This story contains gay, bi sex and incest. This is based on a real event. Just embellished a bit for this site. When I was 16 and in high school, I lived with my parents and sister in a small rural town. I had to ride a bus to school and would sometimes miss it and have to hitchhike to school. One time an older man stopped and asked where I was going. I told him and he told me he could take me all the way there but it would cost me. “I don’t have any money.” I told him, expecting I would have to wait for another ride. “That’s okay, kid, I think we can work something else

Before Aunty Betty and the girls went home we had a really nice time, Wendy spent the night with me and had this notion she would drain me of every drop of cum in my body before morning so after we had fucked and both cum she played with my cock till I was able to get hard enough to enter her again. She made sure her inner tightness when I was deep inside her had a firm grip on my cock’s head thus giving me an internal wank which drove us both to a high tension thrill ending in dual climax. We came together with such a shit load of pleasure we did not move at all for a

Hi, I am Dev, 20 years old from Pune, Maharashtra. I am a complete rookie at writing stories but I have tried my best, so please do read it. I am moderately lean, fair, and dusky near the intimate areas. My body is smooth and almost hairless. I have a very round and curvy brownish-fade butt and my dick is 6 inches long or so when hard. I am a straight guy, but since I have been reading stories and watching gay porn, there has been a bi-curiosity developed within me. Coming to the story, I was 19 and one day while I was horny, I thought of watching some gay porn. As I was getting very horny, I started

After our night at the Hotel I woke up feeling very tired and needed the full English Breakfast Betty had ordered for me, Alex had already left the Hotel and Aunty Betty had a lot of things she wished to talk to me about. You now know that I am enjoying sex with you but if you don’t already know Wendy and Vicky have had sex with me to, Wendy was the first but she told Vicky and she demanded from me that she had my attention to, Jane also joined us all in bed on a sleep over night two months ago and enjoyed being the mew member to our little circle. Alex, she continued, is 100% gay so

We were going to the beach again as the early mist had gone and the Sun was heating things up very quickly, Jane arrived to confirm she would be picking up Clair and meeting us down there, Vicky smiled at me and winked, my signal things could get hot if the beach was empty and the cave not to wet from the tide washing in. First I had been called by Aunty Betty for instructions as she as arranged would be away for the weekend so I went to her room. She called me in after I had knocked on the door and told me to sit on the bed. She was packing her case as she told me what

On leaving school I arrived home to be told it had been arranged for me to go and stay with my Aunt and two cousins down in Devon at Plymouth, the girls were 16 and 17 and the family lived in a small Hamlet. My folks were off on a well earnt holiday and it was thought here was great for me at the coast with the girls and the beaches to keep us busy for the 2 weeks. I was ok with that, the girls were good fun and Vicky the younger was always laughing Betty the older was a little more of the thinking type so all was looking good. I arrived at the house and both girls

I could not wait for Saturday and when it came I went off to the village with my heart pounding hoping that Meg would take care of Pauler and Peter and I could have some fun, me being turned on by watching the two girls find the spots that turned them on to girly sex. I need not have worried Meg and Peter were outside the shop waiting when I arrived and both looked great, I went in and bought my fag’s and off to the Mill we went taking care to see we were not followed and the place was clear on our arrival. Yes all was clear and a surprised Pauler was waiting for me, we all went

I was on my way to the old Mill on the following Saturday afternoon but had made no meeting with Paula but just wanted to put things there that may be good for our meetings and make our time better when one of the older boy’s from school caught up with me and asked me were I was going. Crump was older than me by a few years and had started conversations with me before, coming from another house I only saw him now and then. We stopped and he asked me were I was going but I told him I was just out for a walk and had nothing planned so far, he looked at me long and hard

On Sunday after our Church parade and lunch I thought I would leave School by the Guston gate and wander down to the village shop, I like many of the boy’s liked to smoke fag’s when I had enough money for them, back then in the 50’s parents like my Mum had little spare cash to send to son’s at school and that is why at weekends I spent my time on the cliffs or wandering the Lanes but now and then swimming at St Margeret’s Bay. The beach was small and not many people went there back then and I like to swim and sun bath on the pebble beach. This time I wandered down to the village and

My start at the boarding School in Dover was a shock, tight rules and full Army kit to look after along with home work every night mad my first 3 months very hard for me, I got on well with the guy’s in my Dorm and slowly settled in. Free from home and in a place with every possible thing a lad could wish for, sport, swimming pool indoors, a great Gym and fields full of Rugby and football pitches. I put myself in for cross country running and was shocked when the practice start time turned out to be 04.30 but on finishing the course we went in the pool for a run down swim, naked, back to looking

With my Army duties full all week the time went so quick it was Friday night and time for me to meet Petra at The Golden Lamb and enjoy our weekend, Monice and Jurgen were due to pop in at some stage which gave me time to bring my naughty partner in crime up to date with my club visit and after’s with Monica and Jurgen. Sat in our usual place in the dark rear of the bar, I soon had a very horny Petra asking for every little detail of the meet and had Jurgen given me the thrill I had so needed. I put her mind at rest with the details she wanted and noticed she was playing

I managed to break free for a few days as the lads were on duty and Petra had managed to get Hanner to herself and taken her home with her, so I tried a night club in the old part of town which was supposed to have a bad reputation and I like the sound of that. Showered shaved and plenty of after shave of I went to the Dragon Club, I had no trouble getting in as I had a nice Jacket and trouser combo on with a plain short sleeved shirt. The place was dark with pink subdued lighting and the tables were in alcoves around the side of the dance floor which had a Disco Ball shining

On our way back to the room Hanner kissed Petra and thanked her for letting her come back with us, as the kiss was planted her hand went under her skirt and down Petra’s panties, come on, Hanner said in a breathless tone, shed these mine are long gone ask Jules. Petra looked at me and shed her panties then gave them to me and I put them in my pocket for later. We arrived at the room and showed Hanner where everything was and each had a drink of our choice which we carried to the bed, me laying up at the headboard end knowing what Petra would do next. The girls flopped on the bed and Petra wasted

We had many more nights of me being enjoyed by Chas and Mike but a few weeks later they were posed to another unit and my supply of male cock dried up, yes the club was a good place to pull a guy but as I spent so much time there with Petra and Helga interest was slight. Helga not being around for a few days I asked Petra if we could go on to one of the clubs in the town after a few drinks in the bar, it would make a change and we would see new people. She was happy to do so and on the Saturday night we did just that, went to the bar at

Helga and Petra were off to the shops early while muggins sorted out the room and stowed some of my things that Petra and I wished to keep there in the cupboard, thank god it was large Petra had bought along all sorts of sexy skirts and tops, bras and panties and some other flimsy dresses. Better stake my claim to space while I can as I think Helga has thoughts of staying when she can. Both girls had jobs and spent scant time with the parents at all, the young had little in common with the older generation back then due to the stories of the war. The door crashes open and to red faced excited girls tumble into