and red tie. Her dark long hair in a pony tail. Her blue push up bra

Nancy is sitting on chair with her legs crossed. Looking to her, her nude legs as well as semi nude thighs are making me hot but we are in classroom. Nancy’s slim figure with small tits and round shaped ass makes me more curious to love her. After class hour, I left class room and in canteen we friends were enjoying our company with snacks as well as coffee. Some time later, my eyes are on Nancy, she is standing near canteen’s door and signalling me to come out. I came out of canteen and we both walked in college ground. Nancy wearing a mini skirt with tops and has put sandle on her legs, has hold my wrist and