The small country town had always been a quiet place, the town was well kept and often won prizes in the gardening competitions, the crime rate in the town was the lowest in the whole of the country, all the residents of the town were always ready to help each other, there was no police station in the town as one was not needed, the nearest police station was in the next nearest town that was eight miles away. The town had earned the nick name of Cream Of England and was a place where people wanted to live with houses in the town being much sort after. Then trouble started, vandals started to cause damage to property, vehicles were

Upon a hill, visible from all the city, there was a huge stone building with dark walls and barred windows. It was feared by every woman in the town, because very often, different woman from the city was kidnapped in the streets and disappeared in the building. The next time you saw them, they was burned alive as witches. The scary Thing was, that they all was healthy, sane women, when they was arrested. But when they walk to their execution, they always was completely done. You could see in their faces the unimaginable terror, which they had experienced in the building up there. They’re eyes was tearful and you could see, that they was mentally broken. It could happen

Hello all this is my first story here. Am Alok from Kolkata currently in Assam for my higher studies. This happened just a year back. At Kolkata we live in Sealdah Rajabajar area. My father lived at Birbhum for his factory overview and visited us only Saturdays and Sundays. So me being at Guahati my mother Reshmi was alone at home the other days. Let me tell about my bomb mother she was around 5’5 ” tall with a quite fair skin tone and a perfect juicy round ass and a great pair of breasts. She’s having a hourglass figure of 34-28-35 even at the age of 38. She’s a kind of woman that any man or boy will die

The weather had been boiling hot for the last three days, after only three days many people were feeling very uncomfortable, even the evenings were hot, people were staying indoors but if they had to go out then they were doing their very best to stay in the shadows of buildings and trees, to try and stay cool many people were wearing as little clothing as possible but still trying to look decent, sixteen year old Dawn had been bunking school, she was trouble maker and well known for being a racist, Dawn like many other people had decided not to wear any underwear in the hope of staying cooler, the skirt of her school uniform was a wrap round

Sharon was a violent sixteen year old out of control bully, she lived with her mum in the middle of London on a run down council estate, she did not have many friends and spent most of her time in her room, her mum was a nurse and like most people on the estate was scared of her daughter. Sharon often bunked school which pleased her teachers and fellow students because she was not in school causing disruptions. It was late evening when Sharon’s mum had long left for work, Sharon had seen her go from her bedroom window and knew she would not be back for at least twelve hours, Sharon was in the kitchen making herself a cup

There had been a large demonstration held by a well known racist organisation, the police had been out in large numbers keeping things under control, Many of the residents of the small coastal town where the demonstration had been held were Bengali they had boarded up there homes and businesses and stayed off the streets while the demonstration was being held. Now the demo was over and most of the demonstrators had left the area but there were still some demonstrators hanging about, the police had now left the area pleased that there had been no serious trouble to deal with. Sixteen year old Asif was a Bengali boy who kept it quiet that he was gay, he was taking

Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England but was in India with her dad who owned a very large clothing company. Dawn was a loud mouthed bully girl who never listened to advice, Dawn had decided to go sight seeing while her dad attended to business in his large office complex but first she needed to get some money from her dad which she knew would be easy to do. Dawn arrived at the office complex and headed up to her dad’s office where she ignored the girl on the reception desk and went straight into her dad’s office where she sweet talked her dad into giving her some money. When Dawn left her dad’s office

Lucy was a sixteen year old British girl living in London, it was well known that she was racist, homophobic and violent, she was not liked by many people and certainly not trusted, it was well known that she could fight like a boy, nobody had ever known her to get beat in a fight. Anjana was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who was well liked and respected she was known for being a quiet inovensive girl, Anjana had been dating Asif for a couple of months and was in the derelict factory on the edge of town where she was going to meet Asif but after a hour Asif had not turned up, Anjanna was about to leave

Steve was a sixteen year old violent thug, he was well known in the town where he lived, it was well known that he was racist and homophobic, he had been involved on many attacks on gay people but people were to scared to give evidence against him so he always got away with things, the gay community were scared of Steve and stayed clear of him, then there was a buzz in the gay community when somebody put up a five thousand pound reward for Steve to be dealt with, three different people tried to deal with Steve but all three ended up failing and in hospital, then the reward money was increased to ten thousand pound a couple

The Nigerian family had moved into their new home in England six weeks ago and soon found out that their new neighbours were racist. The eldest daughter of the Nigerian family had been nicknamed thumper by her gran because she was always fighting, now at the age of sixteen years she had a reputation as being a tough girl who knew how to defend herself and take care of herself, her sister who was seven years younger was nicknamed kicker because she was always kicking things. Emma who was racist and the same age as thumper lived in the house next door with her sister Amy who was four years younger and their alcoholic mum the sisters and Emma’s sixteen

The day had begun of warm then as the day wore on the weather got hotter and hotter and by midday it was extremely hot with many people finding it to hot to bear and stayed in the shade, then early afternoon the weather forecasters issued a red weather alert saying that there was going to be a very heavy rain storm, some people laughed at the warning ignoring the warning to stay indoors because there was a very high risk of flooding. When the school finished for the day the headteacher told the students that they should delay going home till it was safe to do so, most of the students paid attention to the advice and stayed in

Sharon had been working on a school project and had been teamed up to work with Simon who at sixteen years of age was the same age as what she was, Sharon was known as a rough and ready type of girl who was always in one form of trouble or another, she was known for arguing with anybody no matter what their age was, she was also known for being able to defend her self in a fight and was a good fighter having got the better of many girls and boys in fights. Simon was known as a quiet boy who lived with his parents and younger brother Brian who was four years younger than him, they lived

At just sixteen years of age Steve was a well feared thug, he lived in a small English town where he was well hated and feared, nobody felt safe with him around and stayed well clear of him crossing the road to the other side if the saw him coming towards him on the same side of the road as what they were own, Even his own family did not like him and like all the other residents in the town where he lived wished that he would go and live some where else, the only person who liked him was his girlfriend Cindy. Steve had been involved in many crimes but people were to scared to give evidence against

Aamod was a Bengali man aged sixty three years old who had been living in England for just over thirty five years, he was a polite mild mannered man who was well known and respected in the small town where he lived with his wife and two daughters, he worked as a security guard for a big security firm and was mainly on duty at night in the shopping centre. Nobody had a bad word to say about him they found him willing to help and when on duty would often carry shopping to peoples cars for them and not accept any tips for having done so. Aamod had grown used to the racist comments that were made to him

It was a quiet warm evening, the shops in the small English town were all locked up for the evening except for the small Indian corner shop owned by sixty eight year old pal who had been given the nickname pal by local residents because he called everyone pal, his two sons had been nicknamed friend and chum by local residents, the family were well liked and respected by local residents, but there were a few people who were racist and did not like the family but they still went in the shop to buy stuff, sixteen year old Sharon was one of the racists, she was well known for being a bully and racist, not many people in the