In the underground, in Les Spirites, the lesbians broke out their rings for the night. Some wore black, white, yellow, green, blue, violet, or pink. Others garnished their thighs with straps of comparable colours. The rest simply wrapped their wrist or arm with bracelets. Within record time, lesbians paired by the colour of the rings: spotting others within seconds or minutes. Some from inches or several yards away. How it came to this night: we must look to a closeted lesbian who attended an Ivy League school. Where cultural prejudices created a venue that was hard to book for lesbian lovers. She devised a colour system. Black for one night stands, white for lifers, yellow for multiple partners, green for

In Les Spirites, California: A petite lesbian from the secretary pool of an LGBT Co. Was called up to the top floor of a 50 floor building. It was plain she was nervous. Bessy, a hard-working Midwesterner from Illinois, came to LA with only five dollars in her pocket. She came from the Windy City, across the bright plains of IL to the bustling city of Les Spirites: full of dreams and hopes. Her boss was a red-haired and a task-master who went by Greta. Because lesbians were the minority of minorities within an economy built up on the repeat business of diapers, pampers, and formulas, most companies and governments were primarily concerned with the traditional units of society. The

On the West Coast, within the county of Les Spirites City: Within a house of statue, where stairs and pillars were made of marble, the mistress stood as master of all she surveyed. Having a stately figure of Icelandic origins, she towered at 6 ft tall. Near her: In a locked room was an obsidian orifice, a bowel of ebony stone on the floor. Across the room was a stately door, large, and wide. Above it, a lion’s head carved into stone. The stone lion scowled at all who stood before it. The Mistress called herself ‘Katla’. Her skin has a bronze glow: the courtesy of the West Coast Sun. Her face is flawless, with full lips, blue eyes, perfect

Many lesbians banded up in Los Spirites, California. Across varied buildings and apartment, dozens if not hundreds of lip clashed together in a one-night throe of the most tempestuous passion. By morning, they faded into the sunrise, off to work. Their social structure being a multitude of women that joined for a night. Like the Mayfly, 6 hours later, their passionate unions fades away, replaced by the rhythms of life. One lesbian student wrote an essay on the beauty of lesbianism. How they lived and waned like the beautiful moon from month to month. It went on as this: As nations chewed out a constitution, lesbians chew on the lustrous flesh of another comely lesbian. As early societies licked their

Loud ringing of her mobile phone disturbed her peaceful bathtub relaxation. She got up from the bathtub, and water is dripping all over her curvy body. She took her towel and wrapped it around it, and came out of the bathroom. It is a call from her friend Keera. Surabhi picked her call “Hello darling, what’s up?” Keera replied, “I am at the door babe, came in early. Have been missing you since the lockdown. Open up” Surabhi rushed to the door and saw Keera and her husband both standing there. Surabhi didn’t expect her husband there. He didn’t expect Surabhi to turn up in a bath towel. Her towel is barely covering her thighs, and her amazing cleavage is

The big iron gates to the young persons detention centre slammed shut behind sixteen year old Tina who had just served a twelve month sentence for beating up a neighbour, Tina looked at the gates then after spitting on the gates stuck up two fingers at the centre and walked off down the road heading towards the other side of town where she lived, Tina decided to take a short cut through the woods. Sara who was two years younger than what Tina was and very open about being a lesbian was the neighbour that Tina had beaten up, Sara was in the woods and saw Tina walking towards her, Sara remembered the beating and homophobic abuse that she had

Within a room, tucked snugly away from the red sun were a pair of woman: suppine on their beds and sofas. Their limbs cascaded over their beds like a warm, sensual river of limbs and muscles. Their legs and arms swelled in all the right places. In the right lighting, their body and legs seemed to swell with the right amount of beauty and grace. Shadows accentuated their contours, light hit and bounced off their forms: revealing a beauty symphony of flesh and shape. One of them carried a thin strap around her right thigh. It accentuated her, to the point her status. She fingered it suddenly reflectively, as the nights before came back to her. Memories from the evening

At the beach, Jacqueline’s a woman of mixed Cherokee-Irish-Scottish descent exit the water, water cascading off her supple form. She scaled her tall building in a elevator ride. At the top, in her office, she removed her swim-suit. After an hour shower, she summoned her lover from the work pool in the lower levels of the building. In her private suite, they explored the length of their own form, their legs, and arms, and rewarded each other with kisses. Eventually, she and Kelsi, her consumate lesbian companion hidden drove to their remote condo. From the living room, they viewed lesbian maze games filmed every night and transmitted to their condo. What passed for sports in normal society, lesbian games passed

Ellen had her best friend Catherine over for a sleepover. They were best friends they were lovers. Catherine had shown Ellen how good it could be with another girl.. Catherine had introduced Ellen to several other girls who were bisexual. Ellen loved it. Catherine was strong Ellen was not. Ellen knows that without Catherine’s friendship there would not be any bisex, either with Catherine or the other girls. This started out as a typical sleepover at Ellen’s. Catherine was wearing a t shirt and shorts for pajamas. Ellen was wearing a t shirt and her panties. Catherine brought the conversation around to Ellen’s mom Peggy. Talked about how pretty she was, how cool she was. Catherine asked Ellen if she

In 2011, the maze was shut down due to failing building codes. In the following year, lesbians formerly known as ‘mazers’ opened and repurposed a dormicile. In preceding years, they used sensors and doors to drive a game where women navigated a ‘maze’ and obtained a prize. Lesbians wore groin guards which were made of a food safe polymer that enclosed sensors and motors. When lesbians eventually stopped wearing them and used them by hand to open doors and circumvent rules, the maze was again shut down. It reopened 2 years later when a sorority of lesbians from a college introduced referees to make sure the game played as planned. The owner of the ‘maze’ consented. In fact, she added

Over a year, lesbian filed into Spirites City, in southern CA. They checked into dorms or hotels, and attended the major university. Others filed into the apartment complexes, sometimes referred to as mazes. Under lesbian overseers, they took up residence. To the uninitiated, lesbians held games in mazes. Some for money, others for love, and others looked on, and nothing more. Thematically, the use of remote or sensor activated toys drove some if not all games. The use of groin packs to facilitate the games was common. Following up on last year’s effort to direct a game using groin packs to open sensor-locked doors, they added sentries to each end of the complexes. They wore a unique groin pack keyed

Pia was a bi sexual Indian girl who had been living in England for three years, she had done her very best to keep it secret that she was bi sexual because she knew that if the Indian community found out that she was bi sexual she would be disowned by the community and would suffer all types of abuse. Pia was happy hat the community did not know about her sexuality and lived a happy carefree life. Then one day one of her school friends caught Pia looking at a magazine of nude girls and was quick to tell people what she had witnessed, her parents went berserk and started beating her with a stick, luckily for Pia somebody

Word abuzz among lesbian communities of a maze within a dorm in Les Spirites City, CA. Annually, a gem of considerable value was placed within. Lesbians adventurous enough to penetrate the secrets of this maze could claim it. The wealth of one precious stone was enough to fund their ascent into wealth and luxury, buy a skyscaper, a mansion and a pool, over a dozen cars, and enough left over to buy an island. The maze was filled with rooms, doors, and walls: all linked to apparati, otherwise known as sockets (made of a durable resin). Every lesbian was girthed with a loin guard, oval and concave in nature. It fit each socket like a glove, comes equipped with a

In the late AM night of Les Spirites City, a group of lesbians returned to the dormitory locale of Mrs. Jacqueline Black. Within a year of Pink’s passing, a regional lesbian famous for her activity in LBGT work, her heir apparent ~ Jacqueline ~ reformed a dormitory into a maze. She held a game in this maze. Its prize: a gem of great value. The contestants: an entourage of her personal lesbian lovers. They formed up in the halls like troopers and girthed themselves with groin guards or groin packs. The maze itself hold numerous rooms with sockets attached to their walls. Each socket was keyed to a specific groin guard. On contact, the groin packs opened doors. Lesians made

Emma was a sixteen year old British girl who was thought of as being very attractive there were many boys as well as some girls who would have loved to have had sex with her but only a couple of boys had been brave enough to try and chat her up, Emma was a violet girl who was a bully and feared by most of her school mates as well as the residents of the town that she lived in, they did their best to stay clear of her. Emma lived with her mum who started drinking heavy when Emma’s dad left home and was now an alcoholic who drank away most of her money, there was hardly ever any