I am ramesh 23 years old working in an IT company. I am from a poor village family. My father is doing agriculture in a bit of two hectares. Both my mom and dad are uneducated so they want me to study well and to be in good position in the society. Till my 12th standard I study in my village then for my college studies I moved to city I studied well and got good job in an IT company and earning good salary. Very thing in my life is going good but during my college time I exposed to pornography my by friends. I love to watch milf porn as a result I began to like matured womans

Once upon a time thousand of years ago. There was a kingdom called Kamathipuram in southern part of India. The kingdom is well known for their wealth. The peoples in the kingdom are living happily understand administration of the king Simmavarthan he is one of the brave and strong king in the southern part of India. Now the heroin of the story the sex bomb Nandhini Devi wife of the king and queen of the kingdom. She is the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom. Let’s see about her sexy body she has a voluptuous sexy curve body with large pair of soft and stiff breast, pulpy and soft large size ass which go up and down when she

Looking back, I didn’t realize mom wasn’t just teaching me about sex. She was fulfilling her own sexual desires. My little 3 inch peepee was getting action almost every night and after receiving a new truck from mom, I would have stuck my peepee in an active hornet’s nest if she had asked. After mom passed away ( no, not from a sexual disease, heart disease ). As far as I know, nobody fucked her heart. I burned all the pictures and videos mom had of us. I thought about keeping some, but decided not too. I miss jerking off to watching her sucking my peepee and or licking my butt. I just didn’t want my wife to find them,

I was now feeling unorthodox love for my mom. Love that teenagers don’t normally feel about their mother. Not that I want to marry you and have your baby love, more like an addiction. From the time she first kissed me, it only took a few days for me to understand mom was going to teach me something new most everyday. My peepee stayed hard from anticipation of what was cumming next ( pun intended ). I would think about her body and get hard. I started sniffing her panties after she took them off, watching her pee and anything else like watching tapes of her fucking other people. She had albums of pictures. To this day I don’t think

I’m sorry my writing isn’t professional and my text has a southern accent to it. I’m not really trying to write or tell a story, more just reliving my sexual experiences with my mom. This accounting of what we shared is true. My mom was obsessed with making sure I had every sex experience possible. Many were repeated over and over but the one we did the most was just the two of us making love. It was almost daily and most nights. After mom had made me cum, usually in her mouth or butt. I always had to pee ( still do ). One night mom followed me into the bathroom and said lets try something new. She opened

Zoe was only 16 not slim but attractive red head. She lived with her mum and sister who was 18. Life wasn’t the kindest as her dad had left when she was 12 for another woman. Soon her sister left for university. Zoe new her mum was lonely and sad. And could hear her cry most nights. Her sister would say she be alright or she needs to wise up. But then one night Zoe heard her cry and went into mums room. Mum said what you want Zoe, can I cuddle up with you. A short silence then ok come on. Zoe got under the covers and cuddled up to her mum. As she lay in her mums arms

At age 16 my mom and I resumed a conversation we had 4 years ago. I had gotten a tick under my balls and my mom had removed it. Unfortunately the body of the tick had came off but the head remained, causing an infection that has left me sterile. Even worse, my dick never developed. Fully hard, it’s only 3 1/2 inches. At the time we didn’t Know I was sterile, just that there was a problem. My body was trying to produce sperm but could not, just semen. It over produced the fluid as well. I was constantly leaking semen and getting a hard on. The hard on wasn’t much of a problem, I was so small you

I was quite a late baby… My mum was in her mid thirties when she had me… I think mum and dad had almost given up by the time I came along… But what should have been the start of a new era for us was indeed the beginning of the end for us as a family…. When I was about three my dad had had enough of family life and left us for his secretary…. A girl fifteen years his junior and… In his eyes…. Much prettier than mum… I only ever remember my mum as my mum…. Slightly overweight… You could say a bit frumpy…. But in my eyes she was always the most beautiful woman ever to

I am a normal male, 22 years old and without a girlfriend at the moment. Although, to be honest I have never actually had a girlfriend as I am sports mad and spend a lot of time actively taking part in physical activity. I live at home still with my parents and sister, (Maria) who is about 18 months older than me at 24 years of age. She has a steady boyfriend and has been going out with him since about November 2017. Our parents are into singing in a community choir and they are both involved with other organisations so they go out several evenings every week. Maria and I started playing board games on a Tuesday evening many

Jane was cleaning in the living room and reached into the sofa in the space between the seat and the back. She was looking for her ring that had fallen back there. She shoved her hand in the crack and felt a wooden slat. It was between the base and the back. She was able to push her hand through but it was tight! She felt her ring but when she tried to pull her hand out it wouldn’t budge. She tried twisting it each way and flexing her fingers to no avail. She was panicking and wondering how long she would be stuck there. Luckily, her son came home from school just then. He came in and his mom

The next day Tommy came over to play video games. We played for an hour or so and we’re talking about what happened yesterday with his mom. “Man, I can’t believe we actually fucked your mom, Tommy.?” “Yeah dude, that was unreal! I wonder if she’ll really let us do it again?” “I don’t know, but how about if we double fuck my mom?” “Oh shit yeah man, that would be awesome, but would she go for it?” “Yeah man, I think she would!” “Wow! Your mom is super hot! Let’s go for it!” I didn’t tell him that I already fucked my mom. I wanted to find out if she would go for it first. I told him I

This is a fictional story Hi my Name is Kit-Kat this is my nickname for reason I will not tell you my real name. I am 19 years old I am a writer and I am in university. I love reading this story on NSS I have been reading them for a couple of months now and thought I would right my own story. Sorry it my English or grammar is not too good English is not my first language. I rewrote some of the parts, tell me what you think. My name is Dave I am 35 years old I am fit I have a 6 pack and a 7.5in cock and I am 6 feet and 5 inches.

There had been a spattering of rain all the way back from the airport, but as she was parking in the driveway, the skies opened. Almost immediately there was so much water running over the windscreen that she could barely make out her own front door. Sharon sighed, staring out through the world of running water. She’d just taken her husband to the airport, a trip more than an hour each way at this time of day. She didn’t begrudge the fact that he’d been silent the entire trip, texting and emailing or whatever. He was good at his job, it came with marrying a man in his line of work. Nor did she begrudge him the hurried peck on the

Marsha asked her son to come to her room for a talk. Josh walked into her room and asked, “What’s up mom?” “Sit here on the bed honey.” Josh sat down and Marsha said, “I got a call from Mrs James. She said she saw you looking through her bedroom window last night.” “No mom, I didn’t!” “Josh, don’t lie to me, I know you have tried to catch me coming out of the shower. I haven’t said anything to you because it’s natural for you to be curious about my body. But peeping in other women’s windows is illegal.” Josh turned pale when she told him that. “Don’t worry, Mrs James won’t report you. I told her I would

Tommy McFadden was one of my closest childhood friends. We saw each other almost every day and visited each other’s houses. We were both rather young and like most young boys, liked to masturbate together. Even the Beatles apparently did this as John Lennon related a story of them masturbating together while naming different sexy celebrities. Tommy and I were in his living room one summer day. His dad had some playboy magazines hidden in his closet and Tommy had found them the day before. We sat on the sofa and looked at the pictures of naked women. Tommy suggested, “let’s Jack off! I’ve got a big boner!” We weren’t gay or anything, like I said, most boys do this