‘You realize we’re molesting you as a way to compliment you, don’t you?’ The white, 22-y/o Jebadiah questioned the naked, 24-y/o Emily as he harshly squeezed her sizable yet firm tits. ‘Yeah, being you’re gorgeous,’ the white, 23-y/o Ian told her while slapping her lovely bottom, then thrusting 2 fingers into her vag to roughly masturbate her. ‘Aaah!’ She gasped. ‘You should accept my friends’ admiration.’ Said Alfredo, her white, 25-y/o husband. ‘I will,’ she replied, with Alfredo next remarking, ‘Boosting her ego is hard since she was born in the gutter.’ ‘That’s a terrible thing to say about her mother’s womb!’ Jebadiah chuckled. ‘Really!’ Ian grinned. Four days before a Saturday night in June, however, Alfredo, Jebadiah and Ian

It’s dark in the basement bedroom you and your boyfriend share. You’re still tired, and shift a bit, trying to fall back asleep, but a wandering hand causes your eyes to flutter open. Smirking, you roll over to face your boyfriend, and smile at him. “You’re always so handsy in the mornings,” you murmur, your voice still quiet and sleep-filled. He smiles and kisses you. “I know you like being woken up this way,” he purs. Sighing contentedly, you nod and kiss him back as his hand pushes your shirt up and kneads your breasts, making you moan. You feel him smirk against your lips, and you smile back. You’re so happy with him, and he plays into all of

Laura woke up on this early morning from a soft knock on her open window. She looked up and saw her boyfriend smiling at her. He came in via the tree next to her house like he regularly did. They both liked to get naughty in the morning but didn’t want anyone to know. It was hot because there was always a chance of family coming in. She usually slept naked which made these morning visits just more convenient. He always used a condom but wanted to try something new this time. Convincing her that It felt better and was even more thrilling without one. Even though she was ovulating, these days she wanted to try It out but made

Bulky leather cuffs encircled my wrists. Jeff’s warmth had dissipated from my skin and a shiver ran through my body. I could see shapes and colors, but the gauzy blindfold didn’t allow me to see much more. It was strange being cuffed yet free to move around. Normally, I’d be strapped down, awaiting whatever Jeff felt like doing to my entrapped body, but not today. I could hear his breathing and movement. The soft sound of clothing being removed was easy to identify because I could see the shadowy movement that accompanied it. Running my fingers along the lace corset that covered my flesh caught his attention. “Are you enjoying your surprise, baby?” Jeff’s  voice was hushed, as if he

Emily’s first time as a cum dumpster. “Hi” you say. “I’m sorry I’m a little early.” My hearts beats fast (“early? Baby, you’re late at least 10 years” I think to myself). “That’s ok Emily. Please come in” I step aside to let you in and I grab the chance to inspect you from behind. I end up pinching my thigh again so that my cock stays put. I lead you to the sofa, I pour us some champagne and I offer it to you. “To a most lovely Lady and a most beautiful girlfriend.” I make the toast while looking deep in your eyes, doing my best not to look at your almost hard nipples. I pour you another

Being in Jeff’s arms and feeling his fingers inside me was amazing. Somewhere in the back of my head I keep telling my self “Tell him to pull out”. A part of me feels like a dirty cum whore who’s loving every squirt. The rest of me is in a panic that I’ll get pregnant. Jeff slides his fingers out of my pussy and grabs a hold of my ass. I wrap my arms around him tighter and lean up to kiss him. His beard tickles my nose as my lips ache for his passionate kisses. I pull away from Jeff and wrap my silky robe around me. As I gather our coffee cups up and walk to the kitchen

Mmmm I want to get you pregnant baby. I know that your just my little princess but I want to fuck that tight little pussy so hard I want to pin your little body down and I want to pound you as hard as I can I want to slam my thick cock deep in your tight little pussy over and over again oh fuck and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop that if I’m fucking you I wanna fuck you so bad baby girl and I know I’ll  have you screaming so loud for me screaming so loud because that is dick feels so big inside you stretching your pussy open and even though you gonna

A few years ago, I was at the public pool during summer vacation. The lifeguard was a handsome boy named Joshua, who was a football player at my high school. He was a very popular boy, and I, like many other girls, had feelings for him. However, he was rumored to be dating the cheerleading team captain, a beautiful blonde named Stephanie. I was 17 years old at this point in time, and sex really interested me. I would masturbate when I was alone in my bed, play with my nipples, taste my pussy. But, I didn’t know how sex actually felt like. Back to the pool. I was wearing a tight, bright red bikini with yellow polka dots. Being

I lay there as he finished off. It was still hard inside me. His seed emptying into my womb. I had tried to push him off. I couldn’t. He was much stronger than me. I lay naked looking to the side. I didn’t want to look at him. I knew it had broken. I told him to put a new one on. He wouldn’t. I’m a third year law student. I am only doing this for a bit of extra money. Studying by day three nights a week selling my body. The moneys good. I lay thinking number 87. Gosh 87 men have used my pussy. Young, old, married. I’m 24 young short dark hair, body guys go crazy over,

It’s been 15 months since I last wrote about my wife Carol and I. The last time she was pregnant with we hoped Musa’s black baby, well things turn out a little different to what we were expecting when Carol gave birth to another white baby girl. My wife was very happy that the baby was white, she was dreading having to explain a black baby to family and friends. She has now said she will not have sex with a black man again and I must not try and get her in that position again. Our new baby is now 6 months old and growing quickly as they do. We have just booked a 3 week holiday in Kenya,

This is the first time that I have told what I got my wife to do on our last holiday. My wife Carol is 32yrs old, she is a petite 5’2 and is only 115lbs with shoulder length auburn hair and deep blue eyes. I am your average guy 5’9 and around 160lbs and I have just turned 38. We had booked a 3 week holiday in The Gambia leaving our 2 girls with their grandparents. When surfing the net I had come across many sites with wife watching stories and the one’s I found the most exciting was were the wife had sex with a black man without using any birth control. This thought was in my mind on

One of my best friends has been Georgina, she’s a beautiful and hot girl and my name is Jack as you can tell I’m her male friend. We wear going to a beach party, I knocked on her door and she’s opened the door wearing a red plaid skirt and no tights and a pair of boots and just a bra because it was a hot summer day, I was wearing shorts and a shirt. ” Hey Georgina you ready ” she smile sweetly the type of smile which imprisoned you in awe ” yeah I’m ready lets go ” . When we go to the party it was great everyone was having fun, it looked really cool suddenly this

Me and my girlfriend Bethany were at my home, I was lying down playing a game while she was laying on top of me enjoying sucking on my dick. Bethany was sucking my dick deep into her mouth, she pushed it to the back of her throat and gagged on it, the pleasure was so good so I cummed and she felt the warm cum splash at the back of her throat and she then licked her lips and swallowed and pull up my trouces and cuddled me with a happy sign “I love you Blake ” she said tightly cuddling against me, ” I love you too Beth ” ” kiss me ” she said in a flirty way,

My name is Jessica, I’ve only just hit 18 and only just started college, I’m a bit of a book worm and I’ve always been told I’m very kind by women and men alike but one time something happened when my friend took me to a party. My friend was named Natasha and she was beautiful girl and so many boys went after her, I was round her house discussing going into the party, she was in female box and a long top and I was wearing Jeans shorts and a long top as well. ” You should come ” Natasha exclaimed ” hm I’m not sure it’s just aren’t those party’s where most boys go to have sex with

This is a true story, a little about us my wife Trish is 5’2 and around 105lbs she has shoulder length blond hair with deep blue eye. I’m you average guy 5’9 and 170lbs .We had been invited to a party which was an hours drive away so decided to have a cab, so that we could both have a drink and enjoy ourselves. I ordered a cab to collect us and then pick us back up at around one in the morning. The cab arrived and was driven by an old Pakistani man around 60yrs old he had long greasy hair and a beard, he also was on the large size, well fat and my wife later said what