I do like it that you know me so well. It is a little scary sometimes as I’ve said but the good always overcomes the bad in the end. There are so many things that I would like to say to you and even more that I’d like to show you. I wish things weren’t as complicated and that I was a good enough person to stay away from you and not complicate your life but I have never been that strong when it comes to you. I want to give you everything that you want, to say the things you want to hear me say. I want to tell you how I can’t stop thinking about you and what

Dear Friends I have posted my perivous story My sex desire-01 has published recently. I thank newsexstory for accepting my post and wonderful response from some of the readers who ping me personally. Here is another story I have to share with you all. This took place in the year 2014-15. I met a girl who is 5 years elder to me on facebook. Initially the chat we very normal and there was no much interest shown from my side also. But once I went to Bangalore I told her and we met in MG road. Her name is Maya, she is very average figure but her boobs are really tight and she is virgin at the age of 30. Our first

Hey friends I have come up with a story today which happened in real. Coming to the story, this happened nearly 10 years back and it is still fresh in my head so I hope you all get wet by the end of this story. I am a simple guy in a middle class family and the girl I had a passionate sex is next to my house. Her name is Priya. Initially I never had any bad indentations towards her but after many days once I went to her home and I saw her in a red dress on top of it she is doing some work while bending. I immediately I  got hard by looking at her beautiful

Hello, I am a huge fan off NSS and this is my 1st story plz do support me. I m Ramtej from Bangalore owns an event company in and around Bangalore works as an event organizer, This incident happened 5years ago when I was at 19year, The girl in the story her name is Shravya she has perfect shape and curves with round big ass 32 28 36 now coming to the story, I and one off my friend Surya was smoking in the field at night around 10 to 11 pm and when we about to move to pay the bill in the bakery then comes a girl with hesitate to take cigi standing blank and checking surroundings and

Amy was sat on the swings in the local park, she was not happy her boyfriend of two years had dumped her and was now dating her best friend July. It was late and the park was deserted apart from herself and old Bob the local homeless person who everybody liked and helped. A few days ago on her 16th birthday Bob had given Amy a half empty can of cider, Amy smiled at the thought got up walked deeper into the park where she saw Mark July’s younger brother who was known as a scheming cheating sod. Amy got on well with him but never fell for his scams. Amy went and spoke with Mark and as was normal

This was a few years ago now but was very hot. My girlfriend and I were going to a rock show that evening at our local arena. There was 5000 plus people at the arena to see Godsmack. Of course my girlfriend had to dress like a little slut. Tight jeans, black high heeled boots, a low cut black top, a bright blue bra that was slightly visible because of the low cut top and a tight leather jacket zipped up halfway, showing a lot of cleavage. She unzipped her jacket the rest of the way when we got to our seats. We sat at our seats for the opening band but when Godsmack got onstage everyone was standing. I

Abi had surprised me one day a few years ago by meeting me in a floral summer dress which had a flared skirt but was tight across her tits, and had buttons all the way down the front. It wasn’t her usual attire, but had me hard as her tits strained against the tight top, and especially hard when she whispered that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. We got back to her house and her parents had gone out for the day and we found ourselves on the sofa kissing, and I ran my hand up her leg under the skirt and fingered her wet bald cunt as she stroked my cock through my jeans. She stopped kissing and sat

Abi and I were underwear shopping, and I must admit I had a hard on in the store as we looked at the lingerie and I imagined the look touch and feel of each item wrapped around her body, her swollen tits and moist cunt. Eventually we settled on a blue basque, after Abi looked at me and told me she had matching stockings at home. We also bought a black lace bra, as I found them sexier than her traditional collection of plain white 36C bras. We paid and I couldn’t get us home quick enough; as soon as we got through the door we straight up to the bedroom and she slipped out of her clothes and wriggled

Abi appeared from work with her friend Donna; as usual Donna had managed to ace the filthy slut look by pairing a very short kilt with a tight sweater which didn’t leave much doubt over the size of her large breasts or whether she had foregone a bra that day. Donna’s eyes were red and it was obvious she’d been crying, and Abi told me quietly in the kitchen that their married boss had been fucking Donna on the side but had called it off and gone back to his wife. We had dinner and watched tv until about 9pm, and Donna sat quietly trying not to sob. I nudged Abi and told her it was time for bed, and

This incident happened between my ex and myself during the first anniversary of our relationship which happened exactly 2 years back. It was an awful moment during our relationship. Hi everyone this is Hert from Chennai currently working in a down south. Am about 6ft with an average muscled guy and many girls say am an above average looking guy. Now coming into the story, this incident happened between my ex and me during our first anniversary of our relationships. My ex is a beautiful one with 5ft4inches and her stats are 34-32-34 which make men to have her so hard. Since it was our first anniversary we planned to celebrate by bunking the college. And the day arrived, we

Arpita came over to hang out with me one night and she bought a pizza and whisky which she knew I love whisky and I were sitting on the terrace; she was wearing a pair of shorts, slippers and a white transparent t-shirt. She was looking damn hot and wearing black bra and black panty which I saw it as after all “men will be men” and she knew I love those girls who wears black undergarments that seduce me faster. She was feeling bored at home and wanted to do anything. So Amrita and me were lying down and watching the stars clouds. Then she laid her head on my shoulders and got comply and I put my arm

Marnie came over to hang out with me one night and she and I were sitting on the couch; she was wearing a pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a white t-shirt. She was bored at home and wanted to do anything.so marnie and me were watching a movie I rented ,she laid her head on my shoulders and got comply and I put my arm around her laying my hand on her leg. After a while I started rubbing her leg and kissing her neck. She seemed reluctant at first, put soon enough she gave in turning her head and we started kissing each other. Then my hand went in-between her legs, teasing her pussy through her jeans .as

Sue was raised an arrogant, snobbish little bitch that always thought she and her family were better than most people on earth. I started dating her when she was only 15 and because of her attitude, she didn’t have a lot of friends. Within 2 weeks I was fucking her every day. The first time was in my parents attic. I fucked her on the floor and saw the blood drip out of her pussy, so I knew she was telling me the truth when she said she was a virgin. She was the most submissive girl I have ever fucked. I can’t tell you the number of times I would have her strip stark ass naked and ride that way

The following are separate messages from my ex Christine, I thought id just give each one in one submission so u have more to enjoy! 😉 1. i would love to walk up to you, with that little outfit that you like, no underwear, pull you up against the wall with me, kiss you, kiss along your neck, wrap your arms around me, just kissing you. i’d grab your hand and take you into the bathroom with me, turn on the shower, take off your shirt slowlyyyy, unbuckle your pants, slide the straps off showing you my black braaa, take off the bra, and let the nighty fall down, get on my knees, unzip your pants with my teeth, stand

A few years ago I broke up with a girl I was dating for about six months. I caught her cheating on me one night when I came home from work early. When we first met I thought she was kind of a slut because I had seen her out before at some of the local bars and she always seemed to have a lot of guys hanging around and talking to her. She would dance with anybody and always wanted to be the center of attention. Several times I would see her leave with three, four, five or more guys. One night when I finally decided to she what she was about I asked her to dance and we