Hello everyone, I’m Naveen age 21 a UG graduate from Chennai from a reputed college. My girl college friends are wish for me which noone can get in terms of sex. Through my college so many girls came into my life. This story I will share what happened in between a beautiful girl in the class and me. Talking about her, her name is Sofia. She is almost five feet tall and a weight less body. She is not that bright in colour but with fair complexion she is literally one of the beautiful girl of our class. She is so active even if she walk, she walks like dancing. She is like no attitude girl. She will talk to

Hello NSS readers, I’m Naveen a UG graduate from Chennai. This story I will share what happened in between me and my friend angel while we were in a college vacation. Talking about her she is almost six feet and little busty with big ass and a large boobs. My friends used to Call her as the milk tank as she has the large set of boobs. From the very first of college I have not talked with her much. Just we used to greet. I know her boyfriend friend too he used to pick her up and drop from college as well as home. We all went to a hill station for a night stay and two days as

Hello to all my readers. Please do watch my two stories which I posted before since its the continuation of those stories. When Divya also in tired she said that we should leave Tomorrow morning I said this is our last day of honeymoon. She said lets have a look at the shops. She said lets have a bath. I asked why. She said ” cause you made me dirt see all my make up gone and you thrown all my dress. And the cum is inside me I should clean. She said she will go first to shower and clean the mess and invite me. She called me after five minutes of cleaning her. She was wearing a bath

Hello all, so with the introduction. I’m Naveen a ug graduate. Last story I have posted my unforgettable pleasure moment with you all which I had with my dear Dhivya. Dhivya and I had our best time in my bed and we planned to have a day sex where noone can disturb us. After our fucking session. She took bath and came again wearing another dress. I asked her what her husband asked. She said he just asked her why late. I asked what’s her reply. She said that she was talking with my sister. I went outside for a day and I haven’t seen her for a whole day. I saw when she taking the water from borewell. We

Hi everyone, I’m Naveen a 21 aged UG graduate from Chennai. In this story I will share my experience with neighbor woman. So I start the story, her name is Divya she is 29 years old and mother of two sons. She is lean and 5.5″ Tall and fair complexion. She has medium sized breast, neither big nor small an average tits. She came with her family in this pandemic to our next door. I haven’t seen her like a sex object. But once I saw her naked after her shower through the window. She haven’t noticed me. And another time when her husband lifting her nightie on the terrace. I loved her structure so much. She and her husband

Hello all, my name is Dinesh and am from Delhi so this is not a story but reality of my aunt Harshita who got pounded by a total stranger in Cinema hall. So it was a Sunday and I made a plan to hit the film for the evening with my friend Arun. But the moron ditched me in the last hour pulling up the upset gut excuse. And since it was very early no one wanted to company me so my last option was to ask Harshita who was luckily free. Harshita was 33 and has a milky slim body but with perfect assets. Even in simple black kurti and blue jeans she looked dope, even I felt a

Tied up ” Ariba ” brutally drilled and humiliated in all her 3 holes by her relative of 65 year old Hey, so I got a little surprise for Ariba, I have a friend ” Ramzaan ” , he is 65 years old man, and he is a relative of Ariba, he was the husband of Ariba’s grandmother’s sister. So, in a way, he is like a grandfather to Ariba, well he is also a pervert, and had his eyes on Ariba, he was the one, who brought Ariba and her husband to me, he had a plan that we would make Ariba our sex pet in partnership. He wanted to fuck Ariba so badly. Let me tell, he is

Ariba’s first bath as a sex slave Hey After giving her some time to relax, around 30 minutes, I said ” chal ariba darling, nahaane chalte he ” I took Ariba to the shower, she was surprised to see the shower, it had all the facilities which she never saw in her life. Shower was medium size, with a glass door, it had a 4 hooks on the upside wall, separately placed, I specially got them there for pleasure purpose, I would tie the hands or legs of girls I bring in the shower, and then enjoy playing with them. There were dildos of all sizes, vibrators, hair trimmers, etc. I brought Ariba in the shower, removed her nighty, and

Ariba’s first morning as a sex slave Hey, in the next morning, we woke up at 9 A.M.. Ariba was tired from her assault I did to he body. I woke her up by a romantic deep kiss to her lips. Ariba’s hands were still tied up. I saw her pussy, it was still red and swollen from the spanking, and her asshole was still huge that you can insert a banana in it. My cock was hard and fully erect again, and ready for another round. So I got Ariba up and said ” good morning Ariba darling, chal subah subah tujhe lolipop chusata hu, aaja mera lund choos niche ja ke ” Ariba was helpless, I wanted her

Hey, I am a 50 year old rich businessman. I operate my business from my home. I usually don’t have to do anything, I have appointed persons to run my business. I just check repots every single day just to make sure everything is okay. I don’t go out much from my house. My house, dear, it is a very big villa situated in a farm house in the outer area of the city, away from crowd. I am not married, I live alone in my house, I don’t really do much, I just relax whole day. I have four really good friends with whom I usually hang out at my place. We have parties, fun. I forgot to tell

Behind the scenes – TMKOC special Part 1 “Hello!” The sweet voice made Munmum Dutta (Boobita ji) stop. She looked behind. It was Nidhi Bhanushali (Sonu). “Hello Sonu beta.” Munmum replied. “Hmm. I’m not sonu anymore. Palak di replaced me na.” “So what? U r still the most loved Sonu.” Nidhi smiled and they walked towards the car. “Want a ride home?” Munmum asked. “Sure.” They got to the car and opened the door. Sunayana Fozdar (new Anjali Bhabhi) was already seated. Nidhi looked at her and was shocked. The traditionally dressed Anjali bhabhi on the show was seated in a short black skirt. She didn’t want to, but ended up noticing the slight panty show by Sunayana. The vibrant

– March 12, 2021 Anushka Shetty recently got divorced from her second marriage and was left with only her son whom she loved very dearly. As she had to go through hard times and challenges to be born with a child, she was always over-pampered towards him. They lived together in a big home with separate rooms of both as she was usually busy with her work and didn’t want to disturb him from his engagements. One day, Anushka had just returned from her shooting earlier than usual and made her way to her son’s room. As soon as she reached closer, she started to hear loud painful noises from her son’s room. She rushed towards the room and as

Read in the sexy aunt’s Chudai story, how I got my mother’s friend Choada. Aunt is very beautiful in appearance. She is a bit fat, but her figure is very cool. Hello friends, I am proud of my name and I am a resident of Rajasthan. I study in college My mother and father are in my house This story is the sex story of a sexy aunt living in my neighborhood. My aunt is my mother’s friend, I call her aunt. Her name is Maya… And she is very beautiful in appearance. Although she is a bit fat, her figure is very cool. His mummies were very big and what to say about her ass… Ahhh too cool… As

A Preview Of Past Hi, this is Mr Random again with another fiction story. So Enjoy. Hi I am Mukesh. I own an IT firm. My Family Consist of 4 People – Me, Dad, Mom and My Sister. My Sister’s name is Isha. Isha is an angel. She is beautiful, pretty and kind hearted. But when we were in school I was not aware of this fact. I was always jealous of my sister. Let me tell you the story. The story is of year 2018 I was 15 year old when we had to move from India to USA. We started going school and me and My sister were in same class. Since we went abroad, our mindset also

Hello Readers I am a regular reader of newsexstroy.com Let me introduce myself, my name is sanjanna.sk, I am widow lady aged 39yrs staying in Bangalore with my daughter and son in my own house, after the death of my Husband and currently working in a small private firm. I have written this incident after my first incident (Every one has their lust) with Mr. Buddy Cool 1989 last week on after Valentine’s Day. I am not a good writer and my English is not that to bad and I decide to pen it down and least other ladies would like to try the BDSM and will surely like it but only if they are lucky enough to get the correct answers