My cock was dripping. I had two gorgeous women in front of me. The best of both worlds. My wife’s pussy was also wet from her orgasms and Denise was semi-hard after cumming in my mouth. They both took my dick into a passionate make out session with each other. I was mostly just an object in their mouths for a good 15 minutes. Eventually there was more coordination on their part to get my cum. My wife licked up and down my shaft while Denise worked the head. As good as it felt I knew I wasn’t going to cum this way. My wife knew it too and just wanted to torture me with pleasure. “He needs to fuck

As soon as I was hard again my wife got on all fours. “She wants to see you get some pussy” Denise was sitting up and rubbing her little cock. It was hot that it wasn’t too big, it matched her petite body and contrasted nicely with her sizable tits and ass. I slid into the wife easily because she was soaking wet. We were in sync wanting to put on a good show for Denise. Stroking deep and slow into the familiar pussy and watching Denise get harder was an enormous turn on. My wife was also watching her. “Her cock is so sexy. I like that it’s small and thin. I could do anything with it” Denise moaned

I [42m] don’t pull out I’m clean and I don’t produce sperm any more. There’s no reason for me to pull out. Every time I cum it’s balls deep with no repercussions. You’re not gonna get pregnant and I might still eat you out. Not afraid of cum and I love eating ass. You can be a little cumslut if you choose. We are able to fuck as much as we want and not ever have to pull out. If you want to be a three hole slut we can do that. If an hours long 69 is more your speed my tongue is available. I guess what I’m saying is I want to make you cum as much as

It’s been a week since I cheated on Bobby. I haven’t seen Derek since he left me half naked in the hallway of our apartment building, which still makes my blood boil thinking about it. I can’t lie though, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and that gigantic black cock since. Ever since I’ve found out what a snow bunny was, I’ve been fucking myself to BBC porn almost every night. I’ve wanted to go back to Derek’s apartment, but Bobby’s been able to work from home and basically never leaves the apartment. He’s been asking for more sex since he’s home more, which I oblige. I know this sounds mean but, I can’t stop thinking about

The first time I shared the woman who would become my wife, we were quite young. We were lying on my bed, making out when she looked at me with her big blue eyes and asked if she was hot. “Of course.” I assured her. But then I continued. I don’t know why I said the words. “You are so hot that all my friends want to fuck you.” She was taken aback. She’s never really thought that she was all that attractive and, until that moment, I don’t think she’d thought of any of my friends that way. She doubted me. I doubled down. “No, honestly. Call up any of them and ask if they would come over right

My man and I were in bed last night—our first night back together after a week of work travel that kept us apart. I was dripping wet and ready for him from the moment we both got home, but he insisted on eating me out to get me even more ready before finally fucking me. He is so eager and attentive with his mouth, pressing his face into me like he needs my pussy in order to breathe. He sucked on my clit and sent his tongue deep inside me, and pretty quickly I was coming with his beautiful face trapped between my thighs. This clearly wasn’t enough for him though, and he kept eating at my clit until both

Many years ago I used to spend time online chatting on IRC. It was fun, sometimes you’re speaking with other dudes talkimg shit, sometimes you’re chatting up girls, and occasionally you get lucky. Personally I got lucky a few times, I had one girl who liked web cam action so we’d live strip and masturbate for each other. Another girl I had spoken to very long term finally plucked the courage up to meet. I got to suck on a big pair of tits while she jacked me off. But, the best online pickup I had (keep in mind, this is long before Tinder and shit, in the days it took actual effort) was with a cum slut. Her name

This happened almost ten years ago but I still masterbate to this memory very fondly. So back in my early twenties I was newly married, and we had our first kid on the way. Me and my wife were crazy in love and would fuck 5+ times a day, even after she has gotten pregnant. At some point during the pregnancy my wife had to stay in the hospital for some observations, this was the night I had pre organised going to a work party which I was going to take wife to. Towards the evening as I am getting ready to head to the party her sister came round the house to check if I needed anything, food, chores

Our town has a very vocal church leader. He regularly protests against trans people and abortion rights. About a week ago I met a very hot young lady at a bar and took her home. We were both fairly drunk and making out. When we started undressing I found out she had a small cock hiding out in her skirt. “I hope this isn’t a dealbreaker. You’ve got me really turned on” It wasn’t. The rest of her was smoking hot. Nicely round in all the right places. She was also begging for cock and took me deep into her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on my cock I held on to her pigtails. After a while I

I (m23) am a guy that just graduated college in the spring and I work a lot , go to the gym and go home. I don’t do a lot of partying I like drinking and I love smoking weed and I would say from age 18/21 I went out alot to parties and had alot of hookups. But past couple years I’ve had no time. I’m an attractive guy. I’m 6’4 , muscular , brown hair , beard , fade haircut , no tattoos or piercings. I played football in college well the first 2 years. My best friend (m24) has been getting on me about going out. So I went out with him and went drinking we came

A huge turn on for us, mainly me the male half is showing my girl off on camera. She gives the best head i have ever had and i have had a good amount of girls give me head. She gets so sloppy and has absolutely no gag reflex! It turns me on to get other guys turned on by her. What turns her on about guys watching is knowing its her getting these guys cocks hard and being a part of them busting a nut. It makes her feel sexy. She loves to watch guys jack off till they nut for her. She gets satisfaction getting guys off.

I went to a little DJ set with some friends. My coworker Arielle brought along her friend from college, a black girl named Scarlet. I have been flirting with my coworker for years and we may have made out after a night out or two, but never more. We never went home together, we just chose to play it safe and flirt. But that doesn’t stop her from sending me nude pictures whenever she’s horny. I don’t mind and honestly I hoped we might get into trouble this time. We were all dressed up to dance, but Scarlet was dressed to grind. She wore a short leather skirt and a low cut tie-up top. She didn’t mind showing off –

First off i got with my wife Gabby when she was 18 turning 19 and I was around 24. Everything was good …we moved in together and had sex all the time …she never really had sex like we did her being a very avid church goer and enlisting in the military…so her being Mexican with nice tits and nice hips and ass on top of working out in the military made her even sexier…she love to suck my Dick once she got the hang of it…and always wanted to eat my cum.So after about a year we moved to a new place and we partied a lot and her cousin and her man would come over and party with

The next day was Saturday, so Marj didn’t have work, and it was perfect weather for completing some outside projects like mowing the yard and taking care of the pool. After lunch, Marj and I took some drinks out by the pool to get some sun and relax. Marj dropped the top of her swimsuit letting her wonderful tits see the light of day. Marj’s titties have always been my weakness. Their big brown areolas surround large always erect nipples. Seeing them out always gets me hard, too. My shorts were getting uncomfortable, and I needed to rearrange my cock. Finally I just dropped my shorts and moved next to Marj to give those boobs some attention. “You never could

The hot afternoon sun draped over my tan, oiled body like a comforting security blanket. The floral smells from the various flowers and plants that adorned my large, sprawling decking filled my senses and calmed me. I peered out through my large, limo-tinted sunglasses and surveyed my land from the comfort of my lounge chair. Building this empire hadn’t been easy. I’d come from humble beginnings. It took years, climbing up in my career as an investment banker to get to where I was. Sure, I had to crush the dreams of many an entrepreneur, sometimes putting them out of business in order to leverage them for my profit, but this was not a career for the compassionate. I breathed