[42m] I found out local pastor has a secret

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Our town has a very vocal church leader. He regularly protests against trans people and abortion rights. About a week ago I met a very hot young lady at a bar and took her home. We were both fairly drunk and making out. When we started undressing I found out she had a small cock hiding out in her skirt.

“I hope this isn’t a dealbreaker. You’ve got me really turned on”

It wasn’t. The rest of her was smoking hot. Nicely round in all the right places. She was also begging for cock and took me deep into her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on my cock I held on to her pigtails. After a while I pulled her off of my now hard dick. I kissed her and worked my way down her body with my mouth. Her tits weren’t huge but her nipples were. I sucked on them while I ran my hand over her thighs and ass. When I touched her cock it jumped in my hand. It was short and thin and uncircumcised. I stroked it a little.

“Will you please suck it?”

That was my next plan. I pulled the foreskin back to kiss the head. Sucking dick isn’t a regular part of my sex life but a hot girl like this can change things. It was easy to take it all the way down. I worked her for a little bit before coming up to kiss her again. At that point I was hard as a rock.

“I want to fuck you now “

She just nodded and spread her legs. The lube was on my nightstand and I put some on her asshole and my dick. I was expecting a little more resistance but I slid in easily. We fucked that way for a few minutes before switching to doggy. She could take it deep that way and since I was drunk I could keep giving it for a while. When she wanted to ride me I had no objections. I laid down and she got right on top. Her ass worked my cock as her hand worked hers. After a few minutes she said she was gonna cum. She sprayed her load all over my stomach and chest. That was enough to set me off. Pumping her butt full of my semen.

She got off of me and cleaned me up with her tongue. Working from my neck down. Finishing up by licking my cock clean. When she was done I asked her name.


Her last name was very distinctive. I asked if she was related to the local pastor.

“He’s my dad and he’s an asshole”

I kissed her again and invited her to stay the night. She just curled up next to me and I wrapped my arm around her. We both fell asleep quickly.