*** Author’s Note [Its a long story and I have decided it not to have parts but all merged into one in order for continuity. Its my first work. Enjoy] *** Our families have been not in contact with each other for a long time due to living in different states. We’re Asians. Eventually, it was going to change as we have to attend an important retirement party of someone who lives in the same state as my cousin’s family lives. Talking about my cousin, the last time I saw her was 3 years ago. She was 5’4 tall, had small breasts around A cup, and overall what we call petite. Now she would be 21 in age. Meanwhile, I

Extreme schoolgirls are special girls of legal age ( 18, or 18+ years ) but look much younger; much much younger. Their childlike features depict pretty, innocent looks— be that face, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, or any other limb. Of face, I include their tongue, their pretty mouth, which is very, very soft, but red-hot & sexy. These extreme girls’ figure is also pretty small, or even smaller. The height, maybe 4′ 9″ or less. Weight 31 kilograms or less. Smaller tits, smaller ass, and a fuckable smaller pussy invite my attention and erects my Cock These girls are given special hormonal injections to custom-built them for lusty males’ perverse pleasure. So these schoolgirls develop a flat chest, a

Soon as my big brother moved out. I went to see what he had left behind moving were he hid his porno mags. I lifted his bottom draw under it was the spot. There was only one that I hid it under my shirt. Just in case I got seen. I hid it under my bed. Later that night alone in my room I started to look through it and it was the best one I had ever seen. It was the first time I’d ever seen a big cock and I could take my eyes off it. Two guys fucking a really hot chick and she had one up her ass and one in her pussy. Turned a few

Bianca sat at her desk. The thought that anytime on of three men in the office could call her anytime for sexual favours in their offices. She wore a short black pencil skirt. White cotton v neck blouse her long hair in a pony tail. Her phone lit up. It was 3 pm. Jeans office. What does he want ? She thought. She got up and straightened herself. She walked to the door and opened it walking in. ” Bianca darling. ” He said sitting in his chair. ” Jean Hi ” she said. ” You look fuckin hot today. ” He said. She stepped over to him standing in front of him. ” Thanks ” she said. ” I

This was happened during the delivering period of my wife’s second baby. Some complications were aroused then she had to stay in the hospital for special medical attention. This caused big difficulties to the day to day work at home because we have another child at the age of two years to look after carefully. The office I worked was 5 to 6 km away from my house. I had do go every day because it was supervising nature duty. As a solution to this problem we had decided to find a servant. It was very difficult task to find a suitable servant, fortunately at last we could find out a Tamil girl from upcountry. Most of the Tamils in

I went to a party with my homie and Alexa stayed home to drink wit her friends I ended up getting trashed. When I got home Alexa’s friends were at the pool and Alexa was passed out drunk on the couch. I immediately got existed and started to get hard because I know by the way she was laying that she was blacked out I always raped her when she gets blacked out drunk. I walked up to her rubbing my cock thinking of all the Fun I’m going to have with her Lifeless body. When back and locked the door so no one would walk in while I took advantage of my ex girlfriend. I went back to her

I was with my boyfriend for three years before we broke up. We then kept loose contact, and as time went by we grew some sympathy for each other again and one drunk night we kissed, and we are a couple again since then. Our sex live was not bad but never too exciting. We were not doing anything that was out of the ordinary. I sucked his cock, he licked my pussy, and we fucked. That was it. During the period of separation, however, I discovered that I wanted a more fulfilling sex-live. I was keen to try new things. Thus, I planned to go on the offensive as soon as possible in order not to let the old

She waited in the bar. She waited with anticipation. She looked at her watch 7.26. He would be here in 4 minutes. She felt a hint of excitement. But then a bit of guilt. Her husband at home with the children. She sipped her wine. Watching the other people in the bar. She told her husband she had a meeting tonight. Brenda was 35. She had long dark hair 5 ft 10 D Cup bust. Blue eyes and a slim fit body. She wore a sleeveless white round neck dress that hugged her body with a keyhole on the front catching a glimpse of her cleavage. The dress sitting mid thigh. She got a text from her husband. ‘ Kids

Tony has called me several times as my mobile was in silent mode. I came out of washroom after having a nice bath as I am eating breakfast, in Maria’s presence I am dreaming to fuck her but not possible in a day time. I moved to my room as I took my mobile from table to see some missed calls. Looking inside, I can see aunt Tony several calls. So I moved to my backyard and called her……. “Ooh Garry, you are so busy in vacation also, have no time to receive my call. (Garry) sorry aunty, it was in silent mode, now order your slave. (Tony smiled) ok meet me soon my slave. ” As I moved in

Lousie came back from Chandigarh after a week long vacation. Her vacation has made her energetic as well as curious. Her curiosity is non other than physical pleasure with me. She has a great sex for nights with her hubby as she came in the evening, she is well exhausted and I have ordered for dinner to a local food plaza. Nina has prepared coffee for us as we three are sitting in balcony, Nina asked….. “Mom you were with your hubby for a week, have you enjoyed my dad company or just living a solo life. ” Lousie smiled and put her cup on table….. “Nina I have enjoyed lot with your dad as he is still sexually active

Its a winter vacation in college as well as school. We three family members, Garry as well as Lousie and Nina are in home. We three are in balcony with sun-rays coming there and having coffee all together have made our nice morning great. Looking at us….. “Garry Nina will you be in home today or have some work. (Nina) I will be at home but why mom? (Garry) no work for today mom (Lousie) ok then I have planned for a hot day, we three will enjoy sex for a day. ” And Nina walked away while mom and son are sitting on chair in balcony.. I came close to my hot mom Lousie and put my hand on

Its a rainy season, clouds are hovering on sky while power supply is in halt. My sister Nina has slept in her room while I am sitting with my mom in balcony after our dinner. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry I think waiting for power is wastage of time, so lets move to our bedroom. ” And I walked towards my bedroom. She came inside my room and closed the door. Looking at her, I am surprised on her move to sleep on my bed. I asked……. “Will you sleep here (Lousie) yes two A/C will be overload on inverter. ” I moved to washroom for refreshment and Lousie is sitting on bed like a guest. I came back

Tony is in her balcony looking towards main gate of apartment. I enter the gate while looking towards her balcony and she smiled on me. I moved to upstairs to meet aunty (tony) and she opened the main gate of her flat……… “Garry are you free tomorrow ? (Garry) yes but when ? (Tony) in the official hour 11:00 till evening…… “. And I assured her to meet tomorrow but I have to bunk my classes. I left my flat to catch bus and attend classes but moved upstairs to ring the door bell of aunt TONY. She opened the door and ask me to enter inside. Wearing a sleeveless night gown upto her knee length is making her hot

Laxmi is our house hold maid. She is a 24-25 years hot and wild lady, married for just 7-8 months. Her sexual organs are attractive and she always impress me with her dressing sense. Its evening and I can see her in kitchen. Wearing Indian traditional dress of saree and blouse. Her backlash deep necked blouse has made me hot. I am looking her back from dinning hall. My mom and sister is out for shopping and I moved inside kitchen and hold her in my arms. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry let me do my work, my hand is dirty (Garry) no need of it do your work and let me do my work….. ” I put my

Lousie is in kitchen when I came back from evening walk. I walked towards her to ask for coffee and changed my dress in my room. She is wearing a sleeveless night gown upto her knee length. Now I am sitting in balcony waiting for my mom. She came with cup of coffees and sits on a chair. We are talking with cup of coffee…….. ” Garry your younger sister Nina’s activity is suspicious, be vigilant and look after her. (Garry) sure I will do it. “. I am in dinning hall watching t. V and can see my hot mom’s lovely back. She is in kitchen while Nina is in her room. I moved inside kitchen and hold her