Hai friends I’m Rajan, sorry for the delay. Let me start my story. After their fight her husband ask her to pack her dresses as they were leaving to her husband’s home town to attend the funeral. Kowshalya get dressed and went out to pick up her son from school as her husband was busy in his packing. I followed her back and stopped her to ask “When will she return?” She said after a week. I got disturbed and said “I’m going to miss you Kousi”. She said “me too”. So as a memory I ask her for a goodbye kiss. She gave a flying kiss, I laughed and said who need this baby kiss, I want to feel

My first job ever was working at a small restaurant. I was mostly working a closing shift on a very slow location so it was easy money. There were many people that helped me close through out the week and one of them was this small but fun blonde girl. We were really bored through out the day and would talk about random topics. We were both in relationships and she asked me if I would be comfortable with the idea of my girlfriend starting an only fans. I said that I would most likely be quite uncomfortable of the idea. She was a little surprised and said that she thought I would be supportive of my girlfriend. I explained

Our story begins after a night out a few years back Connor, Amber and I ended up back at their house. Our whole group had known each other since high school and we liked to go out for drinks occasionally, we’d slowed down now that we were all in our late 20s but we still drank a far bit. After the night was over we caught a cab, which dropped us off at Amber and Connor’s tiny one bedroom apartment. We plopped down onto the couch. I looked over at Amber to see her rolling her eyes, as her drunk boyfriend Connor jokingly pawed at her. “Ughh you are so fucking drunk babe!” She screeched and pushed him away from

My friends it happened a long time ago and would like to share with you my feelings, sorrows and wishes. Hope you will give me your feedback. I am happily married, live in the city with my husband yet my sons have not come to this world. My husband works for a company and he has to go to other cities for company business. Whenever he goes on a business tour, I stay alone in the house. The 1st and 2nd time I was scared of being alone but after that accepted the reality and stayed home without any worries. But 2 years ago when my husband left for a business tour and I went to bed as usual and

Steve and Martin were both sixteen years of age they had lived next door to each other all of their lives and were very good friends, they stuck together and supported each other, Marin had been going out Debbie for just over a year, the pair were in the same class at school and were close, One evening the three friends had been out to a party and were heading back home, they decided to take a short cut through through the woods as they were nearing the road on the other side of the woods Steve said ” I need a piss and walked behind some bushes, Martin walked went behind another set of bushes while Debbie waited for

Steve was a well known sixteen year old thug who many people did not like or trust and would do their very best to avoid him if they saw him in the street they would cross the road or turn back to avoid him, there were many residents of the small English coastal town where Steve lived wished that he would leave town and go and live some where else, Steve had been dating Sharon for just over a year, Sharon’s parents did not approve of their daughter dating Steve and had tried to talk Sharon into dumping Steve and finding a different boy friend but Sharon would not dump Steve and continued to date Steve. Sharon’s sister Sara who

When I was in 5th sem I started going to gym. My gf used to come too. But after 1 month she left due to time incompatibility. In the gym, I met a girl who was also doing engineering but in different college. We became close in the span of 2 months and we started sexting. Her parents had a jewelry shop. So everyday after lunch her parents used to go to shop. One day, she called me to her home. She was a virgin. She directly took me to her bedroom. She was little tensed. I initiated the kiss and even though it was her first kiss she did it well. While kissing, I was grabbing her huge ass.

Back then, when I was studying engineering. I used to go to tuitions from first sem itself. One girl used to come and her name is Meera (name changed). She was dark in complexion but she was very beautiful. We became close in 2nd sem. I fucked her 3 times!! I also had a gf from 12th grade. Everyone was going well. She wanted to get physical on our wedding night. Coming to Meera, she was basically a nympho because her Instagram captions was double meaning which was related to sex and she was very open about sex. I was in 4th sem and our lab externals got over and I was texting Meera and sex topic came in the

Sixteen year old Karen has just finished the part time job that she had, she liked working in the small grocery shop two days a week after school, the owner of the shop would often say to Karen let us make wild passionate love, Karen always made the same reply of your nearly sixty years old your past it. Karen was now heading to her friend Kim’s sixteenth birthday party which had started about a hour earlier, on arriving at the party Karen found that it was in full swing, after speaking with some of her friends Karen went looking for Mark her boyfriend after looking for him and not finding him Karen decided to go back downstairs as she

Tony was a bi sexual man who was age forty five years old, he had recently been released from prison where he had served a prison sentence for having sex with an underage boy, the boy had been willing but the pair were caught by the police. Since being out of prison Tony had received a lot of hate mail as well as verbal abuse in the streets round where he lived. One of the biggest culprits had been Steve the sixteen year old brother of the boy Tony had had sex with. Steve and his girlfriend Cindy gave Steve verbal abuse when ever they saw him and would also spit at him. One evening Tony had been walking through

It was a hot summer morning when Matt called me with the idea of going to the beach together with our girlfriends. Soon we were all in the car, Matt and his girlfriend Stefanie in the front, Tara and I in the back. Stefanie is a solid 9/10. Long dark hair, darkish skin with an incredible ass that made up for her small but nicely shaped a-cup tits. She wore a bikini that made her ass stand out even more. I always wondered if she was into anal. We got to the beach but Matt forgot some snacks in the car and Tara offered to go help him. That’s when it happened. It was like she was reading my mind.

Hi guys, I’m Rajan, I think you would love my last part. Please read the story step by step, so that you can also feel the pleasure which I came through while fucking Kowshalya. Please share your comment, like and support. Because praising make one more comfort to move forward. My Kowshalya has a habit of praising me that She felt as a women while sharing her bed with me. Even she was a good housewife of someone, it is hard to get the praise that we are better than their husband, but in my point it goes to next stage. Now the story begins, While a happily married wife of other man gives a green signal. We won’t think

Anna and I managed to keep our affair hidden. I would pick her up every day and we’d go fuck in the woods, sometimes even at her place when her parents weren’t home. This time we were in my apartment, both naked after another wild fuckfest. “So are you going to Matthews birthday today?” She asked as she sat next to me, wearing my jumper that already started to smell like her. “Yeah, but she’ll be there too” I looked at her a bit concerned and waited for her response. “Then I shouldn’t tell you what I planned on wearing” she giggled and slowly jerked me, she likes to play with my cock casually, even when we don’t have sex.

Anna is four years younger than me. She’s that hot, tight teen blondie every guy wants to have. She’s silent, a bit shy and beautiful. We’ve known eachother from orhcestra and on this occasion, I helped at her final recital and this story begins after the recital. We decided to go swimming. It was six of us. We reached the beach in no-time and the girls went to change together. That was the first time I or any of the boys saw Anna in a bikini. Her tight youthfull body bested all the girls around. Tight round ass, perfectly shaped breasts and of course a pretty face, I was hard in a second. I walked behind them as we reached

Hi guys I’m Rajan 26 age from Chennai India. Here I’m going to share an offer came from neighborhood aunty. Now we are fucking like rabbits, continuing our wonderful affairs. We were fucked many times but she made every single day as our first day. Even though she was one of my list, she is my first and best experience. Myself searching for a decent job, and a regular gym goer with perfect structure, She was Kowshalya (while starting our relationship) good married wife with a boy child of 7 age, Her age is 32, Her husband is a shop keeper 38 age. Kowshalya (Housewife) 39-29-42 a heavenly size which arose me daily. Even today I’m Starving to fuck her.