She turned up at Fred’s house. She knocked on the door and waited. Fred asking her to his house. She heard footsteps. The lock on the door turning. The door opening. It was 6 pm. She had finished work. She told her husband she was away for the night for a business meeting. She was often away for a night even before her affair. Fred instructions for the day again to wear no underwear. She wore a short leather red skirt, a black silk blouse and red heels. The door opened. A older lady opening it, his wife. Shit. She wore a knee length red dress. Her shirt grey hair cut in a bob hair cut. ” Come in Bianca.

My doorbell rang right at 9pm. My wife, Mila wouldn’t be home for another hour. I open the door and see my neighbor’s 18 year old daughter, Emily. In just a tight crop top that showed off her perky double D’s. And a nice short black skirt. She smiled and said “How long do we have?” “One hour”, I replied. She had been coming on to me since she was 17 but I never tried anything with her until the day after her 18th birthday. I’d been fucking her since then. Everytime my wife went to work. I pushed her crop top up and discovered she wasn’t wearing a bra. The young ones are always the sluttiest. I slapped her

This is a true story about my wife who loaned out her Husband. We are an average couple married 24 years with 2 grown children. My wife Tina just turned 50 and I’m Mike and 56. We have had a good sex life and lately we had been experimenting with toys and fantasies. We have also tried a threesome FFM a few years back with a divorced friend. Tina enjoys watching me with another woman. She said I am free to go ahead when I want to but she won’t set me up. Our rules are simply that I discuss potential encounters with her for approval and not hide any encounter from her. She prefers that it not be her

I was a 20 years old, fairly short 5 feet 1 inch shy girl from Chennai with good structure when I met my master. I was doing my final year Under Graduation where I was staying with my junior friend in the city. I met my husband and master as my friend introduced him as her boyfriend who was 5 years her senior ( 4 for me from here on referred as it). Soon she decided to move in with him. As it will not be able to pay the rent separately it requested them whether it can stay in the their place for 3 months after which it will be moving from the city for work. They accept its

My rules as a submissive cuckquean wife. 1) Wear only saree. Rules on how to wear saree. * Blouse must always be only up to base of the breast. Only 1 cm below the breast is allowed. * Front and back pallu must be pleated well. * Saree must be tied in between navel and pussy. Only 1 cm error is allowed. * Must be wearing the saree in different ways on different days ie. same style must not be repeated for the next 7 days. * Back side of the pallu is not allowed to touch the ground nor can it be inserted at the hip (If in a scenario were pallu be touching the ground then It is