John can’t remember how young he was when he tried to dress as a girl maybe ten or twelve. But every chance he got he put his sister’s clothes on. John was slim about 5feet6 and even talked very feminine. He got bullied and harassed at school by most off the boys, but secretly one off the bullies had taken his virginity in the boys toilet one day. Pushing him in cubicle, pulling his trousers down and forcing his hard cock in John’s ass. John remembers the pain but also the ecstasy as his virgin hole got fucked. But our story starts when John was 17 and left home and moved to the nearby city. He found a job in

The blue and white Bell Jet Ranger helicopter was closing on the oil rig, eighty miles into the green choppy sea off Port Fourcon, Louisiana. Jack told himself he wasn’t going back offshore again! Ever! Yet, here he finds himself, accepting another hitch — not on the platform he’s flying to, but on the one-hundred-forty foot supply boat tied up to it. Twenty-eight days of – fourteen days off. Along with Jack and the pilot, were two rig-operators and a roustabout. None spoke during the entire thirty-five minute flight. As the chopper banked for the approach, the roustabout vomited into a bag handed out by the pilot before take-off. Can’t even handle the helicopter ride. Sorry bastard – Jack thought

***Disclaimer – this is a complete work of fantasy fiction, none of the characters are based on any real persons, living or dead.*** You don’t know how it started, do you? You only have vague recollections of trying on your sister’s clothes at a very young age and being scolded for it. Such was the way of the world back then. Over the years you developed more of a taste for women’s clothes, starting with panties. If your girlfriend happened to leave a pair lying around, you’d be sniffing them to inhale her womanly scent when she wasn’t looking. Hell, you’d even try them on if she forgot to take them home. The feeling of sliding silk panties up your

John was only 17, a slim but very feminine looking guy. Only 5ft tall and even talked very softly. He left home at 16, as life was unbearable at home. He got a job working in a office and now had a small 1 bedroom apartment. He had only one friend, a girl named Sofia (who worked in office with him). She was very close to him and challenged him to go to party dressed as a girl. She joked you act like a girl, you look very feminine so do it. After argument, he give in. In the next couple of weeks Sofia went about transformation of John. First she got him to learn to walk in higheels, then

After we got out of the tube. I was going to put on my jeans and get dressed. She said to me please don’t put those clothes on. She said look your eyebrows are thin and arched feminine and nails done and painted and toes painted and your hair is cut and styled feminine and I want you to be Paula 24 7 for a few days maybe longer. Well okay then I said. Then she said something to blow my mind. She told me that the super glue that she gave to use to glue myself down to look like a woman’s virgia was industrial strength super glue and I will be like a woman’s virgia for real for

My wife knew that I was a bisexual crossdresser before we even got married. Well since was still glued down from last time I was dressed as Paula my wife decided we should go to a alternative club this way I can be Paula. We decided to get a motel room since it was 2+ hours away. Well we got there early enough to get a room and go get a full set of square tip fingers nails done and painted and our eyebrows waxed thin and arched. After that we went back to the motel to get dressed. Well after we did our hair and makeup and lipstick. I put on my purple full corset and matching g-string an

Hello guys… This is my first story on this website so kindly forgive me for any type of spellings or grammatical mistakes. The People involved in this Story are real whereas the story is a dreamed insect Bdsm/Slavery Story. It Does not contain any type of sex related content. You can also provide your kind suggestion or feedback of this story on my email. I am Kiran from Mumbai & now I am in a cage as a slave for Crossdresser Goddess Vikimaa…. I know you all will be thinking how it had happened so I taught why don’t I tell you my story about how I have transformed from a normal person into full time slave… So let me

Ricky was 18 and looked very feminine. He had been crossdresser since he was 12. He loved the way it made him feel. He awoke lieing naked except for a pair hold me up stockings in a stranger’s bed. His bum was on fire, sore from some serious pounding. He had a taste in his mouth off cum. He new he went to party and was very drunk, he remembered kissing a couple off guys. He looked round and beside him was the naked body off a black guy. Omg he thought as he noticed the size off his cock. Fuck no wonder his ass was sore and mouth. Was that fucking monster inside me. Ricky would call herself Rachael

It was my younger days. I was at a friend’s house only one that didn’t make fun of me for being being completely hairless an smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair my long hair on my head and feminine. Well she had an older brother by 1.5 yrs. He was kinda of a nerd and geeky. He knew that I dressed as Paula and I wore makeup and lipstick but never seen me completely as Paula. So he didn’t know that my finger nails we’re done and painted and toes painted. So one afternoon I was completely dressed as Paula head to toe makeup and lipstick and hair done wearing a mini dress and corset and stockings

I just started high school. Living in dead small shit hole town. My wireless parents only cared about drinking and getting stoned and going out. Our house falling down and dirty. I didn’t have any friends or anything much my clothes were ones I found or gave to me and I know lot of them were female jeans and shirts. While my parents wore new stuff and everything. Well I had enough so one morning I just got up grabbed some stuff and food packed it in a back pack then left. I had no ideal where I was going or what would happen to me. I really didn’t care. Knowing no-one else would either. Well I had been gone

Hi friends I’m Vijay and I’m a fat boy with feminine feelings… In this it’s clear that how I got these feelings.. This REAL incident happened when I was 18 years old and a boy… On Dec 29th 2017… My parents went out for some work… And I was left home alone.. Before that… : I had a fantasy to wear clothes of girls.. As I’m fat only aunties dresses were fit for me. My flat was in 5th floor (top floor) so.. When ever if any aunties dry their clothes in terrace I would steal them and would wear their bras.. I like wearing bras… Because I have a fat male boobs… I did this many times.. Coming to

Well after spending the night with a man an him dropping me off at home. I wasn’t sure what my mom was going to say to me. Well I forgot to take my hair down out an also I forgot that he had me put lipstick on. Well mom was very open minded and we really never hid nothing from each other. I told her that I was going up to my bathroom an going to take hot bubble bath. She said that she had some bubble bath stuff and I should take my clothes off down stairs. She gave me one of her robes to put on after I got undress. Well she said that it was ready. Well

She smiled as she returned to the bedroom. In her hand a white floral string halterneck bikini. He laughed as he held out a pair of black speedos. She took off his tie and shirt and singlet. She dropped his trousers and underwear. He took off her dress. She could see his cock in her GString. She stood naked un taping her breasts. He took off her bra and underwear as she pulled his speedos up her legs and up over her arse and pussy. She stood topless in front of him. He removed her underwear standing naked. He pulled her bikini bottoms up his legs. He folded his cock into them. A noticeable bulge in them. She helped him

She got home. It was 4pm. A long day at work. She was tired and intolerant. Kelly 25 Long auburn hair. 5 9. Green eyes Size 14 C she wore a blue and white striped V Neck, halterneck jumpsuit with blue highheels giving her an extra 2 inches in height. She stepped out of the car looking forward to getting into the bath her boyfriend away with mates at a stag do. She was supposed to be working late but was tired so finished early Ian. 52 Was inside. His wife away for the weekend. He was in the kitchen. He wore a black short dress with black bra and lace underwear. He often dressed in his step daughters clothes.

My name is James, I am 44yrs old, I have enjoyed dressing up in women’s clothing since I was a teen. I was raised in a home with just my mom and older sister. Whenever I was alone I would sneak into my mothers bedroom, pick out a sexy outfit and transform into Jaime, my female persona. I was now 18yrs old. One early Saturday my mother and sister headed out shopping, as soon as I heard the car leave, I locked the front door and I headed to mothers room to dress up like a little slut and masturbate. First I stopped in the washroom and shaved my cock and legs getting aroused with each task, then continued to