My wife gives a few piano lessons a week after she gets home from her job. Her first student always arrives early – before she gets home. It kind of annoyed me at first, but after a while, I got to know him pretty well and he was a really nice kid. Tyler was maybe 13 or 14, and physically very mature. His mannerisms and voice were very feminine though. I guessed that he was gay, but didn’t think anything of it at first. After a few weeks, Tyler started showing up even earlier than usual and the way he looked at me and smiled made me uncomfortable, but also kinda made me turned on. It was obvious he was

John was a small skinny guy, he was only 23. He got married to the girl off his dreams who was 26. But his life fell apart when she left him for another guy. It was 6 months since she left and he drinking too much and very depressed. Why he kept asking himself, they married 2 years ago and now all his dreams where over. One night on a drink binge, he got talking to a guy from work and telling him all his problems. Jake was a good listener and when john was too drunk he helped him back too his apartment. He helped him to his bed and let him sleep it off. Jake sat in other

This story is about two brothers who are 3 years apart the eldest is Raj who is 18 the younger one is Vivan who is 16 both the brothers are bisexuals and often engage in wrestling which can get a bit sexual in nature both of them are a bit shorter for their age Raj is 5’10 and Vivan is 5’7 in height this story is about one such particular instance when both the siblings engaged in a wrestling match with another pair of siblings who are Yash the eldest and Ansh the younger one Yash is 6’1 and and Ansh is 5’8 similar in age to Raj and Vivan now Raj and Vivan are a bit on the fat

Martin was a gay boy who had just been sent to a young offenders custody centre for twelve months, he had been caught by the police trying to break into a house. Martin was sat in the centre’s custody wing waiting to be allocated a cell after waiting a hour and a half one of the prison officers called Martin and took him through to the main part of the centre and up on to one of the landings where he was taken to a cell and told he would be sharing with a guy called Steve who would be up to the cell later, Mark unpacked his gear and after making up his bed saw a photo of his

I was eighteen and just started a job with a contractor and we were in a decent sized city remodeling an apartment building. I went to lunch the first day and saw my first adult bookstore and naturally made my way in. I was getting pretty aroused looking at the adult magazines and saw the entrance to the arcade in the back. The attendant gave me change for the machines and I went in. It was dark and I barely noticed a few guys hanging out and went in a booth. I closed the door and put some quarters in the machine and I was shocked to see my first shemale with a pretty big cock jacking off. I was

Over a decade ago in the year 2005 I was either 31 or 32 depending on the month. I was horny as I usually am. Online sites like Craigslist were full of scammers and were and are still not a good source to meet a woman. Sadly there are more men looking online than there are legitimate women and most are Hispanic men looking. Well this particular year was a dry one for me. No prospects of finding a female friends with benefits and I did not want to masturbate all the time. I desperately wanted my weenie sucked or stroked. I turned to the personal ads in craigslist but this time in the men for men section and saw

Sixteen year old Steve was a well known violent thug, who was racist and homophobic, not many people liked him and would have nothing to do with him, he had just served a twelve month sentence in youth custody and had only been out three days, his uncle had given him a job in his company cleaning and repairing sewers, it was late in the evening Steve had been with a team who had done an urgent job of unblocking a sewer, the rest of the team had gone home, Steve had gone back to the yard and after cleaning the equipment went into the offices and had a cup of tea. Asif who was two years younger than Steve

I was loving my new life away from my family and I had become more adventurous and using more drugs. I was in my leather as usual, high on meth and coke but was nervous as I was taking more risks and so had come to hampstead heath at 2am to see if any bikers were around. I walked through the park smoking a cig to the bit where the action usually took place. I waited around for a bit but it was quiet and I wanted to snort a line so I walked into the skanky park toilets and into the cubicle, where I snorted some coke and swallowed some meth as I thought what the fuck I love

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was very violent and well feared in the town where he lived, he was a member of a well known violent street gang that like Steve was feared, The small Bengali owned corner shop in town was left alone by the street gang because the owner laundered money for the street gang and other crooks. It was late one evening when Martin was in the shop waiting to collect money, the shop was closed for the evening Martin was sitting in the store room of the shop where the owners son who was two years younger than what Martin was and nick named choc because of his love for chocolate was unpacking

Ali was a young Bengali boy who was gay, he had tried to keep it quiet for fear of what would happen if it was found out that he was gay, but despite all of his best efforts it became known that he was gay and the Bengali community disowned him and would have nothing to do with him, they said that he was evil and the devils child, Ali found it difficult to live in the town and despite not having any where to live he stuck with living in the town and put up with the bullying and verbal abuse that he often got. Ali would often sleep in the derelict railway station on the edge of the

The big main doors to the youth custody centre slammed shut making Steve jump as they did, he looked behind him at the doors then started walking away from them, and as he did he was thinking good riddance, Steve had just served a twelve month sentence for assault the day before his release had been his sixteenth birthday and he had every intention of celebrating his birthday despite it being a day late, after seeing his probation officer Steve went to hostel that he would be living at, after being shown to his room Steve learnt that the Martin who was the gay boy he had beaten up which was the reason he had served twelve months in the

His name was Vincent Mack, but the aides at the Hospice called him “Vinnie Mac.” He was four years old (37, according to the mortals), as he had gained immortality at the age of 33. Vincent had been living at the local Hospice house for two weeks. The 6’2 former defensive tackle for the Calgary Stampedes of the Canadian Football League weighed-in at a mere 75 lbs. when he met Dooley, a twenty-two year old volunteer from across town. Vincent’s body resembled that of a man who had endured medieval torture for several decades. His face and torso were covered in large, protruding tumors and the flesh of his legs flaked off by the minute. The room smelled of filth

Sixteen year old Steve was a well known thug who had a violent streak in him and had a long criminal record mainly for stealing motor vehicles which he sold to organised crime organisations. Steve was now sat in court after being caught driving a stolen car, Steve was listening to his solicitor as she made pleas to the judge not to send Steve to prison, after listening to the solicitor the judge gave Steve bail while social reports were gathered, Steve was remanded to a bail hostel for three weeks and after two hours Steve was in the bail hostel where he learnt he was going to be sharing a room with Mark who was two younger than what

Well we drove about 2 hours away we talked about stuff. We got to were we were going and had to park and walk to the store she was taking me to. As we walked to the store. Well we got in the store next thing I knew was trying on mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and corsets and stockings and high heels and jewelry and ect. I was completely feminine from my head to toes. Well after we were done we left he met us near where we parked. He couldn’t believe it was me and said you are so beautiful and sexy as hell. Well she whispered in my ear and that he going to be

As we drove back to his house. I had my head on his shoulder. He had wet his finger and was fingering my bio pussy. I honestly thought to myself about what was happening here I was with a man who I have kissed and sucked his cock and I love being naked for. Then I realized that I had always have had many dreams and fantasies about being with a man but never a woman. Well we got closer to his house he said that I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing us naked was very private. I said that I was not worried about it. Well we finally got to the house an went straight to the