Hi friends it’s me Vishnu I came with a hot story in this ( Kareena Kapoor is my MOM ) ( SHRIYA is my doctor as well as my mom’s friend ) Kareena Kapoor divorces Saif Ali Khan due to him being no longer to earn enough money for her fancy lifestyle and now she is single. Meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan also divorces his wife because he became impotent and she needed someone else. There was an affair too which was going on since 5 years. So, they met at a party in London and Shah Rukh Khan descended from his Bugatti and entered into the party when Kareena came in her Mercedes and saw Shah Rukh in his car,

This fictional story is about three well-known personalities, two well-known Indian Milfs, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora, and one, well, one of the best male porn-star of the modern era, a contract porn-star of two of the famous websites, blacked and blackedraw, Jason Luv. I would first introduce you to all three of them. The first, Malaika Arora is a super Indian celebrity Milf, always in the news for her recent divorce rumors as well as flings with other young guys. She is well-known for her dance moves in the movies. She is 44 years old but hardly looks like 34, She is 5’3″ about 55 Kg with a gorgeous body figure measuring 34B-25-34. She has beautiful light brown eyes

This story is based on the cast of the British T.V. Soap Emmerdale, it is pure fiction with no plans to include it in any future episodes. Jake was delivering the groceries to The Dingles farm he knew that they were all away on holiday except for Belle, Jake had seen Belle in the vet surgery when he had started the walk to the farm, when Jake arrived at the farm he stood looking at the pigs and said ” walking bacon butties ” then picked up a stick and started hitting the pigs who ran from the fence, Jake stood laughing, Belle had left the vet’s and headed for home not far behind Jake who did not know she

This story is a totally fictional story concerning Coronation Street from T.V. It is based on an existing story but is NOT a planned future story line of the soap. _______________ Asha was in the ally with Summer both girls were in a deep passionate kiss, Asha was running her hands over summers bum, she broke off from the kiss and said to Summer ” I wish I could get this skirt off you and get some skin at that moment Amy walked round the corner and stopped she had heard Asha talking as she had approached and was now looking in shock at the two girls, Amy recovered from the shock of what she had seen and heard and

Taylor Swift sat back in disbelief, looking over the desk to her agent who had an apologetic look on his face as he explained to her just what her own private company had found out. Taylor had arranged her own warm up acts from among her group of friends so she could not only help her friends get more exposure but also so that she could go on tour and spend all the time with her friends as well. Everything had been going perfectly until one tabloid comment too many had gotten to her friend and now, the blonde headed mega star was left with one act down. “But Taylor, please don’t worry.” “Don’t worry!? We’re supposed to be going

I had gotten myself a job working on the set of Hawaii 50 as a set lacky just for the summer till I started college being only 18 it was a dream for me to be working with actors and actresses of a good caliber. After a couple of weeks in they had a scene with a character called Grace aka Teilor Grubbs I had always thought she was hot just from watching the show so having to work a long side her made me so excited. One morning I woke with a call from the set saying I wouldn’t be needed for the day so go have fun I intended to do that as I looked over my balcony

My “Dinner with Aubrey”, with its unforgettable “meal”, left me absolutely euphoric. She’d now given me two incredible experiences of love-making, allowing me to pleasure her to climax three times between the two encounters. I could die happy, believe me. For as long as I’d had a crush on, and then been fully in love with and married to her, my only desire had been to make her happy – in any way possible. If physically pleasuring her contributed to her happiness, then I was happy. I’d not really thought about anything other than what I could do for her because that was what made me happy. (Ironically, that makes me sound selfish.) In my view, her willingness to allow me to do for her was incredibly generous. But, she

I was in a Los Angles night club when the entire cast from the tv show VIP walked in. I looked at all of them when they walked past me, but the one that made my heart skip a beat was the goddess aka Natalie Raitano. She stood 5’3″ tall weighted 116 lbs with her pretty brown eyes with very short brown hair and a very sexy 36 24 34 body. The outfit she had on showed off her fantastic body. Her tiny top barely covered her sexy tits and her pants looked like they were painted on her sexy hips. I walked over to were she was sitting and started talking to her. Hello Ms. Raitano my name is

I was still glowing after Aubrey and I had our first sexual encounter the night before, my “sensual massage” training finally finding an outlet. That experience will forever be one I will cherish. I was able to see her beautiful body naked for the first time in person. And I was able to give her what I intended to be the first couple of many orgasms – as long as she continued to want them. That, of course, was up to me being able to get the job done to her satisfaction. That in mind, I knew what I wanted to do next. Her role in Legion had her out of town for a couple of days. So, just to get her mind heading

The WWE Women’s revolution has been in full swing and the women of the WWE couldn’t be more proud and excited to be a part of the movement. This meant a lot more responsibilities for the women’s wrestlers as well though. Especially considering the women’s division was much smaller than the men’s division. So the pressure was on. There was less room for error or injuries, and it was expected the women in the locker rooms could all get along well enough. With that in mind, the women were asked to check in on one another and keep each other in line. No one took this seriously though as they all felt the company would be too scared to really

When I was asked to interview Aubrey Plaza by the small, independent, on-line entertainment periodical for whom I freelance as journalist/interviewer, I was nervous. That was in part because she seems somewhat intimidating when you don’t know her. But primarily because I’ve had a rather intense, though private crush on her for years. I honestly felt that I should probably decline the assignment because of my feelings for her. I chose to take the job. I couldn’t help it. It’s Aubrey! To my pleasant surprise, my feelings of intimidation were unfounded as she was delightful to talk with, and she made me feel quite comfortable. To my even greater surprise, we connected in a way I’d never have imagined possible

The doorbell rang at the door of Ariel Winter’s new apartment. After the entire legal mess with her mother, the sixteen year old brunette thought that the best plan for her was to try and make it on her own. The overall stress bled into her living with her older sister and was becoming way too much for the maturing girl to handle. Tonight was her first free night since moving in days earlier. Ariel opened the door to find her older friend and ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sarah Hyland standing with a bag from Best Buy in her hand. “Hey hey,” the short twenty-three year old brunette said as she handed the bag to her and hugged her. “I got

This is the third installment of my (almost true) adventures with the sexy, award-winning sportscaster Dani Royal (not her real name). I pulled into the parking lot for what I thought would be just another routine night at the radio station, but when I got out of my car, I noticed the station manager’s incredibly sexy young assistant walking to hers. “Hi, Johnny” said Maria Saravicci, who was just a year or two out of college and blessed with the most incredible little ex-cheerleader body you could imagine. “Hey, Maria” I replied as I admired her beautiful white outfit, a jacket that reached almost down to her little skirt which left her perfect bare legs almost completely visible all the

This (almost true) story is a sequel to my last adventure with the super sexy Dani Royal (not her real name) before she became a nationally known TV sports reporter and anchor. The forecast was not good. It called for blizzard like conditions late in the afternoon and at least a foot of snow before morning. In a rare act of kindness, the powers that be at the radio station booked some rooms at a nearby hotel, sparing the unlucky few of us who were working that weekend from getting stranded in the snow. We had to share the rooms, but the guy who I was splitting a room with was also my relief, so once he made it safely in, I

This is a (mostly) true story with the names changed to protect the innocent (or guilty, in my case). Long before the beautiful Dani Royal became a famous network television sports reporter and anchor, I had the pleasure of working with her at an all-sports radio station in my home town when we were both starting out in our early 20’s. It was a quiet Sunday night at the station. Dani was doing the sports updates and another young lady named Linda was on the board in the control room while I was working with Dani in our tiny newsroom. I loved the idea of having Dani all to myself for a few hours. Other than Linda no one else