The best thing I like about the Indian Ladki is that they never shave! They are so sweaty in the right places. The blouse is wet under the arms and panties soaked with sweat. The good news is that the sweat has a sweet smell to it and tend arouse you to go closer and get a better smell. Try standing in the back of a crowded bus near the girls, the smell is easy to obtain. I really do not know how, but it’s a sweet aroma. The Indian ladki is all that! What makes the Indian Ladki sexy is that you can catch a glimpse of the armpit hair through their short sleeves, or a good side show

Hi guys. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Sam from Mumbai, 5.9 Ft. Tall, dark and handsome suits me perfect? I have this fetish for female armpits. Right from my school days I have seen myself wanting to sniff or even lick female armpits. My teachers, aunts, elder cousin sisters all have intimated me in doing so. It was during the summer season. I was waiting at the platform for my train to rush to college for my practicals. This aunty, in her mid thirties, athletic body came and stood few steps ahead of me. She had worn a sleevless kurta. Milky white and good looking around 5.5Ft. Since I travelled first class, the ladies compartment too was

This story is based on true events, with some details changed. The first time I met Renu was at an office party where my colleague introduced me to her as his wife. We exchanged our hellos and began conversation over drinks. It turned out that we both attended the same university but our paths never crossed. Renu was wearing a black sleeveless dress and when she raised her arms to pick up her drink, I saw that she had hairy armpits. I instantly felt surprised and turned on. I was thinking to myself ” it can’t be. What are the chances that Renu has hairy armpits! ” She saw me looking at her hairy armpits and got embarrassed for a