Hi friends, this is a story about a Boss Siva and his tricks to fuck his PA Vidya. All the characters and fictions are purely imaginary in the perspective of Boss. It is a big story those who have patience can read and enjoy. This is more of a novel kind of story and readers should have patience for full meals. My name is Siva. I am well built and Tall. My age is 35 but still not married. I am running a big company with more than 200 employees. I am bit handsome and whitish colour. All my friend and family questioned me why you are not married. For me the reason Is simple. Those who own a car

Hi Folks I’m Philip 24 years old Male here to tell you all a story of my Fetish Love for Strapon and Getting Fucked in my ass by my Favorite Porn Star “Isis Love” the Goddess I’m a ardent fan of Pornstar Isis Love since I saw her in Ultimate Surrender from Kink. She’s one of the hottest Pornstar I’ve ever seen and the way she fucks her victim with strapon.. Omg no wonder they call her “the Goddess” My dream was to get fucked in my asshole by my Goddess.. Yes the day came… I had to visit her house for a electrical work… I was so very happy and also little nervous.. Went to Isis’s house and rang

“High-dollar. Premium. This guy means business and whoever he picks… well…” arms folded over his finely tailored suit as he looked upon his girls. Two rows a few meters apart, those in back stood, those in front sat. “You can book some time off to enjoy it for a while if you like.” Their employer gave with a grin, and some of the women looked to one another or had their glistening eyes rise up to the ceiling as they thought of where they’d like to go. Heels clacked as a woman quickly made her way through the open door at the end of the hall. There the women and their boss remained, and the newly arrived secretary whispered to

Hey guys my name is Twinkle Asher. I became 20 this March. I am from Mumbai, India. I am basically a guju Panjabi. I am currently approaching my Second year B.com from Thakur College. With B.com I am also persuading Chartered Accountancy (C.A) and currently doing my article ship for the past 3 and a half month in Mumbai itself. I stay with my parents in Borivali, Mumbai. I have no other siblings. My Bra size is 34b. My vital stats are 34b-28-36 approx. I am sure this is what most of you guys will be interested about. I am whitish fair with long hair. I am 5’6” in height and approx 62kgs in weight. Just for better imagination for

The following story is done as a series of emails. The participants are: Peter Larson – a middle aged man living in the US. He is married to Julie and has two children, Sarah 17, and Lori 16. Emily – a college student from the UK who comes to stay with the Larsons while she does a semester in the US. She is engaged to be married. Pastor Andrew – Emily’s pastor at her church in the UK Aunt Rachel – Emily’s aunt in the UK Pastor James – The Larson’s pastor in the US   First, from Pastor Andrew to Peter:   Dear Peter   Finally we’re there, and I’m sure Emily will have a wonderful experience while she

Let’s see. Where do I start. I’m completely naked. My ankles are bound and so are my wrists. My upper arms are pulled backwards to force my head down further onto my husband’s cock. It smells and I think the only time he washes his cock is when it’s in my mouth. His second wife lies beside us on a wooden bench. She takes great delight in holding our husband’s cock up for me. I feel fingers taking strands of my hair and grasping ever so tightly. My Lord feels I’ve had enough time to get my breath and forces me to suck him off some more. Not exactly the story you’d read to kids. Before I was simply know

A WEEKEND AT HOME Saturday morning arrived and Gary woke around 6:00. Diane was still sleeping as he got out of bed and crept out of the bedroom. Making the coffee he settled into his chair, watching the morning news. The morning was like so many others as he watched the news, checked the E-mails, and just relaxed thinking about how he missed being at the farm. It was the first weekend he was home since spring and he wasn’t looking forward to spending the day clothed and stuck in and around the house. Diane on the other hand was happy to be home as she has many plans to get the house cleaned, windows washed, and generally getting things

First some backround: Im 6’’7 dark brown hair and im very musceluar. I have a stunningly beautiful daughter who I haven’t been able to see because of my ex-wife. But she had a crash in her car and now im getting my Kristy back! I drove to the airport and hugged her when she wasn’t looking “Daddy!!” she cried out. She spun around and hugged me hard rubbing herself some on me. “Come on, let’s go home” i said to her as we got in the car. On the way home we talked about what had happened to us since last we saw each other. I had gotten a new job as a writer and she was the head cheerleader.

His hand landed on her ass cheeks.. repeatedly.. with great force.. “I’m not gonna stop until your ass is as red as that cheap, ugly thong of yours, you slut!” She was sobbing, but her thong was getting soaking wet too. “You didn’t really think I would like that hideous piece of fabric, now did you?” He pulled the thong deep inside her slit. “I have to punish you for your stupidity.. you fuckin’ whore..” He ripped the thong from her body and forced it inside her mouth. Then he continued slapping her red-spanked ass. It was exciting tasting her own juices from the soaked thong in her mouth, but it felt like the skin of her ass was burning

It all started 6 months ago, when my boyfriend broke up with me.. suddenly I had to pay all the bills by myself. I really wanted to stay in our apartment, since it’s hard to find housing in the city, but the truth is that it’s too expensive for me alone. Bills started to build up and I ended up deeper and deeper in debt. Just when I thought I had to give up, my landlord offered me a way out. He had found a guy willing to pay my bills. Of course this sounded too good to be true, there had to be a catch. After discussing the terms I decided to sign the contract he offered me. This

“Get on your feet you miserable wretch. I commanded, grabbing her hair and then pulling her to her feet and then putting her face close to mine. What is the Shylock’s name and whom is he collecting for? Remember, things will go badly for you if you lie to me!” “He said his name was Frank. I owe him ten thousand dollars.” “Whom is he collecting for?” I asked, giving her head a jerk. “I don’t know. I met him in a bar with some bleached blond. I think that her name was Mary or Martha; something like that.” “Rose my love, please go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for me. Your sister and I are going to have