Wayne – an attractive and proudly misogynistic white man – knew that Bonny was immensely depraved before he married the submissive 22-year-old when he was 24. But that was the exact reason he’d tied the knot, because he appropriately considered that all women should be viciously immoral. In fact, he thought that wifely virtue is a ridiculous idea. And Bonny was happy to prove him right, with her interest in non-oral scat, dignity-brutalizing talk, derogation, golden-showers and rough sex. Since she had large, firm paps, blonde hair, fine legs, round haunches and a beautiful face, many people wouldn’t have guessed she was massively promiscuous. She had no shame or self-respect about propositioning guys to bang her into the gutter –

Jessica and her husband were sailing a small yacht in the ocean near the Philippines. They were near one of the smaller islands and had just anchored near a cove to spend the night and explore in the morning. They had failed to check the state department warnings for the area. Had they checked they would have found that pirates were active in the area. About an hour after they anchored a powerboat came around the bend in the shore and seeing the expensive yacht, they sped toward them. Jessica and Greg were in the cabin at the time and didn’t hear the boat until it was almost on them. They went up to see who it was. When they

16 Year old Matt was a regular teenager at his high school. He did his work, hung out with his friends, and was regarded as a well behaved student. This was not the case for fellow 16 year old student Dereck. Dereck was a well known troublemaker, getting into fights, sneaking in banned items, and bullying other students. Matt was one of his most well known victims, Dereck often going out of his own way to torment poor Matt. One day though, things would get a lot worse for Matt as he went home, and as usual Dereck followed him the whole way there. “So this is your house eh Matty boy? I guess I should’ve figured it’d be as

Tonight would be the last night Allie would sneak out of the house. Kristi, her mom, was at work. Her older sister, Casey, was at her friend’s house for the night. One of Allie’s partners in crime, Anna, was spending the night here. Poor girl. She’s very cute and sweet, but also gullible and not too bright. Me, I spent evenings alone flirting with women in various chat rooms and social sites. Yeah, my attempt at going straight got derailed before it even started. I just like women and girls too much. I tried, but Kelly came with two teenage daughters and those teenage daughters had friends and, well, it’s kinda like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar. He’s

A lot of like minded pervy people have asked me what its like to have a famous mother, and not just famous, famous with huge sex appeal. I have always been more sexually aware from a young age than most, possibly due to my mother, and I was attracted to her from about 11. Back then, it felt wrong to me so even tho do I wanted to I never actually wanked over her. I did however, replace her in my incest fantasies with another woman or women I liked. When I hit 15, and started partying, and having sex, I quickly gave up any morals when it came to taboo fun. I’m 21 now and things between me and

Chloe looked around her bedroom and checked her backpack on the bed. The simple khaki backpack held all she would need for the summer. A whole summer… she could never remember having even two weeks off in her entire but short twenty-four-year life. Up until seven months ago she’d always been on some kind of schedule. Her slave driver/agent/instructor/trainer/mother had drilled a timetable into her from age three. Starting with weekly vitamin until she started puberty then injections exactly at 3pm every Sunday. Everything had been schooled, scheduled, planned, regimented, tested and forced on her. Her mother lived vicariously through her, extolling her achievements as if they were her own. Chloe could never remember a time when she was not

Jeff came inside of me twice more that night. As I laid in bed the next morning I could still feel his cum inside me. My fingers trailed down my body until they were between my thighs. There was a wet spot on the sheets from Jeff’s cum seeping out of my gaping holes. I slide two fingers inside my pussy. Quickly my fingers found the pool of his cum inside me. I pulled my sticky cum covered fingers out and rubbed Jeff’s cum into my clit. My body tingled remembering his big cock inside me. I had never let a man cum in my pussy. Feeling his cum squirt inside of me and fill my pussy was the most

I had needed this vacation for a long time. Though the drive alone up north was snowy and long , I didn’t mind. I was just glad to get away. As I unloaded my suitcase I could tell no one had rented this place since the summer. The owner was nice enough to leave a note of general instructions. Towels in the hall closet. Firewood on the side of the house. Return all keys. Seemed easy enough. The cabin was nice with a beautiful view of the snow covered woods. I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. As I stood by the sink I was looking through the window and a deer came walking through.  Suddenly a man

You find Jill alone in the kitchen, tidying the counter after dinner. You pause for a second to admire the way her body is squeezed into the tight, short dress that has distracted you all night. She looks up at you and smiles. “Oh. Hi Jeff.” “Need a hand, Jill?” you ask. But your intentions are anything but helpful. “No, I’m almost done thanks,” she replies. “I’ll be out again in a second.” You look behind you to make sure that no-one is coming, then join Jill behind the counter, standing beside her. “I think I’ll give you a hand anyway,” you insist, placing your hand on her waist and pulling her to you. Her body is firm and warm

Title: Empowered Synopsis: To understand the true significance of her traumatic experience, college-student Laurie must undergo a radical and empowering cognitive therapy. Tags: mc mf fd hm Word count: 6119 Author: Adam Lily *********** Dear Reader: This story delves into themes of rape, power, and race. It might be someone’s stroke fiction, and that’s great—let me know—but it likely won’t appeal to many. So if you do like this story, please let me know. If you hate it, let me know that, too. But if want lighter fare, go elsewhere. There are many truly excellent writers on this site. Best, Adam Lily ********** The girl in the waiting room hugged herself. She’d have to talk about what happened to her,

True Story We met a couple of days later at the marina. I wore a white string bikini and a white sleeveless V- Neck mid thigh dress with buttons down the front of my bust. Cara wore her floral bikini with a black short sleeved off the shoulder mid thigh dress. Ben and Julie said he helping us on board the 40 ft boat. Julie a slim blonde with long hair she wore a blue halterneck bikini with metal rings holding the cups together between her c cup breasts and her bottoms together on her tanned hips. We all joked how we all had sex together. A slightly weird way to meet. After launching we headed out to sea. It

True story. After showering and dressing we drove up to the house. It was a new 6 bedroom house three bathrooms. Beautiful grounds with s pool and big spa. I wore my bikini with a blue skirt and white slip top. Cara wore her floral bikini and black skirt and a red silk see through top. There were lots of other people there. I saw them they came over and said hi taking us inside to say hi to a few people. There was lots of alcohol Tick 1. Lots of hot chicks Tick 2. After a couple of hours and alcohol and dancing and chatting some clothes coming off male and female. Been groped a few times. Some couples

Once upon a time there was a guy and a girl. They were very best friend’s. She secretly like this guy.. Anyway this girl was very shy but very kinky. She didn’t want anyone to know of her secret fantasies. One day this girl was lying on her bed watching porn and playing with her self moaning and groaning she had forgotten that she had invited her best friend over. But he had been standing there watching her for awhile.. he walked in the door and the chick was like WTF get out. He said don’t be embarrassed. Keep going . She felt awkward.. but she liked him so much she secretly wanted to impress him and arouse him.. then

This is our fourth story, my husband took me to our farm house which is in coorge, we went for IPL match while returning he had project meeting in Bangalore, so he stayed and I returned to coorge by JAGUAR, I reached then took bath and came out to see that outside there was heavy rainfall so I closed the door. I went to roof to enjoy chill weather, I was shocked to see their was our old servants (watchman, driver, gardener, cook, milkman etc.) who all are not working for us anymore, they showed me a video in which I was naked bathing, I scolded them but they blackmailed me that they would upload the video on net. I

Naomi lay in bed fantasizing about sex as she so often did. Her hypersexual nature was not so constraining for her now that she was living alone. She’d come to terms with it long ago when she was diagnosed with it, but now that she had her own place she could practically do whatever she wanted. Which usually meant that she masturbated as often as she could. But mere masturbation was usually not enough for her. She had slipped far down on the slippery slope of increasingly dirty sexual acts and fantasies, fueled by the excessive amount of porn she watched. Shit and piss play were some of the things that were currently on her dirty mind. These things were

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