Whats a girl to do when wakes up alone at 9 o’clock in bed naked when its raining outside. Its cold outside but warm inside. She gets her computer and goes on line to her dating agency, not that a girl like me needs help in that area. I mean I could get any guy I like really. Its nice seeing who out there. I scroll through profiles and see again my parents profile is active. Who’s it today mum or dad, probably mum she starts work at 12. Dad will already be at work. Yes its mum she says hi. Chatting to mum on a dating site. I find that funny. I’m hungry for sex today. I need a

One hot summer evening the sun was setting the clouds were rolling in. It was getting ready to rain over the park. As I played beach volleyball with you in the warm sand.  As we finished our last game we watched the sunset and the clouds roll in and darken.  You had told me you had always wanted to make out with me in the rain. We finished our game then went back to the blanket that we laid out on the grass. We lay down next to each other watched the rest of the sunset and the clouds roll in above us. The sky darkened and it began to sprinkle you rolled over to face me and kissed me

I always thought bad about net sex. You know without web cams and you are just chatting? That kind of sex. Actually, you see I’m a virgin (girl) and my only encounter with anything sexual is only via web. It’s not that I’m ugly- please. It’s quite opposite of that. I just haven’t found anyone like that. Anyways, I’ll start telling you about my very memorable first chatroom sex. It happened on Omegle. I spent many minutes on this site before meeting ’him’. The first question they asked was ’asl’ which means ’age sex and location’ .. Most of my conversational partners were creepy males. The horny-ness of all these guys was crazy. I texted a friend of mine telling

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You and the stranger both like sex. Stranger: Asl You: 17 f You: you? Stranger: 16 m You: It’s so hot You: where I’m at You: I just took a dive in my pool You: to refresh myself. Stranger: Oh yeah You: I’ve still got my bathing suit on, my bikini top and bottom, hee hee. You: Baby, it’s so hot, You: do you want me to make a nice, delicious smoothie for you? You: Just for you? You: It’ll be fruity and creamy and thick, just good for the both of us. Stranger: Oh yes please You: Woo. You: Sit down baby. You: Sit down at the counter. You: Relax and just watch me. Stranger: Im sittin You: I’ll do all the talking and do all the work for you. You: Feel

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: Hey You: hi You: asl ? Stranger: 15 f usa Stranger: U? You: 16 m france You: are you sexy ? Stranger: Yeah Stranger: U? You: tall, athletic body with 6 packs and blue eyes Stranger: umm yeah ur sexy Stranger: I’m shot, thin, athletic, blue eyes, blonde hair, and tan Stranger: Short* You: hmm you’re sexy too Stranger: Thanks You: so have you a bf ? Stranger: No You: so you masturbate ? Stranger: Yeah You: how much on a week ? Stranger: 2 or 3 Stranger: Sometimes 4 You: already tried sex chat ? Stranger: Yeah You: did you enjoy ? Stranger: yeah You: are you horny now

Stranger: I’m Alexia You: im darryl Stranger: Pretty name 🙂 You: hehe, not as pretty as yours You: with a name like yours you must be stunning Stranger: Hehe oh idk maybe? You: well, what do you look like? Stranger: Well.. I’m 5’2. Uhm.. Black medium curly hair dark brown eyes. 🙂 Stranger: How do you look? You: 5’9, brown hair, brown eyes, im built like a football player You: you sound sexy 🙂 Stranger: Omg you sound tall 🙁 Stranger: Funny I’m a cheerleader!! Haha You: hehe, thats ok, i like short girls 😉 Stranger: I ain’t short I’m fun sized ;o You: hehe, you got that right 😉 You: i bet that if i got on my knees in front of you id be looking at your boobs. 🙂 Stranger: Most likely lol 🙂 You: hehe, im

Note: The following story is a work of fiction. Jeff Walker parked his car outside the front of his daughter, Hilary’s, school. He tapped his hands on the steering wheel as he patiently waited. It was 3:02 P.M. and the afternoon sun was bearing down heavily through his car windows and the air conditioning was damaged so he decided to get out and get some cool fresh air. Another car was parked beside his and the driver had vacated it, locking the doors. Jeff thought, whoever they are, they must be searching for their kid(s) on the campus. After three minutes of waiting outside his car, a young girl came out from the school and walked straight to the car

This story is based loosely on fact. While I am not a 19 year old college student, I did have a relationship with a Dom by e-mail and I did do a lot of the stuff in the story. I just have not become quite the slut described in the story. This e-mail relationship did cause me to be much more open to opportunistic sex and, while not subjugating myself to men completely, have become much more conscious of making sex as pleasurable as possible for my partner, male or female. It has also enhanced my exhibitionist tendencies and allowed me to feel pleasure wearing revealing clothing, and discretely exposing myself, in public. Now, to the story: I have become, in the course of a

“200 damn emails and not one worth reading! ” I complained. Being on five different mailing lists can get irritating sometimes. You had just gone in to take a shower, so I decided to scan through my email. Nothing for me personally so I went to one of those erotic story sites to pass the time. I found one that looked interesting and began to read. About halfway through, I started to get really turned on. I could feel my clit start to throb, wanting attention. I wanted to slip my hand down and make myself cum, but I decided to wait and let you do the job. I was almost finished with the story when I heard the water turn

I knew what you wanted, and I know what you need… I could feel it….though we had just met…intimate strangers…known only through words written across a moniter…intimate strangers…that shared secrets over the miles…over the wires…connections…phone lines…shared pieces of ourselves…pieces now drawing together to fill the whole….. she was her… from that first moment their eyes met… they were one… strangers meeting, but alone in the crowd… he had seen her pictures… intimate and chaste… but, from first sight her knew also that his suspicions were true… this woman had no concept, no acceptance of her true beauty and worth… she knew he had walked away from it all… he would no longer be an image from afar… she knew he

OBSERVATIONS: Perhaps you have read her earlier story. If so you know that Nickie has, for a little less than a year, been trained via e-mail to be her Master’s sex slave. Since all of the training has been done through the internet, she had never met him in person, however she did follow his instructions faithfully and has become much more aware of her sexuality, as have many others. Nickie is Eurasian, born in the USA , the daughter of two foreign nationals, the father, a French citizen whose parents were Aisian , the mother from a prominent Swedish family. They had met, fallen in love, married and worked as senior foreign correspondents for a large European news agency. Shortly after their marriage they were transferred

Since a few weeks I have an online Master. I have always been interested in bdsm, but being the shy and scared young girl that I am, it’s still too much of a risk to meet up with one in real life. So this seemed like the perfect solution: this way I could get used to some aspects of the lifestyle, without putting myself in real danger. I had met him on a S&M dating site. Most guys were only interested in real sex, but this one was willing to help me out. He said he found it exciting and different to start an online relationship and it still gave him enough time for work, his family and his other

zGetUpKids24:  “why do you always chase me Mina? ” Roland says with the same look in his eyes XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24:  “There is alot you dont know about me…alot you don’t want to know… “he says quietly as you touch his face XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24: He shudders a bit… ” I’m a bad man. I’ve done things you can’t imagine ” XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24:  “You think you like me ” XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24: The corner of his mouth shows the hint of smile… “And what is it that you think I will do? ” XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24: You don’t even notice but with blinding speed he puts a gun to the side of your head…a six shooter with sandal wood grips… “What if what I did was bad? ” XXxFoxPheonixXx: zGetUpKids24:  “don’t worry… ” he put the gun back in its holster… “You’re one of the few people I

Just a cyber i had the other day. Hope you enjoy Its starts with the guy and then alternates.   *gives you a soft kiss on the lips* *i kiss you back and wrap my arms around your neck* *wraps his hands around your waste and pulls your body close to his* *i slip my toung into your mouth and push my body against yours* *sucks on your tounge running his own tounge over it* *i arch my back, and run my fingers through your hair* *slowly kisses down your neck as he softly starts to lift off your shirt* *i lift my arms and allow you to pull my shirt off and place my arms back around your neck*

As he sits at work, thinking of the last lustful conversation they had, he is distracted by a familiar ring tone. He answers his cell phone anxiously, knowing it is her.  She asks what time he takes lunch…noon, he replies. She asks if he has a private office, somewhere that he can lock the door, be alone, be unseen…yes, he replies. She asks him to call her on his break, but not to say a word when she answers….she would tell him what to do next.  At precisely 12 o’clock, her cell rang. She could feel the adrenaline race through her veins. She couldn’t deny the power of being in control brought her pleasure, as she picked up the phone..  She

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